Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Miami Used Car Dealer Ali Hassan Hammoud Doing 12 Years in the Federal Pen, Dade County is Waiting for Him to Get Out With Multiple Felony Vehicle Charges.

Miami Used Car Dealer Ali Hassan Hammoud Tried To Buy 7 Mack Trucks With A Counterfeit Bank Check For Over $700,000 in 2008, scam exposed by Private Investigator Bill Warner.  Miami used car dealer Ali Hassan Hammoud, DOB 12/20/1972, is currently doing time at the Miami Federal Correctional Institution. 

Ali Hassan Hammoud has about 10 active Felony cases waiting for him in Dade County Florida when he gets out of the Federal Pen, GRAND THEFT/3D/VEHICLE, VEHICLE/ALT ID/POSN/SALE, CHOP SHOP/OPERATE, VEHICLE TITLE/FRAUD/APPL, GRAND THEFT 2ND DEG STOLEN CARS, ETC., ETC., ETC..

Name................ Register #. Age-Race -Sex   Release Date... Location

TALLAHASSEE, FL—A federal grand jury returned an indictment charging Jocelyn Tannazy John (41) of Opa Locka, Florida, with making false statements to agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, announced United States Attorney Thomas F. Kirwin, Northern District of Florida.

The single-count indictment alleges that on or about December 17, 2008, while employed with Regions Bank, John made materially false statements to agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding a scheme to defraud the state of Florida of approximately $5.7 million in state funds by Ali Hassan Hammoud. The crime was uncovered following the convictions of Ali hassan Hammoud on four counts of wire fraud and one count of aggravated identity theft, for which Hammoud was sentenced to 109 (12 years) months in federal prison, (see above).

During the investigation of Hammoud, John denied receiving any money or anything of value from Hammoud while employed with Regions Bank, when, in fact, she had received $1,000 from Ali Hammoud via a Regions Bank counter check that John deposited into her personal checking account. Subsequent investigation disclosed that John accepted the $1,000 from Hammoud while completing international wire transfers, cashiers checks, and cash withdrawals involving the stolen state funds. If convicted, John faces a maximum of five years’ imprisonment.

In 2008, Miami used car dealer Ali Hassan Hammoud was reported to have attempted to purchase 7 Mack trucks for over $700,000 with a counterfeit Certified Bank Check in the Dominican Republic and have the vechicles shipped to Miami and then re-shipped out of the USA to the Middle East using his Zamaiss Import Export company. The Middle East, especially Dubai and Abu Dubai and East Africa are experiencing rapid growth and in need of heavy construction equipment.

Ali Hassan Hammoud operated his chop shop under the name of Germanco Auto Parts, also as Germanco Parts Depot Inc, and as Germanco Auto Sales Inc, all linked to the 9741 NW 27th Ave address of “Zamaiss Import Export Inc.”.  Ali Hassan Hammoud also appears to be linked to a second Florida car business that appears to have been exporting stolen used cars to Africa and selling the vehicles with altered VIN’s.

Ali Hammoud, a native of Lebanon, was arrested Friday July 24th 2008 at Miami International Airport by FBI agents arrest as he was attempting to fly to Beirut. Muslim used car dealer Ali Hassan Hammoud was able to steal $5.7 Million from the State of Florida and wire transferred at least $3 Million to Beirut Lebanon (can you say “Hezbollah”).

In an affidavit accompanying the wire fraud charges filed against Ali Hammoud FBI Agent Zachary Coates said the state began depositing money in Ali Hammoud’s bank account on July 21, after receiving a form asking that money due Anderson Columbia be paid to an account at Regions Bank in Miami instead of the true account at Wachovia in North Florida.

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