Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pamela Geller and her SIOA Goons Desecrate 9/11 Vigil with Ground Zero Mosque Protest.

BOSTON HERALD...9/11 victims’ kin blast ‘shameful’ circus of Pamela Geller and her SIOA Goons, Say protests distract from solemn day at Ground Zero, what jerks.

"It's their five minutes of fame shame," a disgusted Dave Milanowycz, 56, of Howell, NJ, said of protesters with dueling agendas who gathered following yesterday's anniversary ceremony.  His nephew, Gregory, 26, died in the north tower on 9/11.

Pamela Geller and her SIOA Goons Desecrate 9/11 Vigil, her photo above. Iliana Flores, 49, of Flushing, Queens, who lost her EMT brother in the attacks, agreed. "Today is a day to pray," she said. "And this is a place for families to come and pray."

Instead, she said, thousands of demonstrators turned the loss of almost 3,000 lives into a bitter debate over the building of a mosque and Islamic center near Ground Zero.

"I don't say no to building it, just not here," Flores said. "But today I'm headed to Mass."  Sisters Marvina Baksh, 48, of New Jersey, and Michelle Baksh, 37, of Washington Heights, said they tried to ignore the noisy protests as they went to remember their brother Michael, a World Trade Center worker who died at age 36.

"We saw a group of protesters coming in just as we were leaving. They were rabid people," (Pamela Geller and her SIOA Goons) said Marvina. "Why does today have to be about a political agenda? We never had a chance to mourn the loss of our brother privately."
Pamela Geller and her SIOA goons gloat about all the problems they caused on 9/11/2010 in New York City, see here  "America Speaks! Historic 911 Rally Draws 40,000", note how she inflates the numbers that supposedly attended her "rally" all the New York papers claim only 2,500 showed up to support this "Gas Bag Geller".

When is the US Secret Service going to shut down this anti-American, anti-Pres. Barack Obama Gas Bag Pamela Geller.
”Atlas Shrugs Website” by Pamela Geller who posts articles such as “Obama backs Iraqi Terrorists: Iraq investigates alleged US-insurgent talks” are hastening the demise of Preisdent Barack Obama.

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