Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Left Wing Mayor Matt Ryan In Binghamton NY Plan To Put 'Cost Of War' Sign On City Hall To Highlight Afghan, Iraq War Spending, Tarik Abdelazim Director of the Department of Planning.

The cost of war counter is up on the side of Binghamton city hall. But there was a hitch Wednesday morning, when private workers were interrupted by local attorney Bob Murphy telling them they didn't have the right permits.

Murphy has said he'd sue if the city erected the sign. But later Wednesday afternoon, city workers stepped in to finish the job. Critics say erecting the sign is illegal, and disrespectful to soldiers and veterans.

The mayor's office says the cost of war is related to a new art exhibit at city hall, and other messages can be displayed, if they are related to art exhibits inside. "We're setting up a policy that allows, a content neutral policy, that allows people to, if they follow the guidelines, have a small display on the outside of city hall," said left wing Mayor Matt Ryan (D) Binghamton.

"When I spoke to my son, he said it felt like a slap in his face, and to his fellow soldiers as well," said Robert C. Murphy, Father of a Soldier, Attorney. When the sign was finally installed by city workers, it was put in upside down, (nice going).  Workers had to pull it off and put it in the right way. According to the new regulations, the sign can only be up until the end of July.

Earlier in the day, workers from Matzo Electric Signs put bolts and brackets into the west side of city hall across from the Broome County Veterans Memorial Arena, but put down their tools when approached by attorney Robert Murphy, an opponent of the sign from the outset.

Murphy told John R. Matzo IV, president of the company, he could be liable if he hung the sign. Matzo was the ushered into a meeting at city hall with left wing Mayor Matthew T. Ryan, who has championed the sign from the outset. Emerging about 20 minutes later, Matzo said he would not continue with the job.  “I’m walking away from it. I might face a breach of contract (suit), but I’ll deal with it,” Matzo said, adding he did not want to upset veterans groups, (good man).

Mayor Ryan Appoints Tarik Abdelazim as Director of Planning, Housing & Community Development in Binghamton NY. BINGHAMTON, NY(WBNG-Binghamton) Mayor Matt Ryan today appointed Tarik Abdelazim, his photo above, as full-time Director of the Department of Planning, Housing & Community Development (PHCD). Abdelazim has served as Executive Assistant to the Mayor since Mayor Ryan took office in 2006, and he has doubled as Acting Director of PHCD since late November

The purpose of the sign is to prompt debate and discussion about the cost of the two wars, said Susan McAnanama, an official with the Broome County Cost of War Project, which is paying for the sign. The sign will be on the side of City Hall facing State Street, across from the Broome County Veterans Memorial Arena. The message will be changed daily, organizers said. The sign will be up until the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are over, left wing Mayor Ryan said.

(Binghamton NY) - Members of Broome County Cost of War Awareness Project announced today that the electronic sign featuring digital messages regarding the costs of war will be temporarily mounted on City Hall as part of the Cost of War Art Show which runs from June through July at City Hall, for more information contact Sue McAnanama Avon Rd. Binghamton NY ph. 607-759-8495.

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