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FBI Investigated Kushchenko Family Of Russian Spy Anna Chapman Ten Years Ago, Turncoat Russian Spy "Boss" Sergei Tretyakov Defects to Osprey Fl USA Ten Years Ago.

TELEGRAPH UK...The FBI investigated Anna Chapman’s family (Kushchenko) 10 years ago after her younger sister dated the son of an American intelligence worker.

Anna Chapman's real name is Anya Kushchenko, she is the daughter of former KGB agent Vasily Kushchenko, a diplomat who worked in Russian embassies in Africa.  Her British ex-husband, Alex Chapman, told the Daily Telegraph in London she said her father, Vasily Kushchenko- still a top official in Russia's Foreign Affairs Ministry - had been "high up in the ranks of the KGB."

The Russian KGB became the SVR, Russia’s foreign intelligence service, after the fall of the USSR in 1991.Anna Chapman (NYC spy) aka Anya Kushchenko sister, Katya Kushchenko, 23, had a teenage romance with Nathan Joseff when their families lived in Zimbabwe, where their parents worked at their respective countries’ embassies as spies.

"He was scary," Chapman said of his former father-in-law, Vasily Kushchenko, whom he met on his honeymoon in Zimbabwe. "He always seemed to have a lot more security than the other diplomats. He had a Land Rover with blacked-out windows and there was always one car in front of it and one car behind."  Father and daughter were close, he said.
Master KGB Spy Sergei Tretyakov, his photo above, defected with his wife and daughter in October 2000 from Russia and purchaed a house, for cash, on Park Trace Blvd in Osprey Fl (a suburb of Sarasota) in March of 2001, he had also listed an address in Madison New Jersey and on Midnight Pass Rd Siesta Key Fl.

Russian Spy Sergei Tretyakov at the time of his defection in October 2000 (ten years ago) was in charge of all Russian spies in New York City. At the time of his defection on Oct. 11, 2000, Mr. Tretyakov allegedly had been working as a double agent for the United States for three years while he was the KGB aka SVR's second-in-command in New York. From 1995 to 2000, Sergei Tretyakov oversaw all Russian covert operations in New York City and had more than 60 intelligence officers under his command.

Mr Joseff’s mother, the deputy chief of the United States Embassy, followed protocols requiring her to tell the US authorities that her son was seeing the daughter of Vasily Kushchenko, a diplomat (spy) working at the Russian embassy.
The FBI carried out background checks on the Kushchenkos, but it is not known whether they were aware Mr Kushchenko had been an officer in the KGB (YEAH RIGHT).   Mr Joseff, whose father worked in US intelligence, has remained friends with Miss Kushchenko, who now lives in Moscow. He is now married and runs a delicatessen in Virginia.

He was 15 when he began dating Miss Kushchenko 10 years ago, at about the same time the FBI investigation into the alleged spy ring began (Russian KGB Spy Sergei Tretyakov defected in October 2000, ten years ago). It is not known whether the bureau kept tabs on the Kushchenkos in the meantime, or whether they independently picked up on Mrs Chapman at a later stage.

According to one report in the USA, the alleged spy ring in the USA could have been uncovered because of information from Sergei Tretyakov, a leading Russian spy who defected (ten years ago).

Saturday, July 10, 2010...Russian KGB Spy Sergei Tretyakov Was the "Boss" Of Anna Chapman and 60 Other Russian Spies, He Lived For 10 years in the Sarasota Fl area until his recent death.

Sergei Tretyakov was not some "good ole boy" living in a suburb of Sarasota Fl since March of 2001, RussianKGB/SVR Spy Sergei Tretyakov 'Helped Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq Steal Cash From UN in the oil-for-food programme'. 

Sergei Tretyakov said his agents helped the Russian government steal nearly $500 million from the U.N.'s oil-for-food program in Iraq before the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003. He told The Associated Press he oversaw an operation that helped Hussein's regime manipulate the price of Iraqi oil sold under the program. In return, Russia skimmed profits.

