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Drug Dealer Dontae Morris and Cortnee Brantley Out For A "Ride" At 2:15 AM Near Port Of Tampa On 50th Street South End Up Killing Two Cops, What Was In The Car?

10CONNECTS.COM TAMPA...Around 2:15 a.m. Tuesday morning, Officer Dave Curtis  attempted to make a traffic stop after noticing a red Toyota Camry that didn't have visible tags, the vehicle was driven by Cortlee Brantley with Dontae Morris the passenger.  Brantley gave her identification and vehicle registration, but it didn't match the Toyota. Dontae Morris gave officers his real name.

Officer Dave Curtis attempted the stop near the intersection of 50th Street and 34th Ave. The Camry didn't stop until the corner of 50th Street and 23rd Avenue, according to police.

The car Brantley was driving, a 1994 red Toyota Camry, was stopped by Officer Dave Curtis around 2:15 a.m. Tuesday because the vehicle didn't have a visible license plate. Officer Jeff Kocab responded to a call for backup..  Six minutes later, a citizen called 911 to say two officers had been shot.  Officers Jeff Kocab and Dave Curtis died from their wounds, both shot in the head at close range, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE............

Let's get real here, dirtbag Dontae Morris and Cortnee Brantley are in red Camry with no licesne plate at 2:15 AM on 50th Street South and Brantley''s identification and vehicle registration didn't match the Toyota.  50th Street South is a stretch of road that at best can be described as heavy commercial, that has no bars and no clubs to hang out at.  

Tampa Cop Killer Dante Morris’s gal pal Cortnee Brantley has a history of lying to the cops, in 2006 she was charged with a felony for giving the false name of Mary Mitchell to a Law Enforcement Officer (LEO). Cortneee Brantley is no naive scared little girl she knows the drill with the cops.

Cortnee Brantley Prior Felony and Misdemenor Arrests And Use of Aliases;
Aliases................................................... Date OF Birth
BRANTLEY,CORTNEE N ..................02/15/1988
MITCHELL,MARY A ...........................02/16/1988
MITCHELL,MARY A ...........................10/04/1987
2).  DRIVING W/LICENSE CANC, SUSP, OR REVOKED. ................................01/19/2010

Dontae Morris needed a ride (at 2:00 AM), so Cortnee Brantley picked him up in a1994 red Toyota Camry. The couple had dated on and off, but were just friends that fateful Tuesday, Brantley's mother said Saturday, July 3rd.  "She's the type of person to run and think that it's over," her mother, Mischell Brantley, said.  When police came Tuesday looking for Cortnee Brantley, her mother was certain she had not killed anyone. "I have exotic fish and she cries every time one of them died," she said....But Cortnee Brantley never called 911, she had no problem watching two cops get shot in the head and knew who did it and refused to give him up and she hid the1994 red Toyota Camry, see photo above, yeah she is just a "very sensitive girl."

Cortnee Brantley is driving North on 50th Street South (also known as Rte 41), Officer Dave Curtis lit her up at about 50th Street South and 34th Ave South, this location is just South of Causeway Blvd and North of the Port of Tampa Pendola container commercail shipping off loading.

There is nothing in the 50th Street South and 34th Ave South area for a couple out for a "ride" to do or go, it is all heavy commercial with used car lots, shipping container rentals stacked on top of each ohter and closed business's with chain link fences with razor wire on top, almost all of these business's are geared to supply the nearby Port of Tampa.

Dontae Morris is a drug dealer, he distributes cocaine, he has been arrested 18 times, he just got out of the Mayo C.I. in April which is part of the Florida prison system, he had a bad check charge out of Jacksonville (anohter cocaine hot spot) Cortnee Brantley knows all of this. 

Where was Cortnee Brantley driving from on 50th Street South after picking up Dontae Morris at 2:10 AM.  Did Dontae Morris just complete a drug deal near the Port of Tampa Pendola Point Terminal and/or on nearby Port Sutton Rd which is only a mile or so from the 50th Street South and 34th Ave South area where Officer Dave Curtis first attempted to stop the car they were in.  

I know this Port of Tampa area very well as I had done surveillance for 8 months last year on a used car chop shop on Cuaseway Blvd that was sending stolen cars (in sections) out of the Port of Tampa to the Middle East, see article click here.

Port of Tampa Pendola Point Container Terminal: the direct route for Mexico and South American-U.S. drug trade. National Drug Intelligence Center (NDIC)Florida Drug Threat Assessment; Cocaine, both powdered and crack, poses a serious threat to Florida. The drug is readily available, commonly abused, and its distribution and abuse are more often associated with violent crime than any other illicit drug in the state.

Florida is the primary destination for cocaine smuggled from South America (and Mexico) through the Caribbean and into the United States. South Florida, Jacksonville and Tampa (Dontae Morris has links to both cities) serve as regional transportation hubs and transshipment points for multikilogram to multihundred-kilogram quantities of cocaine generally destined for distribution in states east of the Mississippi River.

Cocaine and bundles of drug money are confiscated in Hillsborough raid;  Drug trafficking is nothing new in Hillsborough County, said Tampa police Lt. Kenny Morman. Many of the area's largest busts have centered at the Port of Tampa, used by syndicates as a distribution outlet for expansive sales of cocaine. A U.S. customs agent said after the bust, "Unfortunately for you, Tampa appears to have reached Miami cocaine proportions."

Cortnee Brantley fled the scene of the murder of Officers Jeff Kocab and Dave Curtis on 50th Street South, her mother claims she was "scared" and drove off leaving two cops shot and dying in the road, she never called 911 and the cops had to track her down later in the day.

Neighbors at the Bristol Bay Apartments complex 4821 Bristol Bay Way Tampa, which is located between 12 Ave South and 16th Ave South off of 50th Street South, where Cortnee Brantley was found in Unit 202 on Tuesday 6/29, said they saw Cortnee Brantley return, barefoot, late at night.  Cortnee Brantley and Dontae Morris were heading back to her aprtment off of 50th Street South when Officer Dave Curtis lit her up at about 50th Street South and 34th Ave South.

A reporter's knocks on Cortnee Brantley's door, Unit 202, on Wednesday June 30th, no one answered, later in the day cops arrested her there, before the shooting, Dontae Morris had also been seen at the complex with her.  Defense lawyer Rick Terrana said a prosecutor could argue that Cortnee Brantley aided Dontae Morris by driving away, preventing cops from talking to her or obtaining evidence from the vehicle, (what was in the car).

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