Sunday, August 22, 2010

English Defesne League Right-Wing March Banned by UK Government, EDL leader "Tommy Robinson' exposed as Paul Harris, Blogger Pamela Geller Continues Support of EDL Thugs.

Tommy Robinson "Unmasked"

Bradford UK still braced for confrontation despite go-ahead for EDL march ban....The secretive leader of the English Defence League was identified on Friday night as Paul Harris, of Luton. Mr Harris, who has previously used "Tommy Robinson" as a pseudonym, made speeches at EDL demonstrations wearing a mask and hood.  On their website, the EDL confirmed "Tommy Robinson" was Paul Harris, a white British man, of Luton UK.

EDL’s Tommy Robinson on UK TV, Paul Harris speaks....Race riot fears over anti-Muslim demonstration..In an exclusive interview with Channel 4 News Paul Harris talks about the forthcoming protest in Bradford, his understanding of militant Islam and how he insists he has control over those who march in the name of the EDL, click here for video.

INDEPENDENT Saturday, 21 August 2010, By Mark Hughes, Crime Correspondent.  A proposed march by the right-wing campaign group the English Defence League (EDL) has been banned by the Home Secretary.  The group planned to demonstrate in Bradford next Saturday. In opposition, Unite Against Fascism planned a counter-protest on the same day.

But following concerns raised by West Yorkshire Police and Bradford City Council about the potential for trouble, Theresa May issued a blanket ban on all marches in the city on that day.  The proposed demonstration raised fears of disorder in the city and a possible repeat of the 2001 riots, which resulted in 297 arrests.

Concerns were first raised by West Yorkshire's Chief Constable, Sir Norman Bettison, who said the EDL events would be "disruptive to residents of Bradford".  A 10,000-signature petition opposing the EDL march was handed to the Home Office earlier this week.

The EDL's leader, last night identified as Paul Harris, see above photo, who previously went under the pseudonym Tommy Robinson, told Channel 4 News: "I'm not fascist. I'm not racist. It is only the third time in five years that a Home Secretary has agreed to ban a march. Both of the previous two instances related to planned demonstrations in Luton. One was an intended march by the EDL on the August bank holiday weekend last year, while the other related to a National Front event in 2006.

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