My website dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes

My website dedicated to articles on crime & terrorism and the perps who commit crimes
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

WBTV-Former Charlotte man Samir Khan reportedly behind al-Qaeda magazine "Inspire", exposed by private investigator Bill Warner see videos.

According to CNN, the former North Carolina man who left for Yemen in 2009, now writes for an online magazine -- called "Inspire." There are nearly 70 online pages which include articles on bomb-making and encrypting electronic messages, as well as an interview with fugitive Yemeni-American cleric Anwar al Awlaki.

According to a CNN source, Samir Khan is the driving force behind "Inspire." The source says Khan traveled to Yemen on a round-trip ticket but has not come back to the United States.  Back in 2008, Samir Khan, ran his al-Qaeda blog from Charlotte and even took direct aim at WBTV News (and private investigator Bill Warner see click here).

After WBTV discovered the radical blog, he wrote that WBTV was spreading lies about his website. He claimed to have never before seen the video footage we found in attached links to his site.

He called the reporting "useless" and a way to try and get ratings.  He also sent two posts directly to Anchor Molly Grantham. Both are videos of a cleric talking about how women would love to be Muslim, how women make good mothers and how women are respected in the Muslim religion.  WBTV checked on Samir Khan's website and learned that it is now defunct.

Our Molly Grantham found Khan working at Convergys Corporation in its south Charlotte office. Convergys is a company other companies hire to take care of customer care, H-R and billing services. Khan worked at the McAlpine Park location.

Days after Molly confronted him in the parking lot, his car stopped showing up. She later learned Khan was no longer an employee. Convergys, which does have a contract with the U.S. government to do some work with them, sent Molly a statement. It said Khan didn't work on a government program. In fact, the statement read, no government contract work is done at its Charlotte facility and Khan had no access to client or governmental data during his brief employment.

Al-Qaeda linked Samir Khan posts death threat to Sarasota private investigator Bill Warner;  Samir Khan's New Post on his New Blog.."The return of the blog January 5, 2009. Posted by admin الحمد الله; After a brief halt, our blog has returned. The blog was not shutdown due to any hacks or infiltration or heavy traffic or server reports, rather it was shutdown on our own accord in order that we may move the servers".

We apologize for the delay (no one would take you), however the move is successful and this will be permanent, In Sha’ Allah. The lying enemy of Allah, Bill Warner - may Allah destroy him --- claimed that he was the one who shut down our blog. Let this be a testimony that this disbeliever is a liar".

Samir Khan has dedicated an Al-Qaeda video "Return of the Blog" to the death of Sarasota Private Investigator Bill Warner and includes Bill Warner's name in the video, see the video click here , It has already posted to Youtube and around the world.

We finally catch Khan walking into work in south Charlotte, a week-and-a-half-ago. “…May I talk with you about your website?”, asks Grantham. “Uh, no,” says Khan. She continues. “Are you helping recruit for Al Qaeda?”. “No,” he replies. “Not at all?” “No,” he repeats. “Helping recruit for terrorism?” she asks. “No,” he says
He says he’s not… Bill Warner doesn’t believe Samir Khan “Oh, come on” says private investigator Bill Warner “It’s a war zone here these people want to kill us.”

Bill Warner says the best solution is to try and shut down Samir Khan’s site – and ones like it. Bill Warner has helped do this in other cases before. But he says Khan’s web host — — isn’t going anywhere.

“The is hosted out of Ahman, Jordan… so forget that,” says Bill Warner. “You’re not going to shut it down.” It is Khan’s First Amendment right to express his views. He knows how to walk the fine line well. He never solicits violence.

He doesn’t show evidence of working directly with militant leaders.

He just says what he wants through a keyboard and monitor. Not, apparently, in person. “Samir, are you anti-American?” asks Molly Grantham. He doesn’t respond. “You seem to have a lot to say. I’m giving you a chance here to say some things,” she follows. He says nothing and uses his security card to beep himself into work.

Tuesday night at 11, WBTV will air a second part to this investigation. We’ve uncovered some information about Khan’s former job. Where he worked could end up being of national concern. The FBI will neither “confirm nor deny if they are investigating” Samir Khan or his website. Looks like the FBI dropped the ball on this goon Samir Khan !

Today, July 18, 2010, almost two years to the day, the NY Daily News has confirmed that Samir Khan, from Charlotte NC, is now in the Sana Yemen area working for Al-Qaeda and Anwar al-Awlaki and it appears that Samir Khan is now in charge of propaganda putting out the “Inspire Magazine” recruiting terrorists from around the world, what the hell !

Samir Khan must be added to the hit list of the CIA assassination teams in Yemen.

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