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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

MUSLIMS Russell Defreitas of Queens and Abdul Kadir a Pistol-Packing Shiite Convert are Guilty in JFK Plot to Blow up The Airport, links to Trinidad.

A Brooklyn federal jury yesterday convicted two men of plotting to kill thousands of people and cripple the US economy by blowing up the fuel pipeline at Kennedy Airport.

Russell Defreitas, 67, of Queens, and Abdul Kadir, 58, a pistol-packing Shiite convert and former member of the Guyanese parliament, were found guilty of plotting what the US attorney called "one of the most chilling plots imaginable."

It took the jury five days to convict Defreitas on five counts and Kadir on four counts of conspiring to blow up the airport and of related charges. Kadir was acquitted of one count of surveillance of a mass-transportation facility.

The two Guyanese men, who sat impassively at the defense table as the verdict was read, face life in prison at their Dec. 15 sentencing.  Defreitas, a former cargo handler at the airport who was angry about the treatment of Muslims by the West, made a bumpy amateur video tape of the fuel tanks and then flew to his native Guyana to peddle his sinister plot.

"Even the Twin Towers can't touch it," Defreitas was recorded telling a government mole. "This can destroy the economy of America for some time."   Although prosecutors have said that there was no al Qaeda link to the plot, Defreitas went to South America looking for top terror leader Adnan Shukrijumah to help him with logistics, more from this source....

Saturday, May 08, 2010, NY Judge approves secret jury in JFK fuel-line blast trial because of Jamaat Al Muslimeen terror ties in Trinidad of Russell Defreitas, Kareem Ibrahim, Abdul Kadir and Abdel Nur.   Russell Defreitas, Kareem Ibrahim, Abdul Kadir and Abdel Nur charged with plotting to blow up fuel lines at Kennedy Airport.

Brooklyn Federal Judge Dora Irizarry granted the government's request for the protective measure because the defendants are tied to the Trinidadian militant group Jamaat Al Muslimeen, which has a history of violence, murder and witness tampering.

The defendants in the JFK fuel-line blast plot also obtained satellite photographs of JFK airport and its facilities from the internet and traveled frequently between the United States, Guyana, and Trinidad to discuss their plans and solicit the financial and technical assistance of others.

The defendants used their connections to present their terrorist plot to radical groups in South America and the Caribbean, including senior leadership of Jamaat Al Muslimeen (“JAM”), which was responsible for a deadly coup attempt in Trinidad in 1990. As the complaint alleges, defendants KADIR and NUR were longtime associates of JAM leaders. Defendant KAREEM also was preparing to send an emissary overseas to present the plan to other extremists.

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