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Libya’s Moammar Khadafy Teams Up With Ground Zero Mosque Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf Sending Ships To Smash Israeli Blockade Of Hamas-Run Gaza Strip, What Other Projects Have They Teamed Up On.

The imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf, behind a proposed mosque near Ground Zero is a prominent member of a group that helped sponsor the Gaza pro-Palestinian activists who clashed violently with Israeli commandos at sea this week. Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is a key figure in Malaysian-based Perdana Global Peace Organization, according to its Website. Perdana is the single biggest donor ($366,000) so far to the Free Gaza Movement, a key organizer of the six-ship flotilla that tried to break Israel’s blockade of the Hamas-run Gaza Strip.

Moammar Khadafy’s (Gaddafi) Libyan Gaza Aid Ship Asks to Dock at Egyptian Port, July 14, 2010, Egypt agreed to a request by a Libyan ship carrying aid for the Gaza Strip to dock at El Arish after Israel’s navy said it would prevent access to the coastal enclave, the state-run Middle East News Agency reported. Khadafy’s Libyan ship, which was attempting to breach an Israeli embargo of the Palestinian territory, is expected to reach the Egyptian port today, the agency said, citing an unidentified security official. Youssef Sawani, head of the Gaddafi International Charity and Development Foundation which sponsored the shipment, said in a phone interview late yesterday that the ship planned to defy Israeli warnings and proceed to Gaza. Calls to his mobile phone today were unanswered.

Moammar Khadafy’s (Gaddafi) Libyan ship with Gaza aid arrives in Egyptian port; The Amalthea was forced to divert after being shadowed by Israeli vessels A ship loaded with aid supplies for Gaza has docked in an Egyptian port, ending the latest attempt by activists to break Israel's Gaza blockade. The Libyan-chartered Amalthea vessel was intercepted by Israeli naval ships off the coast of Gaza and forced to head south, the charity which chartered the ship said. The charity, headed by Col Muammar Gaddafi's (Khadafy) son, said it wanted to reach Gaza.   Saif al-Islam Muammar Al-Gaddafi (Khadafy runs the charity (GIFCA) the "Gaddafi International Foundation for Charity Associations".

Libya’s Moammar Gaddafi (Khadafy) son Saif al-Islam Muammar Al-Gaddafi (Khadafy) is an architect who has designed and built new MosquesSaif al-Islam Muammar Al-Gaddafi (Khadafy), who was born in 1972 and he is an architect with his own architectural agency in Tripoli – the National Engineering Service and Supplies Company (NESSCO) .  Company Name: NESSCO Company Address: P.O.Box 91925, Tripoli Libya.  Business Scope: Agriculture & Food, Apparel & Accessories, Construction & Decoration, Light Industry & Daily Use, Manufacturing & Processing Machinery, Security & Protection. 

NESSCO Building is a high-rise building in Tripoli, Libya under construction. See a detailed profile of the structure here, with data, descriptions by Saif al-Islam Muammar Al-Gaddafi.  The architectural agency in Tripoli  the "National Engineering Service and Supplies Company" is designing mostly private buildings, such as houses and tower blocks. Saif al-Islam Muammar Al-Gaddafi (Khadafy) does the designs for the projects. One of the projects which interested Saif al-Islam Muammar Al-Gaddafi (Khadafy) the most was the design for a new mosque in the Green Mountains.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's son has unveiled a £1.5bn ($3bn) plan aimed at upgrading Libya's archaeological sites.  The "Green Mountain Sustainable Development Area" envisages a national park, eco-friendly hotels, a new Mosque, organic farms and the restoration of archaeological sites that rival the Mediterranean's most famous.  The realisation of such lofty goals will not come cheap, with estimates ranging from £1bn to £2.5bn.  Those involved with the Cyrene project were vague about the designs, time-frame and costs.  Sceptics at the launch wondered how such an ambitious project, existing in its early stages as a glossy publicity brochure and several scale models, would be funded (where is the money coming from).

What other projects have Moammar Khadafy and Ground Zero Mosque Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf teamed up together on ?  Where is the $100 million dollars coming from to rehab the Old Burlington Coat Factory at 45 Park Place Manhattan NY into a Mosque of Grand Palace Proportions fit for a visitng Dictator to lower Manhattan with no place to stay. Construction is set to begin September 11th, 2011 on the Ground Zero Mosque rehab of 45 Park Place Manhattan NY.

September 23, 2009, Unwelcome in New york City, Libyan thug Moammar Khadafy briefly found a comfy spot to rest his foul head yesterday — at Donald Trump’s palatial estate in suburban Westchester. But town officials in tony Bedford put the kibosh on the dictator’s plans to use his Bedouin-style tent on the real-estate mogul’s property, which Trump rents out for tens of thousands of dollars a month. The wandering Khadafy — who arrived in New York City yesterday to a zero’s welcome — was sent packing when a building inspector ordered his henchmen to stop erecting the white tent because they didn’t have a work permit.

There is word of a investigation that is ongoing into Sammy and Sharif El-Gamal of the SOHO Properties real estate business by the NYS Dept of Licensing in Manhattan for non-payment of apartment rental deposits to customers that were supposed to be in escrow…Sammy and Sharif El-Gamal of the SOHO Properties real estate business are of Egyptian decent.

Manhattan Downtown West, Manhattan, New York
Soho Properties Inc.
Description – Residential and Commercial.
Website – (pass coded)
Address – 552 Broadway, Manhattan, New York, New York (NY) 10012
Telephone – (212) 966-9600 (voice mail), Fax – (212) 966-2200

In July 2009 Sharif El-Gamal sets up SOHO PROPERTIES GENERAL PARTNER, LLC a Delaware corporation as a foreign entity in the New York State Division of Corporations and buys the old Burlington Coat Factory property at 45 Park Place for $4.8 million for cash (in July 2009), where did the cash come for the old Burlington Coat Factory property at 45 Park Place that is to be rehabed into a Mosque.

How can Sammy and Sharif El-Gamal buy million dollar properties for cash in Manhattan but can’t pay back a few thousand dollars on apartment deposits to clients that were supposed to be in escrow ?  Sammy and Sharif El-Gamal of SOHO Properties have been throwing around $$$ Millions of dollars in cash buying apartments for themselves and expensive Manhattan Commercial buildings. Whose zoomin who on the Ground Zero Mosque in Lower Manhattan where did the $4.8 million in cash come from to buy 45 Park Place?

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