Sunday, September 26, 2010

America must have courage to repel Islamic threats from within and without, by Leonard A. Kaczorowski Panama City Beach Fl.

VIEWPOINT NEWS HERALD: America must have courage to repel threats from within, without. September 25, 2010, 08:00:00 AM, By LEONARD A. KACZOROWSKI, PANAMA CITY BEACH FL.

I watched nearly all day Sept. 11 to see the memorials on the ninth anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the thwarted attempt ending in a Pennsylvania field. I wondered about a few things on that historical day.

Why were there no videos showing the airplanes striking the towers? There were plenty showing the collapse but none that I saw showing the actual cause. We all know that they exist. I saw the second airplane strike on live television.

Why were no videos showing Muslims around the world, even in Detroit, celebrating when the towers fell, killing everyone inside? We all know that they exist. I saw the celebrations on television as I watched in my home that day in Bay City, Mich.
Why, for nine years after the attack by Muslims, have we heard few apologies from so-called moderate, peace-loving Muslims denouncing the actions of those who carried out the attack?

Why, after nine years since the attack, are we instructed by our leaders to be sensitive to the attempts by Muslims to build a mosque nearly upon the site of the attack on our country by 19 people acting in the name of Islam?

Why have we been instructed to temper our feelings regarding burning a Quran in protest because of danger to our servicemen and women (Aren’t they already in danger because of the Quran?) when there are places in the world where a church or synagogue may not be built and Bibles and Christian and Jewish symbols are desecrated regularly? I understand the true meaning of the First Amendment, but it works both ways.
Have we all become children who can’t be allowed to watch things that might disturb us or have we become victims of political correctness? Must we be sensitive to the people that did this despicable act and those sympathetic to it? We were attacked by Islam on Sept. 11, 2001 as surely as we were attacked by the Japanese on Dec. 7, 1941.

It is historical fact that Muslims build mosques on sites of their great victories to celebrate the defeat of enemies, Christianity and Judaism. It has happened in Jerusalem, Istanbul, Cordoba and is planned in New York. Why has the imam proposing the mosque refused to consider moving it to another site and threatened violence around the world if it is not allowed to be built there?

If the imam professes that it is being built to promote good will and tolerance between faiths does he not realize (Or does he?) that the proposed location is a thumb in the eye of all Americans? Why the refusal to compromise and build it somewhere else? If we let them intimidate us now, they will forever.

I know enough of Islam to know that the objective is to convert the entire world and establish Sharia law everywhere. Islam is not merely a religion but a religious basis for governance. As a religion it is given the protection of the First Amendment. Unlike a religion, its goal is to eliminate our Constitution in favor of its own law and faith. It has already happened in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. It is under way in Europe and even Canada. It is beginning here.

Beware. Understand the tenants of Islam. I am not being critical of Muslim beliefs. They are welcome to them as long as they don’t threaten ours. But they are in conflict with our Constitution. The two cannot exist side by side and both survive.
This nation was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. For proof, read the Constitution, the founders’ letters and the Federalist Papers. They are no longer taught in our schools, probably on purpose. If the voters are ignorant of their meaning, Congress can ignore them with impunity and pass any legislation they desire. (Sound familiar?) When you understand those documents you will understand how unconstitutional our government has become.

The First Amendment was written to keep the government from interfering with our opinions and religion, not the other way around. The Second Amendment was to give us, as a last resort, protection from our own government if it ever becomes oppressive.

Khrushchev said in the 1950s that the Soviet Union didn’t need to go to war with the United States — it would defeat us from within. Look around you. He may be the greatest prophet of modern times. We are on the verge of becoming what our founders most feared.

God bless America. May she survive the current assaults from without and within.