Sergei Tretyakov and his KGB/SVR crew helped finace the Iraqi insurgency.  In effect, Sergei Tretyakov helped finance Saddam Hussein's regime purchase weapons that members of the Ba'athists, the supporters of Saddam Hussein's former regime including army or intelligence officers whose ideology is a variant of Pan-Arabism, were using to kill US troops during the Iraqi insurgency. 
Terrorists Benefit From Oil-for-Food Scam, NEW YORK —Thursday, September 23, 2004... Investigators into the Iraq Oil-for-Food scandal at the United Nations are exploring a chilling possibility, that the U.N. humanitarian program may have funded terrorists — including possibly Al Qaeda. 

Juan Zarate, the assistant Treasury secretary in the newly formed Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, said the U.S. government is “very concerned” about what happened with the Iraq Oil-for-Food program that he said “provided [former Iraqi dictator] Saddam Hussein a vehicle … to do exactly what he wanted to do.”  “The problem though is complicated,” Zarate said. “There’s a wide source of potential funding for groups who want to do us harm.”

One thing Saddam wanted to do was buy weapons to use against the United States, Zarate said. Selling arms to Saddam was illegal under U.N. sanctions in place after the first Gulf War ended in 1991 but Oil-for-Food, which began in late 1996, gave him the money — and the network to skirt the ban.  Some of the money went to buy a missile system — specifically, a $174 million Russian anti-aircraft missile system that could shoot down American and British pilots then patrolling Iraqi "no fly" zones

The Iraqi insurgency is composed of a diverse mix of militias, foreign fighters, all-Iraqi units or mixtures using violent measures against the United States-led multinational force in Iraq and the post-2003 Iraqi government, or by propaganda or money supportive thereof (Sergei Tretyakov). The fighting appears both as armed conflict with the United States-led military coalition, as well as sectarian violence among the different ethnic groups within the population.

Sergei Tretyakov was living on Park Trace Blvd in Osprey Fl a suburb of Sarasota since March of 2001 under his real name, he had been in the Sarasota area on Midnight Pass Rd Siesta Key prior to that date.

See Sarasota County Public Records on Sergei Tretyakov, Oct. 5, 1956—June 13, 2010, his death at age 53 in Osprey Fl, a suburb of Sarasota, is still under investigation by the FBI  CLICK HERE for SRQ Offical records.   CLICK HERE for link to the Sarasota County Death Certificate of Russian KGB/SVR "Boss" Sergei Tretyakov.

The medical examiner's office in Sarasota County, Fla., said the autopsy report was pending. A woman who answered the phone at the office said it would be completed after July 26. "Sergei was called 'the most important spy for the U.S. since the collapse of the Soviet Union' by an FBI official.

News of Sergei Tretyakov’s June 13 death came the same day the United States and Russia completed their largest spy swap since the Cold War.  For up to a decade following Sergei Tretyakov’s defection, the FBI kept watch over 10 Russian agents as they tried to blend into American suburbia. They were arrested and swapped Friday in Vienna for four people convicted in Russia of spying for the U.S. and Britain

Sergei Tretyakov’s defection in 2000 was one of the most prominent cases involving Russia’s intelligence agency in the past decade. Tretyakov later said his agents helped the Russian government steal nearly $500 million from the U. N.’s oil-for-food program in Iraq. After he joined the KGB and rose quickly to become second-in-command of Russia’s U. N. mission in New York between 1995 and 2000.

Sergei Tretyakov his wife and their daughter became U.S. citizens after they defected and although some federal officials feared for their safety, Sergei lived openly under his own name without protection – although when he traveled overseas, he always had an FBI escort. Sergei was convinced that his U.S. citizenship protected him from the SVR, even though he continued to publicly criticize his former colleagues, especially President Vladimir Putin

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