Thursday, July 22, 2010

Foreclosures Bring Wealth, Rebukes For Florida Lawyer David J. Stern Who Was Going To Name His 130 Foot Boat 'Su Casa es Mi Casa,' Your House Is My House, Exclusive See His Photo.

FROM THE ST. PETE TIMES...Sunday, July 18, 2010.  You could call him the foreclosure king of Florida.  As lawyer for several major banks, David J. Stern handles 20 percent of all foreclosure cases in the nation's fourth most populous state. It is from Stern's law firm that well over 100,000 Floridians, including many in the Tampa Bay area, have received the dreaded notice to pay up or face losing their homes.

The foreclosure business has been good to Stern, who lives in a $15 million Fort Lauderdale mansion and (STERN) reaped $58.5 million by selling his back-office operations to a new public company (DJSP enterprises) in which he is a major shareholder.

But as his case load has grown, so have the controversies.  This spring, a Pasco County judge threw out a foreclosure case against a Wesley Chapel man after ruling that Stern's firm had submitted a clearly fraudulent document.
In South Florida, a foreclosure defense lawyer discovered more than 20 mortgage documents submitted by Stern's firm that bore notary seals that did not exist at the time the documents supposedly were notarized.

The Florida Bar reprimanded Stern in 2002 for overcharging and misleading clients, and is now considering a complaint questioning whether he should be allowed to farm out so much of his firm's business to nonlawyers.

Stern declined to be interviewed for this story.  By 1999, Stern's firm represented banks in foreclosure actions against more than 10,000 home­owners, according to records in a class action lawsuit filed in federal court in Tallahassee. The suit alleged that the firm overcharged homeowners for title searches, postage and other expenses, then submitted "false and fraudulent'' invoices to support the charges.

The case was closed in 2000 with Stern agreeing to pay a total of $2.1 million to homeowners.  He next drew scrutiny from the Florida Bar over complaints that his firm had misled its own clients as well as borrowers.  more from the St Pete Times...

I have been a private investigator in the State of Florida for 15 years and here is the short list of investigative reports that I have posted online about David J. Stern, above is one of his exclusive photos;
1).  Wednesday, September 02, 2009, David J. Stern Law Office "CASH IN ON FORECLOSURES" With Sewer Service and Bid Rigging on Homes Sold on The Court House Steps FBI Needs to Investigate,

2).   Friday, May 14, 2010 Law Firm of David J. Stern (DJSP) Appears to Be Under State And Federal Investigation For Fraud, Stern Law Firm Even Has It's Own "Michael Clayton".
4).  Sunday, May 23, 2010m DJSP Enterprises aka Law Offices of David J. Stern Major Share Holders Links to SBA Fraud.
5).  Oct-25-09 9:32am, Kelly Holsopple Was A Stripper And Prostitute in Minneapolis Now A Member Of The Florida Bar & Associate Attorney For A Foreclosure Mill In Plantation Florida Screwing Homeowners.
6).  Apr-30-10 3:41pm, WSJ…Judge Finds “Fraud” in Foreclosure Mess Of The David J. Stern Law Firm Plantation Fl Which Fraudulently Backdated a Court Document, Time For The FBI !

From reliable sources in Fort Lauderdale Fl, it appears that Foreclosure Attorney David J. Stern, his photo above, rolled over most of the (STERN) reaped $58.5 million by selling his back-office operations to a new public company (DJSP enterprises) into a part ownership of the Miami Dolphins Football Team, this jives with all the speciality "Dolphins" license plates on his assortment of 13 or so Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes and Cadillac vehicles and at one time a 2008 Bugatti Veyron that cost about $1, 800,000 or more.
Those two big boats in the photo above, docked outside of David J. Stern's Intercoatal waterfront home in Fort Lauderdale are registered in the Virgin Islands the same place Stern has his DJSP Enterprises corporation registered.
The arrogant bastard, David J. Stern, at one time was going to name the larger boat in the photo at the top, the 130 foot one, 'Su Casa es Mi Casa,' Your House Is My House, but his wife at the time nixed that idea, word has it that Stern has ordered a new 160 foot boat to replace the 130 footer (too small for his tastes), let's see if the 'Su Casa es Mi Casa' name shows up on the new boat.

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