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US Double Agent Robert Hanssen 'Unmasked by Russian Spy' Sergei Tretyakov Who Moves to Florida With $2 Million in FBI Cash.

TELEGRAPH UK By Toby Harnden in Washington, Published: 22 Feb 2001......A RUSSIAN diplomat based in New York who quietly defected to America a few months ago may have provided clues that led to the downfall of the FBI traitor Robert Hanssen.

Sergei Tretyakov, his photo above, first secretary at Russia's United Nations mission, and his wife, Elena, contacted American officials in October 2001. US diplomats said Sergey Tretyakov was a high-ranking member of Russia's SVR security service, a successor to the KGB.
Shortly afterwards Robert Hanssen, 56, was placed under surveillance as the FBI built its case against a man who had worked within its ranks for 27 years and, they now believe, has spied for the Soviet Union and then Russia for the past 15 years.  The FBI and the US State Department, where Hanssen was stationed until a month ago, were trying yesterday to assess the damage he caused.  Hanssen's principal protection was his decision never to meet Russian officials or tell them his name.

On February 18, 2001, the FBI finally arrested Hanssen and charged him with selling to the Russians -- over a period of more than twenty years -- top-secret, classified information.

But, given the nature of the information he passed on and the length of time he was a spy, it is highly unlikely that the KGB and SVR (Sergei Tretyakov) did not learn who he was. Although FBI officers said Hanssen was motivated by money, the 106-page indictment and the text of communications with his Russian handlers paint a picture of a man fascinated by the tradecraft of being a double agent and convinced he was more clever than his superiors.

Robert Hanssen was a member of Opus Dei, the traditionalist Roman Catholic group, and one fellow FBI agent spoke of his "extreme Right-wing views".  Robert Hanssen told the SVR: "The US can be errantly likened to a powerfully built but retarded child." It was "potentially dangerous, but young, immature and easily manipulated".   Robert Hanssen's big fear, was "someone like me", and he became increasingly paranoid. He wrote last March: "I have come about as close as I ever want to come to sacrificing myself to help you." In November he wrote: "I ask you to help me to survive." A Russian source, very possibly Sergei Tretyakov, eventually brought his traitorous activities to an end, more from this source...

Robert Philip Hanssen was born April 18, 1944, in Chicago. His father, Howard, was away in the Navy when he was born and his mother, Vivian, was alone. Both parents were in their 30s when their son, and only child, was born.

Howard Hanssen was a Chicago cop before going into the Navy. After World War II he rejoined the police force and made a 30-year career of it. The Hanssen family bought its first and only Chicago house in the Norwood Park section of the city. It was a modest two-bedroom bungalow on North Neva Avenue and considered a safe, cop neighborhood. Soon after the family began living there, Howard's mother moved in with them. Bob Hanssen, called Bobby in his childhood, was fussed over by the two women, with his father behaving somewhat coldly toward his son

By the time Howard Hanssen retired in 1972, Bob was ready to fill his father's shoes. He entered the Chicago Police Department as a rookie three months after his father retired and moved, with Hanssen's mother, to a modest subdivision house just south of Sarasota, Florida, more from this source..........

"Sergei Tretyakov was an operative of the KGB, the former Soviet intelligence service. When the Soviet Union dissolved, the agency changed its name, but its mission remained the same."

"Tretyakov was nominally a press officer at the Russian mission to the United Nations in New York. In reality, he was running a number of intelligence agents (60) who, in turn, were trying to get information out of Americans and others at the U.N. In October 2000, Tretyakov became one of the highest-ranking Russian spies ever to defect to the United States and move to a modest subdivision house just south of Sarasota, Florida.


According to Sergei Tretyakov:  "In speaking out, I hope to expose how naive [the attitude of the United States toward Russia] this is. During the Cold War, in the Soviet military doctrine there was the definition of the MAIN ENEMY, which was also used by intelligence as a basic guiding principle. It was the United States, followed by NATO and China. What is the official guiding line for the modern SVR today? The terms have changed. It is now called the MAIN TARGET. But it is exactly the same: the United States, followed by NATO and China. Nothing has changed. Russia is doing everything it can today to embarrass the U.S. Let me repeat this. Russia is doing everything it can today to undermine and embarrass the U.S. The SVR rezidenturas in the U.S. are not less, but in some aspects even more active."

Irony of all ironies, Russian spy Sergei Tretyakov and the parents of the FBI traitor, Robert Hansen, who Sergei Tretyakov ratted out, all end up in subdivisions just south of Sarasota, Florida.

Anatomy of a Defection, Coming in for the final approach, the view out the airplane window was stunning.  A crystal clear sky and bright morning sunshine dominated the scenery in this American city (Sarasota Fl), the name of which must remain undisclosed.  Waiting at the (Sarasota) airport was Sergei Tretyakov, one of the world's most famous spies of all time and one of the most hated men in Russia.

This undisclosed location (Osprey Fl) is now his home. While careful as to who gets close to him and his family, he makes it clear he's not hiding from Russian agents who may be hunting for him.  "To do something against us, I think it's too late for the Russian government. I am a rather known person in the United States and if something happens to me, there would be more problems and more troubles for the Russian government than just the simple act of eliminating someone."

While never confirmed, Tretyakov is widely believed to have received a multi-million dollar payout from the U.S. government in return for volumes of sensitive information and institutional knowledge about the Russian government and intelligence services dating back to the days of Russian leaders Mikhail Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin.  

During a stint in the U.S. from 1995-2000, he supervised all of Russia's covert action against the U.S., moved agents around like chess pieces and actively sought and recruited spies from his perch in New York.  Shortly after the plane landed, Tretyakov, with a unique blend of candor and humor, began talking about those secrets and the people they belonged to, more from this source...............

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