Monday, August 30, 2010

The Shadowy Man Behind the Ground Zero Mosque, Private Investigator Bill Warner Quoted in the "Daily Beast" on Sharif El-Gamal

THE DAILY BEAST...New revelations about the owner, Sharif El-Gamal, of the building at the center of the mosque controversy could mean a split between him and the project's influential imam by Asra Q. Nomani.

Court records from Florida to New York state reveal that Sharif and his younger brother, Samir "Sammy" El-Gamal, 35, a partner with him in his company SoHo Properties, both have a history replete with intersections with tax and debt issues, dating back to at least 1994 and continuing into this year. In one instance, Sharif told a court he didn't hit a tenant from whom his brother and he were trying to collect back rent. He said to police, the tenant's "face could have run into my hand."

After tracking Sharif's finances and talking to acquaintances about his rough-and-tumble business style, I now don't think the mosque will be built at the location staked out near ground zero. According to people familiar with the mosque project, Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf and his wife, Daisy Khan, a community leader, were blindsided by the revelations about Sharif, making a partnership unlikely. Moreover, Sharif’s domineering personality troubles them because it doesn't fit into the slow, methodical, and even boring work of building a nonprofit.

The New York Post reported yesterday that Sharif and SoHo Properties are "tax deadbeats," owing $224,270.77 in back property taxes on the site, and that a Sharif company “failed to pay its half-yearly bills in January and July.” (An El-Gamal spokesman told the Post the taxes had been paid.)

On the trail of the El-Gamal brothers is a Sarasota, Florida, private investigator, Bill Warner, whose interest got piqued when he started getting phone calls last month from New Yorkers saying that the whole story about Sharif wasn't out. Warner is posting his findings on his website and sharing it with the media. He provided me with leads that allowed me to see more clearly the trail of troubles that lies in Sharif's wake, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE..................

SEE MY PRIOR POST, Sharif El-Gamal is a Tax Deadbeat he Owes $224,270.77 in Back Property tax on Ground Zero Mosque Site, Sharif El-Gamal is a Mafia Mob Wannabe.

As real life imitates the TV Sopranos, Mafia Wannabe Thug Sharif El-Gamal’s criminal history and the illeagal keeping of apartment deposits from clients, that were supposed to be in escrow, have surfaced, now comes the revelation that El-Gamal is not paying property taxes on the proposed Ground Zero Site at 45 Park Place.

The Ground Zero Mosque developers, Sharif El-Gamal and SOHO Properties, are tax deadbeats. Sharif El-Gamal, the leading organizer behind the mosque and community center near Ground Zero, owes $224,270.77 in back property tax on the site, city records show. El-Gamal’s company, 45 Park Place Partners, failed to pay its half-yearly bills in January and July, according to the city Finance Department. The delinquency is a possible violation of El-Gamal’s lease with Con Edison, which owns half of the proposed building site on Park Place. El-Gamal owns the other half but must pay taxes on the entire parcel.

Ground Zero Mosque Developer Sharif El-Gamal, his photo above, does not have the finances, the backing, an architect, building permits, a nonprofit staus and a legal right to collect funds, at this point, for his Park51 project, he does have a criminal record.

Defendant: Sharif M. El-Gamal, 37,;
1. Nassau County, NY: 1990—disorderly conduct
2. Nassau County, NY: 1992—DWI
3. Nassau County, NY: 1993—attempted petit larceny
4. Nassau County, NY: 1994—patronizing a prostitute
5. Manhattan: 1994—disorderly conduct
6. Manhattan: 1998—disorderly conduct
7. Manhattan: 1999—disordery conduct

Sharif El-Gamal was acting like a low-level mob enforcer when he strong armed Mark Vassiliev in an attempt to collect money due for back rent. Sharif El-Gamal was charged with misdemeanor assault and harassment. Charges were dropped in 2007 after Vassiliev sued.

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