Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Pamela Geller threatens to use EDL thugs at Anti-Mosque Protest 9/11/2010, EDL are British Neo Nazi Group who regularly fight with cops at Mosque protests.

N.Y. Anti-Mosque Leader Pamela Geller Defends EDL Group That Clashed With British Police, Pamela Geller Claims that EDL members will be at her 9/11/2010 Ground Zero Mosque protest ensuring a blood bath of a riot, NYPD to respond in riot gear and on horseback, they are in for a long day on 9/11.

UPDATE…NYPD cracking down on Pamela Geller and her 9/11 Anti-Mosque protest, NO SIGNS AT THE 9/11 GROUND ZERO MEGA MOSQUE RALLY Nothing with big poles: the NYPD won’t allow big poles.

Pamela Geller is a conservative blogger, activist, and a principal organizer of Stop Islamization of America (SIOA), which seeks to block construction of the proposed Ground Zero center. The group is sponsoring a protest rally at the site on the 2010 anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, a week from Saturday.

In a posting on her Atlas Shrugs blog, Geller expresses sympathy for the goals and actions of the English Defense League (EDL), a far-right group implicated in violent clashes with police during an anti-Islamic demonstration last Saturday in the northern English city of Bradford. "The stated goal of the EDL is to oppose militant Islam and the sharia," Geller writes. "What's wrong with that? Everything to the PC, leftist slaves in the media and the government."

Pamela Geller writes, If I lived in England, I would surely be active in the EDL Jewish division. Members of the EDL will be attending our rally to stop the Ground Zero Islamic supremacist mosque on September 11th (be there).  Geller said the EDL itself acknowledged that there may have been neo-Nazi thugs among its ranks.

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