Wednesday, September 15, 2010

British Surrogate Mother Louise Pollard Loses Bin Laden Twins, Pollard Was Not Attacked by Two Men in Syria So Says Zaina bin-Laden and Jean Sasson, Daily Mail Lied.

Omar and Zaina bin Ladin Blog Wednesday, September 15, 2010. Zaina bin-Laden writes...just to set the record straight re the report in the Daily Mail UK newspaper (which now appears to be false about British surrogate mother Louise Pollard loses Bin Laden twins after attack by two men in Syria)

I would like to point out that I have not stepped foot in Syria in the past 2 months, either alone or with anyone else, dispite what the newspapers are saying about me,Daily Mail UK , I have no idea how the latest story got in the news but I certanly, infaticily and categorically had nothing to do with it. We all know that the yellow top papers hardly ever tell the truth, infact far from it. I have been in contact with the Syrian Embassy to try to right the awful injustice that has been done to their Beautiful safe country by the Daily Mail newspaper UK. this is the first and final time that I intend to respond to the defamatory remarks made about Syria. I have no intention of lowering myself to their level (Daily Mail UK ).

British surrogate mother Louise Pollard loses Bin Laden twins. WORLD: The Real Story by Jean Sasson, who wrote the book Growing up Bin Laden

Jean Sasson writes...After the article came out, I was suspicious because I knew in my heart that the part about Louise Pollard, 24 from Bristol (UK), being beaten up in Syria was simply false. I spoke with Omar over the phone and he asked me to call Louise Pollard, 24 from Bristol (UK), to find out what on earth was going on. (Omar had given me her number which is: 4478-XXXXXXXX.)

Here is the gist of our conversation:
Louise told me over the phone that she had never stepped foot in Syria and that when she was asked by the reporter about Syria that it had been reported she had lost the babies after being beaten up in Syria, that she had laughed and said, "Where did you hear that," or something similar. She said she was told that you had receieved the information from an unknown who had texted the newspaper! I told her that she should call and have a correction run because it was ruinous to Omar and to the country of Syria to have such a false story making the rounds. She said it would not do any good because the papers always wrote lies! I told her that her words were in "quotes" so I doubted the reporter would make up such stuff.

At that time she switched her story, telling me that the fact of the matter was that she had been "beaten up in the UK" and had lost the babies. I asked her why she didn't tell the world that story and she said it was no one's business but Zaina, so she only told Zaina. I told her then that she should go to the police for God's sake and file a report that it was a crime that cost her the lives of her two babies. She brushed me off. She swore she would do a statement and simply say that she has never been to Syria, but I doubt that will happen. I pleaded with Louise just to TELL THE TRUTH and that was all that mattered -- that these lies are harming innocent people. Once a person loses their reputation, it is almost impossible to get it back.

After this conversation, I called Zaina on her UK cell phone and she confirmed to me that she had never been in Syria with Louise and when she read the paper it was the first time she heard that story. She told me that she had never heard any story about Louise being beaten up, not in the UK nor in Syria. She then said she remembered Louise "stumbling" while walking and perhaps that is what caused the miscarriage! She told me that she and Louise and had been together EVERY DAY and she would have known if she had been beaten up by anyone... So, God only knows the truth of this matter, but it was not what is written in the papers...

As you can see, the paper is being lied to and these stories that you believe to be true are very harmful to innocent people. Every site who picked up this story adds to the flames. Many bloggers are seem to implicate Omar in a CRIME in Syria -- calling for him to be charged as a murderer. This is very wrong and harmful to an innocent man. I've known Omar for three years now and have found him to be completely gentle and kind. Very little of what I have read about him in the newspapers has a single grain of truth in them. It's a great pity. Now, Syria has been brought into the mix. I'm sure the people and the government there don't take kindly to the idea that pregnant women are attacked in the streets. I've been to Syria a number of times and have found it to be completely safe for visitors -- in fact, one of the safest countries in the world.

I have stayed out of this unpleasant and unsavory fray until now, but I thought this last story crossed a line. I know that papers print what they are told, and then everyone else picks up the story and adds a little something to it! This has become so harmful to Omar that I felt it was time for someone to check these things out and to reveal the truth. I don't think people should be able to tell such lies for money from newspapers -- there should be serious penalties for such stories that destroy reputations... I would be willing to go under oath and tell what I was told by Louise and Zaina to a court -- that is how strongly I feel about the wrongs that are occuring to Omar, who really doesn't know what to do to clear his name of all these speculations.

I am contacting the police in the UK today to plead with them to do an investigation to find out if indeed Louise was attacked anywhere.

All best wishes,
Jean Sasson

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