Thursday, August 26, 2010

EXCLUSIVE Sharif El-Gamal's Bio, Hustling Cell Phones at The Roosevelt Field Mall in L.I. to Mega Real Estate Deals with Hisham Elzanaty.

Recent photo of Sharif el-Gamal at his office SOHO Properties 552 Broadway, New York, NY, it looks like he is ready for a quick get away as he has yet to hang his framed pictures on the wall, one is still sitting on the floor, el-Gamal has been at this location for years?

From informaton obtained from 4 confidential informants in the New York City area a composite profile has surfaced on Sharif el-Gamal.  These 4 confidential informants in the New York City area are former employers, waiters, clients and classmates from a Long Island high school, information from these 4 confidential informants has been passed along to reporter Charles Leaf at My Fox News 5, New York City,  "Mosque Developer and Financial Backer" see more info click here.

Information from my confidential informant in lower Manhattan NY indicates that there is a video of Ground Zero Mosque developer Sharif El-Gamal at an Anti-Israeli rally in NYC yelling inflammatory statements over a bullhorn. This video supposedly will be made available in the following weeks leading up to the 9/11 anniversary on September 11th, 2010. 

Reporter Charles Leaf at My Fox News 5, New York City is providing information on "Ground Zero Mosque Developer Sharif El-Gamal from an investigation started by private investigator Bill Warner.

Sharif El-Gamal has a bizarre bio, from schooling in Long Island and in Monrovia Liberia a hot bed for Al-Qaeda activity since at least 1998.  15 years ago Sharif el-Gamal was hustling cell phones at the Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island NY, anything for a buck. 

During the late 1990's and up to 2002 Sharif El-Gamal was waiting tables at Serafina’s Restaurant and Michael’s on West 55th Street in New York City and brother Sammy El-Gamal was waiting tables at Tao Restaurant on the Upper East Side of Manhattan NY, from there they both broke into the real estate business by renting apartments on commission, they were not selling any properties at this time.

There is word of a investigation that is ongoing into Sharif El-Gamal of the SOHO Properties real estate business by the NYS Division of Licensing Real Estate in Manhattan for non-payment of apartment rental deposits to customers that were supposed to be in escrow…The NYS Division of Licensing Real Estate in Manhattan will neither confirm or deny that there is a investigation into Sharif El-Gamal and SOHO Properties that started in May of 2010.

Sharif el-Gamal's guarantor's (co-signer) on a $39 million mortgage, Hisham Elzanaty, is evidently the same person listed as having contributed $1,000 to Obama's campaign, as well as numerous other donations to other politicians, including recently to Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a mosque supporter. 

Hisham Elzanaty is the owner of several medical companies run out of a building in the Bronx. East Tremont medical center is a clinic. In the reception area, there is a picture of Elzanaty proudly posing with his staff.  But as state records show, Hisham Elzanaty was ordered to repay more than $331,000. An audit showed that one of his companies was overpaid by Medicaid, see more info below.

Below is a document that was found that is addressed to Hisham Elzanaty, 51, of the New York Neuro and Rehabilitation Center at 930 East Tremont Avenue, NY NY. The State of NY Office of the Medicaid Inspector General sent Elzanaty a letter on Nov. 9th, 2009, informing him that an audit revealed that his agency billed for unsubstantiated services in the amount of $331,336.
See PDFclcik here

In July 2009 Sharif El-Gamal sets up SOHO PROPERTIES GENERAL PARTNER, LLC a Delaware corporation as a foreign entity in the New York State Division of Corporations and buys the old Burlington Coat Factory property at 45 Park Place for $4.8 million for cash (in July 2009), where did the cash come for the old Burlington Coat Factory property at 45 Park Place that is to be rehabed into a Mosque and where will the $100 Million come from to rehab the building into a Mosque ???

Bill Warner Private Investigator, SEX, CRIME, CHEATERS & TERRORISM.