Sunday, June 06, 2010

NY DAILY NEWS...Parole idiots suck up to '73 cop killer Shuaib Raheem who is a Sunni Muslim follower of Malcom X and linked to the Black Liberation Army (BLA).

Shuaib Raheem's 2007 parole hearing began with a commissioner fawning over a cop killer. "First off, I want to thank you," one of the three presiding commissioners said. "We do have the sentencing minutes, thanks to you for providing them to us. We really appreciate that. I have reviewed them."

"Yes," Shuaib Raheem said, having furnished the board with a transcript of his sentencing, which only helped himself.  "And, again, I want to thank you again for helping us get them because it is very important for us to have the sentencing minutes when we make our deliberation," the commissioner said. "Yes," Raheem said. "Thank you very much," the commissioner said.

That made three thank-yous in under a minute, a world record for sucking up to a cop killer. Shuaib Raheem was one of four men convicted of murdering NYPD Officer Gilroy in 1973. Raheem has told the parole board that he intends to live with his wife, whom he met as a pen pal while in prison, see her photo with him above,. They have a daughter conceived behind bars (What the hell?).

"She's having a hard time," Raheem said. "I want to be there with her and for her."  In 1998, the New York State Parole Board quietly released another of Officer Gilroy's four killers, Abdulah Almussudug, for reasons that are not quite clear,  two others, Dawud Rahman and Salih Ali Abdullah, had parole bids denied on Nov. 6.

Shuaib Raheem was a Air Force veteran (weapons training) working midnights as a subway token clerk who became a cop killer (radicalized by the Black Liberation Army BLA).

By Raheem's account, he and the others were Sunni Muslims (Malcom X faction) fearful of Nation of Islam violence that included the murder of Malcolm X and the massacre of seven women and children in Washington on January 18, 1973. He said he and three fellow Sunnis went into John and Al's Sporting Goods in Williamsburg the following evening to steal weapons to defend themselves.

"When you went to the store, did you or any of your co-defendants have weapons?" a commissioner asked. "We had pistols," Raheem said.  "So you had weapons on you and you planned to steal more weapons?" "Just a shotgun."

Malcolm X became a member of the Nation of Islam while in prison. After his parole in 1952, he became one of the Nation's leaders and chief spokesmen. For nearly a dozen years, he was the public face of the Nation of Islam. Tension between Malcolm X and Elijah Muhammad, head of the Nation of Islam, led to Malcolm X's departure from the organization in March 1964.  After leaving the Nation of Islam, Malcolm X became a Sunni Muslim, just like cop killer Shuaib Raheem, and made a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Malcolm X was assassinated February 21, 1965 while giving a speech in New York City NY.  The practices of the late Sunni Muslim Malcolm X were deeply rooted in the theoretical foundations of the Black Panther Party and it's violent offshoot the Black Liberation Army (BLA).  Malcolm X had represented both a militant revolutionary, with the dignity and self-respect to stand up and fight to win equality for all oppressed black men which was carried out by the cop killing Black Liberation Army (BLA) and Shuaib Raheem.

The Black Panthers and the Black Liberation Army (BLA) followed Malcolm X's belief of international working class unity across the spectrum of color and gender, and thus united with various minority and white revolutionary groups like the Weather Undergorund led by Bill Ayres and Bernardine Dohrn.

FBI director J. Edgar Hoover publicly states that the Black Panthers and the Black Liberation Army (BLA). are the "greatest threat to the internal security of the country" in 1969.

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