Tuesday, June 29, 2010


In February 2007 CNN Money ran the 'Terror-free' oil makes U.S. debut story, in which John Felmy, chief economist for the American Petroleum Institute, called the terror-free oil concept "absurd" because, for example, "TFOI lists Amerada Hess (Charts) as a company that doesn't import from the Persian Gulf, but they may buy oil from Exxon Mobil (Charts) and then sell it on the exchange market."

And the API's John Bisney pointed out another problem, saying the 'Terror-free' oil  initiative is "an interesting concept but the economic reality means it can't be terribly effective because that oil will find other markets and oil that went to those markets is displaced and goes to the U.S."

Alex Porter made outrages claims that the one gas station that 'Terror-free' oil owns in Omaha Nebraska had the power to pick and choice and identify what oil and gasoline they would buy from the world's petroleum producers.  Alex Porter claimed "We can guarantee that we are not going to work with a company that imports Middle Eastern oil," he said.

Terror-Free Oil Inc. Omaha, NE, ph (402) 452-3899, phone number is disconnected and the gas station appears to have been shut down, the email address was, E-mail: info@TerrorFreeOil.org

Terror-Free Oil supposedly purchased its gas from Sinclair Oil Corporation, who buy oil from all areas of the world on the New York Mercantile Exchange. After critics questioned the buying methods of the group founder Joe Kaufman was forced to acknowledge that the stations were likely selling some oil from the Middle East.

Journalist and writer on energy, Robert Bryce also criticised the group on the American Public Media show Marketplace and the CNBC show, Closing Bell with Maria Bartiromo. Bryce states that "the trends of energy interdependence are growing and are inexorable" and branded that idea of the 'Terror-free' oil scam being able choose where your oil came from as "hogwash".

The goofball behind the 'Terror-free' oil scam is Alex Porter who has had reincarnations as the CTO for the"Intelligence Summit", see bizarre statement posted by CTO Alex Porter on the Intelligence summit website, click here.

From a reliable source in the Intelligence Summit, via a phone call to my office last month, Alex Porter the so called CTO of the Intellignece Summit and the spokesperson for the 'Terror-free' oil scam has left the USA and is in hiding.  Alex Porter of the "Terror-Free" oil scam had requested donations to support Terror Free Oil to be snet to Terror-Free Oil Initiative P.O. Box 45118. Omaha, NE 68145-0118.

The website http://www.terrorfreeoil.com/ for the 'Terror-free' oil scam appears to have been shut down and when you click on the link above you are directed to the web hosting company ENTER.NET  whcih just happens to be the subject of a multi million dollar lawsuit.

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