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Muslim Basher Pamela Geller Branded An Extreme Bigot by Wikipedia, Pamela Geller Linked to Used Car Scam and Murder in Long Island NY.

Pamela Geller, also known as Pamela Oshry, (born 1958 or 1959 on Long Island, New York) is an anti-Islamic American blogger, political activist, and co-founder of Stop Islamization of America. She has been cited as one of the most visible opponents of the Park51 community center and mosque in Lower Manhattan.

Her weblog, "Atlas Shrugs", is named in homage to Ayn Rand's book Atlas Shrugged, as she supports Objectivist philosophy. The blog has been criticized by Media Matters for America called "right-wing" by The Jewish Week and "extreme" by The Guardian.

Mark Potok, a spokesman for the Southern Poverty Law Center, has described Geller's rhetoric as "over the line" and "hate speech".

Pamela Geller has lent her support to a number of other political causes. She has been a strong defender of former Serbian president Slobodan Milošević, and has denied the existence of Serbian concentration camps in the 1990s. She has also claimed that black South Africans are launching a "genocide" against whites and expressed support for the far right English Defence League.

Eric Boehlert, a senior fellow at Media Matters for America said that "Pamela Geller been instrumental, she has whipped up hatred in the right-wing blogosphere and now that's spilled out into the wider community.

Controversial postings on "Atlas Shrugs" have included a number of false claims, including that Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan (who is Jewish) supports Nazi ideology (accompanied by a fake picture of her in a Nazi uniform), a video suggesting that Muslims have sex with goats, a doctored photo showing President Obama urinating on an American flag and false claims that Obama's mother was involved in pornography and that Obama "was involved with a crack whore in his youth". Geller has also used her site to accuse President Obama of anti-Semitism and doing the bidding of "Islamic overlords," while posting an essay suggesting, without any evidence, that the President is the "love child" of Malcolm X. During an RT Television News interview, reporter Lauren Lister repeatedly questioned Geller's claim that she is not anti-Muslim, at one point calling attention to Geller's having posted a drawing of Muhammad on her blog with the face of a pig superimposed over his own. Geller responded by saying "I don't know where it is in America that you can't make jokes or make fun."

Pamela Geller was formerly married to auto dealer Michael Oshry; the couple divorced in 2008, Michael Oshry remarried in the summer of 2008 and died October 4, 2008 at age 52 from a heart attack, more from Wikipedia.......

Pamela Geller (Oshry) and Michael Oshry were co-owners of Universal Auto World that was the subject of a Nassau County District Attorney investigation, State of NY indictments with police raids and arrests, see timeline below;

JANUARY 04, 2006, Universal Auto Sales, LLC DBA Universal Auto World was set up as a New York State Corporation on Initial DOS Filing Date: JANUARY 04, 2006 listed at the Harbor Rd, Hewlett Harbor, NY home where Pamela (Oshry) Geller was living, she is co-owner of the dealership, see Pamela Geller vlog posted Sept. 22nd 2006 from her Harbor Rd, Hewlett Harbor NY home which is across the bay from the Hewlett Point Yacht Club, see her video above. Universal Auto World car scam ran through all of 2006 up until the murder of Collin Thomas at the dealership on January 11th, 2007.

September 22, 2006, ATLASSHRUGS.COM VIDEO Tying up the week that was, Pamela Geller vlog posted Sept. 22nd 2006 from her Harbor Rd, Hewlett Harbor, NY home (see Hewlett Point Yacht Club in the background) just 110 days before the Jan. 11, 2007, murder of Collin Thomas, 27, a salesman at Universal Auto World, a business co-owned by Pamela (Oshry) Geller and her then husband Michael Osrhy.

January 11, 2007, Collin Thomas, 27, a father of two, was shot in the back as he closed up for the night on Jan. 11 2007 at Universal Auto Sales, LLC DBA Universal Auto Word. As part of the homicide probe, Nassau County police raided the dealership, owned by auto czar Michael Oshry, and Oshry's Hewlett Harbor home, (the same home as seen in the Pamela Geller video above) and seized business records.

After Collin Thomas, a salesman at Universal Auto World, was shot to death Jan. 11, 2007 outside the luxury used-vehicle dealership on Long Island, police quickly searched his showroom desk for clues. The slaying of the 27-year-old salesman remains unsolved. But investigators say the search yielded evidence of an alleged million-dollar fraud scheme at the Lawrence, N.Y. Universal Auto World dealership, which closed in June 2007.

According to a civil forfeiture lawsuit filed by Nassau County's district attorney, Universal Auto World employees paid straw purchasers with good credit to sign loan documents for more than $1.3 million worth of luxury vehicles. Those vehicles, the New York Post reported, included Maseratis, Aston Martins and other $100,000-plus models. The employees sold or transferred the cars to buyers who did not want their names to appear on the loan papers, investigators allege. The district attorney's office indicted the Universal Auto World dealership (of which Pamela Geller was co-owner) on felony charges of larceny, fraud and falsifying written statements.

July 15, 2007, NY POST, Pamela Geller claims to have no part of Universal Auto Sales, LLC DBA Universal Auto World or profited from the used car scam run at the dealership. The NY Post found that not to be true, 'CAR-SCAM' LINK EYED By SUSAN EDELMAN and BRAD HAMILTON Last Updated: 5:00 AM, July 15, 2007. Cops found banking records were sent to the Michael Oshry house, though the state requires such files be kept at businesses, according to court papers filed in a civil forfeiture action by the Nassau district attorney. "The dealership knew what was going on," an investigator said.

Thomas' fiancée, Cindy Heron, 21, said he was popular and successful. "All his customers loved him," she said. Universal shut its doors June 22, 2007 and liquidated its assets. The investigation into the murder of Collin Thomas remains highly active.

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