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Rush Limbaugh Calls "The Boss" George Steinbrenner a Cracker, Says Yankee Icon 'Fired a Bunch of White Guys', Rush Limbaugh You Are a "Jackass".

As New Yorkers mourn the loss of Yankee icon George Steinbrenner, right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh offered his own inflammatory version of a eulogy.  "That cracker made a lot of African American millionaires," Limbaugh bellowed on his morning show Tuesday. "And at the same time he fired a bunch of white guys."

In the clip, posted by Media Matters for America, Limbaugh offers his rambling (pain killer induced) thoughts on the passing of the New York legend, saying "What a man he was. What a feature and a character he was in major league baseball. Limbaugh's rant might be the pundit's colorful way of saying goodbye to New York. He just sold his Upper East Side condo for a cool $11.5 million, hit the road jack and don't come back no more!  see source info here......

Posted in reflecton from life sources from New York City NY, Binghamton NY, Tampa Fl and Sarasota Fl....George Steinbrenner was a winner and expected, no demanded, that everyone around him and working for him to also be a winner, bottom line type of guy, whose fashioned his business life on the style of General George Patten.

Steinbreinner's group purchased the Yankees in 1973 for a net price of $8.7 million. In its latest baseball franchise rankings, Forbes valued the Yankees at $1.6 billion in 2010. Yes, George Steinbrenner fired a bunch of white guy Ynakee baseball managers who were not getting the job done, a little bit of that attitude would go a long way in today's business and political world. 

During his reign as "The Boss" of the Yankee's George Steinbrenner's team won 11 pennants and seven World Series rings, second to none.   Just what have you done Rush Limbaugh in the sports world, what are your street "cred's", the last I heard Rush Limbaugh was banned from the Ram's football team purcahse, "Rush Limbaugh Dropped From Group Bid To Buy St. Louis Rams".  George Steinbrenner was and is a winner, Rush Limbaugh you are a loser.

Steinbrenner was famous for both his pursuit of high-priced free agents and, in some cases, infamous for feuding with them. In his first 23 seasons, he changed managers 20 times (including dismissing Billy Martin on five separate occasions), and general managers 11 times in 30 years..."Lead, Follow Or Get The Hell Out Of The Way."

In July 1978, Billy Martin #1, his photo on left above, said of Steinbrenner and his $3 million outfielder Reggie Jackson, "The two were meant for each other. One's a born liar, and the other's convicted." The comment resulted in Martin's first departure, though technically Martin resigned (tearfully), before Yankees President Al Rosen followed through on Steinbrenner's dictum to release the manager.

The Yankee franchise is the defending World Champion of Major League Baseball and leads the League in both revenue and titles, with 27 World Series championships and 40 American League Pennants. They have more championships than any other franchise in North American professional sports history, passing the 24 Stanley Cup championships by the Montreal Canadiens in 1999, a legacy that "The Boss" of the Yankee's George Steinbrenner made sure would continue.

Rush Limbaugh, the 3 times divorced and 4 times married pompous ass radio host has been arrested and detained twice on drug charges.

Rush Limbaugh Turns Himself In On Fraud Charge In Rx Drug Probe. MIAMI, April 28, 2006 -- Talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh surrendered to authorities Friday on a charge of committing fraud to obtain prescription drugs, ( OxyContincon) cluding an investigation that for more than two years has hovered over the law-and-order conservative.

The charge will be dropped in 18 months, said Rush Limbaugh's attorney, Roy Black, provided that Limbaugh continues treatment for drug addiction, as he has for 2 1/2 years. According to an agreement with the Palm Beach County state's attorney's office, Limbaugh also must pay $30,000 to defray the costs of the investigation, as well as $30 a month for his supervision.

Rush Limbaugh Detained With Viagra, Held At Airport After Drug Lacked Prescription, WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., June 27, 2006 ....Rush Limbaugh could see a deal with prosecutors in a long-running prescription fraud case collapse after authorities found a bottle of Viagra in his bag at Palm Beach International Airport. The prescription was not in his name.

Limbaugh was detained for more than three hours Monday at the airport after returning from a vacation in the Dominican Republic. Customs officials found the Viagra in his luggage but his name was not on the prescription, said Paul Miller, a spokesman for the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office. Miller said the alleged violation could be a second-degree misdemeanor.

Case Description
Case ID: 502006CF005460AXXXMB
Case Caption: LIMBAUGH, RUSH
Division: R - HOY
Filing Date: Friday , April 28th, 2006
Court: CF - FELONY
Location: MB - MAIN BRANCH
Jury: N-Non Jury

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