Monday, September 13, 2010

Serbian Thug Miladin Kovačević To Take Two Year Prison Plea Deal In The Beat Down And Attempted Murder of Bryan Steinhauer in Binghamton NY.

B92 Serbian News....The trial of Miladin Kovačević, who is accused of brutally assaulting an American student while studying in the U.S., begins in Belgrade on Tuesday 9/14/2010, he is expected to take a plea deal of two years in prison..

The trial was suspected to begin today, Monday 9/13/2010, but was once again postponed. Along with Miladin Kovačević, the trial against former New York vice-consul Igor Milošević and former consul Slobodan Nenadović for aiding and abetting would also begin.

Miladin Kovačević, who was playing basketball at the time for Binghamton University, assaulted student Bryan Steinhauer, his photo abov, in front of a club in Binghamton New York in May 2008, almost killing him and putting him in a coma for several weeks.

Miladin Kovačević is also accused of forging documents which he used to get through passport control at the Nikola Tesla airport in 2008.

Milošević and Nenadović are accused of a misuse of position and enabling Kovačević to flee the U.S. and come back to Serbia even though his passport was confiscated as a part of his bail agreement.

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