Sunday, July 18, 2010

NY DAILY NEWS VERIFIES MY POST OF 7/12/2010, Former New Yorker Samir Khan behind graphics of new Al Qaeda recruiting magazine "Inspire".

A slick new Al Qaeda magazine written in English to lure U.S. jihadists may be the work of a former New Yorker with an eye for graphics - and a lust for American blood. Intelligence officials see chilling similarities between a militant blog Samir Khan produced  (CHARLOTTE NC...“Jihad Recollections”) and the Internet-based magazine Inspire.

Khan landed on intelligence radar in 2007, when he was 21, after posting an Osama Bin Laden screed to the blog he maintained from his parents' basement.  The blog boasted crisp graphics, an easy familiarity with American culture and attitudes, and a pipeline to hard-core rhetoric.

Fast forward to last month, when Al Qaeda put out Inspire, with the message that U.S. military action in the Arab world must be avenged.  The packaging spooked experts with its potential for recruiting Western youth.  "There were choices in content and how  it was created that echoed what Samir Khan had done with his blog several years back," said a federal source.

There were other clues that point to Khan.  The magazine mentioned the NYPD's director of intelligence analysis, Mitchell Silber, and Brooklyn's Yousef al-Khattab, a secular Jew who converted to Islam and joined a group Khan belonged to.
Khan has been in Yemen since October - and the mag was posted by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, a Yemen branch with ties to American-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki. Awlaki uses English to get his message out in the West, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE....

SEE MY POST OF Monday, July 12, 2010.....Qaeda magazine teaches bomb-making and other useful skills, Yemen-based Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s “Inspire Magazine” Written by Samir Khan Released Sunday 7/11/2010.

The “Inspire magazine” has Samir Khan’s paw prints all over it, he is using the same format as “Jihad Recollections” which was put out by Samir Khan and Yousef Al-Khattab in 2009, see PHOTO below;
Written by BILLWARNER on Apr-5-09 8:11pm ……Get it Here, Al-Fursan Media:: First English Jihad Magazine – “Jihad Recollections” no. 1 April 5, 2009, Everything a Terrorist Would Want To Know and How To Do It By Samir Khan and Yousef Al-Khattab !   Brought to you by the pro Al-Qaeda web posters Samir Khan in Charlotte North Carolina and Yousef al-Khattab in Queens NY.

After a year long absence from the world of terror blogging, it appears that dirtbag Samir Khan has surfaced in Yeman working for his long time hero Anwar al-Awlaki.

Samir Khan had a Jihad website in Charlotte NC, his Al-Qaeda loving website was shut down on several occassions and he was fired from his job at at Convergys Corporation. WBTV 3 was able to identify Samir Khader’s place of employment and his vehicle thanks to information provided by private investigator Bill Warner.
See WBTV 3 expose on Samir Khan in a 3 part series, with information provided by private investigator Bill Warner. Samir Khan lost his job at Convergys Corporation and left the USA.
1). WBTV Pro Al-Qaeda Web site Run by a Charlotte Man, Private investigator Bill Warner helped expose Khan.
2). Representative Sue Myrick Has Strong Words About Online Terrorism, Samir Khan’s website in Charlotte NC.
3). Radical Website Blogger Responds to WBTV, Samir Khan Charlotte NC.


“Return of the Blog”; January 5, 2009…Posted by admin in : “News, Videos , trackbackالحمد الله, after a brief halt, our blog has returned. The blog was not shutdown due to any hacks or infiltration or heavy traffic or server reports, rather it was shutdown on our own accord in order that we may move the servers. We apologize for the delay, however the move is successful and this will be permanent, In Sha’ Allah”.

The lying enemy of Allah, private investigator Bill Warner, may Allah destroy him – claimed that he was the one who shut down our blog. Let this be a testimony that this disbeliever is a liar. May Allah send a hurricane over Bill Warner’s house so that he can be wiped out, humiliated.

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