Sunday, September 05, 2010

Pamela Geller and SIOA Sept. 11 Protest in New York Against Proposed Mosque Near Ground Zero Features Geert Wilders The Aggressively Anti-Islam Dutch Lawmaker, Islamic Centers Nationwide Intensifying Surveillance

AP PRESS....For US Muslims, a 9/11 anniversary like no other as Pamela Geller's SIOA Group's Sept. 11 protest in New York against the proposed mosque near ground zero is expected to feature Geert Wilders, the aggressively anti-Islam Dutch lawmaker. The same day, 9/11, in Gainesville, Fla., the Dove World Outreach Center plans to burn copies of the Quran, (the story does not reveal how the two events are connected).

"We can expect crazy people out there will do things, but we don't want to create a hysteria," among Muslims, said Victor Begg of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan. "Americans, in general, they support pluralism. It's just that there's a lot of misinformation out there that has created confusion."

Islamic centers in many cities are intensifying surveillance and keeping closer contact with law enforcement. Adding to Muslim concern is a fluke of the lunar calendar: Eid al-Fitr, a joyous holiday marking the end of Ramadan, will fall around Sept. 11 this year. Muslim leaders fear festivities could be misinterpreted as celebrating the 2001 terror strikes.

"We're telling everyone to keep their eyes open and report anything suspicious to authorities and call us," said Ramzy Kilic of the Tampa, Fla., chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations.

Islamic centers as far away as Tennessee and California faced protests and vandalism. In western New York, police said a group of teenagers recently yelled obscenities, set off a car alarm and fired a shotgun during two nights of drive-by harassment at a small-town mosque near Lake Ontario, more from this source.


Gangs of New York at 9/11 Protest, Pamela Geller and Far Right SIOA Group vs. Gavrielle Gemma and Bail Out People Movement “Workers World” Communist Party.

NYPD needs to make both of these groups stand down on 9/11, Gavrielle Gemma of the Bail Out People Movement “Workers World” Communist Party on L. and Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer of the SIOA Group on the R.

Protesters at the rally against the mosque will carry flags instead of signs and won’t chant, said Pamela Geller, the executive director of the group Stop Islamization of America and organizer of the protest. “It is a rally of remembrance,” she said, adding that organizers had carefully weighed the concerns but believed most family members wished the group to go forward.

Gavrielle Gemma an organizer for the anti-bigotry rally (Bail Out People Movement Workers World Communist Party) said the ad-hoc group’s protest was being held on Sept. 11 only because Geller’s rally was scheduled for that date. “We definitely plan to be respectful of the day. But are we going to be silent? No,” she said. “We cannot let people in this country be scapegoated because of their religion, their national origin, or their race.” more from this source…….

Is Pamela Geller and the SIOA Group trying to start some knid of riot simialr to the New York Five Points Riot of 1863 as seen in the movie "Gangs of New York", they brought only flags to their protest also.

In the month preceding the July 1863 Civil War lottery, in a pattern similar to the 1834 anti-abolition riots, antiwar newspaper editors published inflammatory attacks on the draft law aimed at inciting the white working class. They criticized the federal government's intrusion into local affairs on behalf of the "black war." On Monday, July 13, 1863, between 6 and 7 A.M., the five days of mayhem and bloodshed that would be known as the Civil War Draft Riots began. 

The rioters' targets initially included only military and governmental buildings, symbols of the unfairness of the draft. Mobs attacked only those individuals who interfered with their actions. But by afternoon of the first day, some of the rioters had turned to attacks on black people, and on things symbolic of black political, economic, and social power.

Rioters attacked a black fruit vendor and a nine-year-old boy at the corner of Broadway and Chambers Street (5 blocks from where the WTC was built) before moving to the Colored Orphan Asylum on Fifth Avenue between Forty-Third and Forty-Fourth Streets.
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