Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sarasota Private Investigator Bill Warner Files Criminal Complaint With Florida Attorney General On David J. Stern Law Firm And it's Attorneys.

The 32 page Stern Law Firm Criminal complaint is filed in conjunction with a $5 Million Dollar Lawsuit Against the David J. Stern Law Firm Alleging Falsified Documents, Wrongful Foreclosure and Malicious Prosecution and the Stern Law Firm using an attorney who worked as a stripper and a prostiute for organized crime in St Paul MN, above is page 1, the cover letter..

The Law Firm of David J. Stern in Plantation Fl mistakenly filed a Foreclosure in Sarasota County on a family and for some unknown reason (to seek leverage) had included a Federal Tax Lien of another man with the same name but this man had a different Social Security Number (SSN), a different middle name and a different Date of Birth (DOB) and never lived at the address of the supposed Foreclosed property.  
The Law Firm of David J. Stern did no research, obviously never checked the SSN on the mortgage papers of their client Deutsche Bank to see if they were Foreclosing on the right person and by adding the wrong Federal Tax Lien to the Foreclosure Complaint have forever ruined the credit of this family who must now fight off the creditors of some other person, how stupid is this Stern Law Firm, very stupid.

See also Kelly Holsopple Was A Stripper And Prostitute in St Paul Now A Member Of The Florida Bar & Associate Attorney For the David J. Stern Law Firm Screwing Homeowners.

Kelly Holsopple works as an Associate for one of the most ruthless Law Firms in the State of Florida, this Law Firm and it’s owner has been accused of malpractice and are currently fighting the case in court. Kelly Holsopple works for the David J. Stern Law firm that has been accused of falsification of service of papers (Sewer Service) on Foreclosure complaints in numerous cases which ultimately ended up with the homeowner losing his house.

Kelly Holsopple worked in the sex trade business for 13 years taking money from men to perform various sex acts, during this time period she was also working as a stripper in clubs around the Minneapolis – St. Paul Metro area. Kelly Holsopple supposedly stopped working as a stripper in 1994, no date is given in her “bio” as to when she stopped taking money from men to perform various sex acts.

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