Saturday, August 21, 2010

Michelle Obama Portrait Debuts At Smithsonian she Looks Like Black Panther Leader Angela Davis.

WASHINGTON -- Michelle Obama portrait debuts at Smithsonian. Move over Martha Washington. Martha Stewart and Michelle Obama are getting space in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington for the first time. 
A new exhibit, "Americans Now," opened Friday, featuring famous names from science, business, government and the arts. President Barack Obama and the first lady are among those portrayed. It's the first time Michelle Obama's individual portrait has been shown at the gallery.

Angela Davis: Born 1944, in Birmingham, AL. She studied French at Brandeis University (BA) and philosophy in Frankfurt, West Germany, coming back to the US to study with Herbert Marcuse at UC San Diego; she earned a master's degree from the University of California, San Diego, returning to Germany for her Ph.D. in Philosophy from the Humboldt University of Berlin, GDR. Davis taught philosophy at the University of California, Los Angeles, during the late 1960s, during which time she also was a member of the Communist Party USA and and the Black Panther Party (a terrorist organization).

Davis had become to self-identify as a radical feminist, social activist, and as a member of the emerging Black Panther party.  The University of California fired her from her job in 1969 because of her membership in the Communist Party.   Davis ran for Vice President on the Communist ticket in 1980 and 1984 along with Gus Hall.

FRONTPAGE MAGAZINE EDITOR DAVID HOROWITZ was a confidant of Black Panthers leader Huey P. Newton, and provided legal and financial assistance to the black panther revolutionary organization (A TERRORIST GROUP).  David Horowitz  would later cite experiences with his involvement in the Panthers as the primary catalyst for reassessing his beliefs.

In December of 1974, David Horwitz's close friend Betty Van Patter, a bookkeeper for the Panthers, was murdered (he got her the job with the Panthers). While the case officially went unsolved, David Horowitz has maintained that the Panthers were responsible for her murder, committed in order to silence Patter from revealing the organization's financial corruption, and [that they] thereafter covered up the killing."

On August 7, 1970, Superior Court Judge Harold Haley, along with several other hostages, was abducted from his Marin County, California, courtroom and murdered during an effort to free a convict.  Judge Haley was apparently hit by fire from a sawed-off shotgun that had been fastened to his neck with adhesive tape by the abductors. The firearms used in the attack were purchased by Angela Davis, including the shotgun used to kill Haley, which had been purchased only two days prior and sawed-off. Numerous letters were found in the prison cell of one of the murderers that were written by Angela Davis as well.

The California warrant issued for Davis charged her as an accomplice to conspiracy, kidnapping, and homicide. On August 18, 1970, Davis became the third woman and the 309th person to appear on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives List.  In 1972, she was tried and the jury returned a verdict of not guilty. The mere fact that she owned the guns used in the crime was not sufficient to establish her responsibility for the plot.

Since moving in the early 1990s from party communism to other forms of political commitment, she has identified herself as a democratic socialist. Davis is the founder of "Critical Resistance", an organization working to abolish the prison-industrial complex.  Angela Davis is currently a Distinguished Visiting Professor in the Women's and Gender Studies Department at Syracuse University, that sure is swell, well it was the 60's- 70's so let's just forget about the murder charge, WTH.

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