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Jim Greer Former Chairman Of The Republican Party of Florida Arrested He took Cash From Victory Strategies A Fund-Raising Company.

Jim Greer Arrested, his photo above, former chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, was arrested this morning. (Seminole County jail / June 2, 2010)

Jim Greer, former chairman of the Republican Party of Florida who has been under FDLE criminal investigation for his financial handling of the organization, was arrested this morning.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement agents brought Greer, of Oviedo, to the Seminole County jail shortly before 10 a.m., a Sheriff's Office spokeswoman confirmed. Greer was forced to resign in January amid allegations of extravagant overspending.

Since then, he's become the subject of a criminal investigation for income he earned from Victory Strategies LLC, a fund-raising company that kept 10 percent of all major donations its raised for the party. Greer owned 60 percent of the company.

UPDATE...Ex-Florida GOP chairman Jim Greer indicted on charges of grand theft, money laundering. .A statewide grand jury indicted Greer, 47, of Oviedo, on four counts of grand theft and one count each of money laundering and running an organized scheme to defraud. All are felonies.  At an Orlando new conference today, Statewide Prosecutor William Shepherd said Greer used Victory Strategies to steal and launder the money, pocketing a total of $125,161.50. Greer's hand-picked executive director and partner in Victory Strategies, Delmar Johnson, collected another $65,093, according to an affidavit that accompanied a search warrant sought by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.
Greer got cut of Delmar’s fundraising contract with Victory Strategies under FDLE investigationThe Orlando Sentinel reported that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement had opened a criminal investigation into former Florida Republican Party Chairman Jim Greer for his part in awarding a lucrative contract to Victory Strategies, a fundraising company in which he owned a majority stake. Under the contract, the company — which Greer owned along with with former Florida GOP executive director and top fundraiser Delmar Johnson — would receive a 10 percent commission on major donations to the party.

GOP party leaders denied knowing about Greer’s ownership in Victory Strategies, and Greer filed a lawsuit Thursday against the party, accusing it of smearing him and violating the terms of his severance agreement. Greer was selected as party chairman in 2007 by Crist and stepped down from his position in January amid complaints of lavish spending by the party.

An audit of the party’s finances found several people with party credit cards charged entertainment and other expenses that may not have had a legitimate business purpose,The Orlando Sentinel reported. Individuals with party credit cards included Greer and Johnson; former state House Speaker Marco Rubio (R), who will face Crist in the Republican Senate primary; House Speaker-designate Dean Cannon; and Senate President Jeff Atwater (R), who is running for CFO.

Base Connect the direct mail company linked to Freedom's Defense Fund a GOP fund raising company is also accused of scamming congressional candidates out of hundreds of thousands of $$$$dollars and using the money to support radical right wing causes.

June 1st, 2010...UPDATE on BMW Direct aka Base Connect Inc aka Freedom’s Defense Fund Scam Congressional Candidates And Keep The Cash To Support Right Wing Radical Causes Where Is The FBI ?

"Notorious GOP Firm BMW Direct aka Base Connect aka Freedom's Defense Fund Still Fleecing Longshot Candidates" and keeping 90% of the cash. BMW Direct, the GOP fundraising firm known for taking long-shot candidates for a ride while raking in big bucks off their campaigns, has re-emerged under a new name -- but with a similar modus operandi. And this time around, even some Republicans of the GOP are crying foul, with one consultant accusing the firm of engaging in "sub-prime fundraising." A number of news stories have reported that BMW Direct aka Base Connect aka Freedom's Defense Fund has kept a large percentage of the funds that it helps raise.

Donors and GOP party activists are livid over newly revealed records that suggest outgoing chairman Jim Greer used the party as a personal slush fund for lavish travel and entertainment. The records also show that executive director Delmar Johnson padded his $103,000 salary with a secret, $260,000 fundraising contract and another $42,000 for expenses — at the same time the once mighty Florida GOP was having to lay off employees amid anemic fundraising.   Another sign of trouble came Monday with news that incoming House Speaker Dean Cannon transferred $665,000 of party money in the days surrounding Greer's resignation to a separate political committee called the Florida Liberty Fund.

Crist has said he did not have a card, according to the Orlando Sentinel. Both Rubio and Cannon have been accused of using the party cards for personal expenditures. Cannon reportedly spent $175,000 over two years on charter planes, expensive dinner and other items he claims were related to “party business,” the Orlando Sentinel reported.Earlier Friday, Sink, a Democrat, called for the investigation to be transferred to either the Leon County state’s attorney or the U.S. Attorney’s office in the Northern District of Florida. In a letter to state Attorney General Bill McCollum (R), Sink requested transfer because of the potential impropriety of Republican administration officials investigating the Republican Party.

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