Friday, August 20, 2010

WASHINGTON POST Pens of Anti-Muslim Conservative Bloggers Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller Impact N.Y.C. Mosque Debate, Spencer Warns Not to Quote PI Bill Warner On His Site.

Long before President Obama waded into the vociferous debate over a mosque near Ground Zero, a group of conservative writers and bloggers, Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, critical of Islam had seized on the issue and helped transform it into a national political spectacle.

While some have dismissed them as bigoted attention-seekers (Robert Spencer and Scamela Geller), their attacks on the proposed Islamic center in Lower Manhattan have gained currency in recent weeks among some Republican leaders. And their influence appears to be growing.

"People on the Hill, their staff read these sites, they show their bosses. . . .Web sites with names such as Jihad Watch, Creeping Sharia and Stop Islamization of America.
The most colorful -- and perhaps most visible -- activist at the moment is Pam Geller, a former New York Observer publisher who has appeared in a bikini and a super-tight Superman costume challenging Islam, (what a tool)

Through her blog, Atlas Shrugs, television interviews and appearances at political rallies, Geller has become one of the chief organizers of opposition to the so-called Ground Zero mosque as well as efforts to build other Muslim prayer centers across the country, more from this source.......

Pamela Geller appears to have not heard about some of the Constitutional rights of American citizens, like Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, etc, etc., rather than attack Islamic Terrorism of those who are really linked to Islamic Terrorism and pose a threat, Geller and Spencer's tactics are to attack a whole religion.

On the ultra right blog Jihad Watch, Robert Spencer, his photo above, has repeatedly berated any of his readers who make reference to private investigator Bill Warner and the work he does on exposing those involved with or promoting Islamic terrorism, like Samir Khan from Charlotte NC, real people who pose a real threat, not some jacked up theory on a religion as Robert Spencer and his gal pal Pamela Geller spew out.

UPI Wednesday, Jul. 21, 2010, Myrick: U.S. failed to halt area jihadist Samir Khan....Bill Warner is a private detective in Sarasota, Fla., who tracks jihadist web sites. He followed Khan's postings closely. He said he tried unsuccessfully to get authorities to shut them. "It's unbelievable," Bill Warner, a private detective in Sarasota, said. "... They had more than one opportunity to shut him down."

See the most recent admonishment posted on Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch concerning PI Bill Warner, "Bill Warner PI", is not even remotely considered a credible source here at JW, for your information."  The continuance of your using Bill Warner PI as a source to support your assertions will certainly be met with harsh critical scrutiny going forward. This is not threat, but a promise. You have been officially warned.

Ha, ha, a tool and a fool, what a joke these two clowns Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller have become.

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