Wednesday, September 01, 2010

NYPD Bans Signs at Pamela Gellers' 9/11 Ground Zero Mosque Protest, Geller Had Threatened NYPD with Violence By Inviting British EDL Thugs to the Rally.

PAMELA GELLER WRITES; NO SIGNS AT THE 911 GROUND ZERO MEGA MOSQUE RALLY; Robert (spencer) and I (Pamela Geller) respectfully request that those of you who will be attending our protest against the Ground Zero mega mosque bring American flags, not signs. 9 x 12 sized flags. Nothing with big poles: the NYPD won't allow big poles. Please get the word out now. We will be confiscating signs. It is a solemn day. No signs. FLAGS. Tens of thousands of flags.  SEPTEMBER 11TH RALLY STOP THE GROUND ZERO MOSQUE.

Activist Pamela Geller Threatens NYPD With Violence, She Will Have EDL Thugs At Her Anti-Muslim Mosque Protest September 11th, 2010.  N.Y. Anti-Mosque Leader Pamela Geller Defends EDL Group That Clashed With British Police, Pamela Geller Claims that EDL members will be at her 9/11/2010 Ground Zero Mosque protest ensuring a blood bath of a riot, NYPD to respond in riot gear and on horseback, they are in for a long day on 9/11.

Pamela Geller writes, If I lived in England, I would surely be active in the EDL Jewish division. Members of the EDL will be attending our rally to stop the Ground Zero Islamic supremacist mosque on September 11th (be there). Geller said the EDL itself acknowledged that there may have been neo-Nazi thugs among its ranks.

Don’t be fooled by either arrest numbers or EDL lies, trolling and spin. With a ready-made army of seasoned ultra-violent football hooligans, regardless of public intent, the EDL’s sole intent is to cause deadly race riots, and the greatest danger is that complacency will allow this to happen. A number of smaller-scale EDL events are happening shortly in the Midlands and the South where the EDL will “lie low”, preparing for far more destructive altercations when the time is right.

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