Sunday, June 27, 2010

US Terrorist Bryant Neal Vinas Connected to Al-Muhajiroun Radicals and The Al-Falah Mosque in Queens New York, See Photos of Meetings.

Bryant Neal Vinas, a Muslim convert planning to blow up the Long Island Railroad, allegedly attended meetings of a group connected to al-Muhajiroun, an organisation banned in Britain.  The continuing influence of al-Muhajiroun will come as a concern to counter-terrorism officials in Britain.  Several members of the group were involved in the 2004 plot to blow up a shopping centre and nightclub using a homemade fertiliser bomb, (which linked back to Queens NY Jihadi Mohammed Junaid Babar).

Other members of the al-Muhajiroun group, founded in London by the radical preacher Omar Bakri Mohammed, have been involved in a suicide bombing in Israel in 2003, soliciting murder during protests against Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in 2006 and a fire bomb attack in North London in 2008.

Bryant Neal Vinas aka Bashir al-Amreki, his photo above, Joined the US Army blogged for Malika El Aroud Joined Al-Qaeda Then Flipped on Them.  Bryant Neal Vinas grew up in the solid middle class of Suffolk County, the son of an engineer, the child of a couple that had emigrated from South America, a fan of football and video games, an altar boy and, eventually, a Boy Scout. But Bryant Neal Vinas became very angry, according to his mother, when his parents’ bitter divorce cleaved through his adolescence. He opted against college and instead joined the United States Army at 18.

Former members of al-Muhajiroun were involved in protests against returning soldiers in Luton last year and an off-shoot, Islam4UK was banned in January after threatening to march along the servicemen’s funeral procession route in Wootton Bassett.  There are now concerns in the US that America has caught what they characterise as the “British disease” of home-grown radicals who are traveling to Pakistan to meet with al-Qaeda operatives, (this has been going on since at least 2003).

Vinas’s alleged connections to al-Muhajiroun are revealed by a new CNN documentary that charts his journey from all-American boy to al-Qaeda terrorist, including his involvement with the US group, the Islamic Thinkers Society.  The group uses a name associated with al-Muhajiroun, the Followers of Ahl us-Sunnah wal jama'ah (ASWJ), and describes Omar Bakri Mohammed as “a man of global vision.”

US counterterrorism officials told CNN that Vinas attended several meetings of the Islamic Thinkers Society in New YorkThey say that one of his contacts in Pakistan was a follower of the organisation called Ahmer Qayyum, a failed actor who returned to Lahore after studying in Manhattan.  Vinas had also attended the al-Falah mosque in Queens, New York, which is run by the Islamic missionary group Tablighi Jamaat, a group that has been linked to a number of British terrorists, more from this source.......

In 2005 private detective Bill Warner took BBC journalist Richard Watson to the Masjid al-Fatima on 37th Avenue Woodside Queens NY, which had been taken over by radicals from Hizb ut-Tahrir in the mid 1990s. Watson videotaped Bill Warner’s interview with imam Aqeel Khan, who spoke of the problems of radicals at the mosque.

Mr Warner’s sleuthing managed to show that Junaid Babar, who was an Al-Muhajiroun member from Queens, had attended the Woodside mosque, and here in 1999 had first met <  > Sajil Shahid.

Shahid had founded the Al Muhajiroun office in Lahore in Pakistan, which became a center for ferrying British jihadists (including the five men convicted of the Operation Crevice plot, and also Mohammed Sidique Khan, leader of London’s 7/7 bombers) from Lahore to the regions bordering with Afghanistan, where they met Taliban and Al Qaeda controllers.

Mr Bill Warner’s investigations also showed that a meeting took place at the Masjid al-Fatima mosque from June 2 to 4, 2000, with lectures given by Sajil Shahid. This three day convention was also attended by an individual called “Brother Fahad”, who is Syed “Fahad” Hashmi.

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