Monday, August 09, 2010

Stolen Smuggled Cars Via Under Ground Tunnels Into Gaza, The International Stolen Car Scam of Al Qaeda Funds Terrorism by Private Investigator Bill Warner.

August 5th, 2010, Gaza tunnel smugglers trade in new cars.  Filmed deep underground on the border between Gaza and Egypt, the mobile phone footage obtained by the BBC is conclusive proof of what has been rumoured in Gaza since last year - the tunnelling operation is now so advanced that entire brand new cars are now being smuggled into Gaza.  Egypt has also closed its border with Gaza, only opening it occasionally. But hundreds of tunnels have been dug under the border, through which a vast range of goods is smuggled in from Egypt.  Ahmed Bahloul paid $38,000 (£25,000) for his new car. Of that, $10,000 went to the tunnel operators, he says, more from this source.....

August 6th, 2010, 48 New Cars Make It Into Gaza Via Special Tunnel. Egyptian smugglers managed to smuggle nearly 48 new cars into the Gaza Strip via a tunnel specially made for smuggling vehicles. The security forces attacked the area and managed to recover two vehicles that were inside the tunnel while some 48 vehicles made it into the Gaza Strip. Most of the smuggled vehicles carry the brands of Hyundai, BMW, and KIA. They carried fake Egyptian license plates.

August 7th, 2010, Police Bring Back Stolen Malaysian Vehicles from Dubai. ..KLANG: The 24 stolen cars smuggled into Dubai have been brought back to Malaysia. Their successful return was made possible through the efforts of local police and the Dubai Customs department. On June 3, Supt Gan Tack Guan of the Interpol and ACP Gunalan Muniandy of D4 Bukit Aman went to Dubai to arrange for the shipping back of these cars, valued at RM1.26 million, from Port Jabel Ali to Port Klang. The cars include 15 Toyota Hiluxs (the Taliban's favorite), four Toyota Fortuners, three Toyota RAV4 and two Daihatsu Delta lorries. They are now in police storage.

August 8th, 2010, Egypt raids tunnel smuggling stolen cars to Gaza. Egyptian authorities have discovered a tunnel being used to smuggle cars into the Gaza Strip, the official MENA news agency has reported. Two contraband cars were found in the tunnel which was located in the Al-Dehniya region south of the Rafah border crossing, the agency said. Policemen raided the area as smugglers attempted to move the cars and traded fire with them but the smugglers managed to flee aboard stolen vehicles, a security official said.  Cairo has stepped up its controversial fight against smuggling into Gaza underground and by sea, under pressure from Israel and the United States, to prevent Palestinian militants being supplied with arms.

August 9th, 2010, Smuggled Cars Seized at Basra Port Iraq. A source in the Iraqi Ports Company said on Monday that Acting Transport Minister and Minister of Oil, Hussein al-Shahristani, visited several ports in Basra in a surprising visit on Sunday evening, while the security forces seized a number of smuggled cars in one of the ports in the province.  Separately, Basra Operational Command said that 30 cars smuggled illegally from Dubai United Arab Emirates (UAE) were seized at Abu Flous port in Khor al-Zubair. “The authorities seized the smuggled vehicles and issued arrest warrants for the suspects”, the Commander of Basra Operations, Maj. Gen. Mohammed Jawad Huwaidi, told AK News.

 Stolen Smuggled Cars Into Gaza, Iraq and Dubai UAE, The Stolen Cars of Al Qaeda Fund Terrorism by Private Investigator Bill Warner.  How a Private Detective in Florida (Bill Warner) discovered a new global terrorist connection.  Warner has uncovered documentary evidence that stolen cars from Florida were being shipped to Al-Qaeda front companies in Dubai, U.A.E., Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and Aqqaba, Iraq. Furthermore, Bill Warner claims that he has provided Federal agencies with a “smoking gun” document; a copy of the bill of lading from a Tampa used car lot shipping a vehicle directly to what appears to be an Al Qaeda front company in Saudi Arabia.  Even more embarrassing to the FBI, Bill Warner showed the federal agents that the suspected used car lots in Florida all had a common link: these used car lots were either owned by convicted terrorist Sami Al Arian or run by one of his associates in Tampa, one of whom is currently on the No Fly List.

HOW SUNNI & SHIITE MUSLIM USED CAR DEALERS IN TAMPA SEND MONEY TO FUND TERRORISM, From Shiite Used Car Dealers In Tampa, Florida To Iraq Via Dubai:Cars To Fund Terrorism Story by Bill Warner wbipi terrorism research ctr."   A vital financial asset of the Muhammad Sadiq al-Sadr (Shiite) Mahdi army in Basra Port Iraq is smuggled cars (from Dubai) purchased from the profits of stolen oil, see The Guardian 11/17/07 and Al-Sharq al-Awsat 11/11/07 newspaper reports.  There are numerous used car dealers in Tampa from Iraq and Gaza (Shiite) who are sending vehicles to the Middle East (Dubai) and then into Iraq in what appears to be in support of terrorism. The car smuggling appears to transcend Sunni and Shiite lines as both the Mahdi army and al-Qaeda in Iraq rely heavily upon profits from the vehicles to continue with their terrorist activity.

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