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Facebook Being Cited In More Divorces, Sarasota Private Investigator Bill Warner Confirms And Adds There Is Also a Dangerous Side.

Not Only Betrayed Spouses Find Infidelity Evidence, Is Facebook helping to tear down marriages that were "solid as a rock?" A new survey of some of the nation's top divorce lawyers found more clients are coming to court armed with Facebook evidence.

"More and more I have clients coming in and I say, 'What are you here today?' And they say, 'Facebook,'" Divorce attorney Mary Cay Trace said, "You can now search beyond your neighbors and your co-workers if you're trying to find somebody to replace what you think is missing in your marriage."

A mother of two showed us via Skype Internet love notes posted between her husband and an old grade-school flame he reconnected with on Facebook. Within months, 13 years of marriage were over. Her husband's new woman also ended her own marriage. The families had two children each, more from this source...
As a private investigator in the Sarasota area for over 16 years, I, Bill Warner, can confirn that Facebook is the root cause of the vast majority of my matrimonial infidelity cases, especially in the 30 to 48 year age bracket, see link

When I get a call from a woman who feels that her husband is cheating the first thing I do is search out the man's name on Facebook for his photo and view who posts on his wall the most.
Divorces From Social Media Sites Like Facebook on the Rise. Facebook has become one of the most popular social networking sites used by individuals all over the globe. Facebook is a great host for people who want to connect with friends, meet new people or even do business with. However, Facebook is also associated with a lot of relationship issues such as breakups and third-parties. 

Statistics from and other legal studies show that divorce and Facebook are significantly correlated with increased flirting and illicit online affairs. In a study conducted by a law firm, out of 5,436 divorce cases a total of up to 1,087 cases cited that illicit affairs started with the social networking site Facebook.

The Facebook networking site offers great communication features such as instant chat capabilities and easy friend adding system. One can virtually meet new people from the site all over the world. Facebook is also an avenue for meeting Ex-boyfriends or Ex-girlfriends where passion is likely to be rekindled due to their meeting on Facebook.

People flirt on Facebook generally by going online and trying to chat with people to make friends and eventually see each other for a date. Cheating occurs on Facebook all the time as you can see how engaged and even married guys view and flirt through comments on other women̢۪s wall or pictures. A recent study has in fact shown that 60% of surveyed individuals find Facebook photos a good evidence for divorce cases, more from this source.....

Then there is the The dangerous side of online dating, by Gretchen Peters, Foreign Correspondent, June 07. 2009 11:27PM UAE.

PANAMA CITY BEACH, FLORIDA With as many as 40 million single Americans using online dating services or web-networking sites such as MySpace (and Facebook) to look for love, it would seem that there has never been an easier time to find a soulmate online. But experts, law enforcement officials and private investigators warn that the world of internet romance is fraught with peril, ranging from liars to sexual predators and even murderers, who hide their motives behind seemingly innocuous virtual identities.

The numbers are worrisome – and horror stories abound. In February, MySpace was forced to cancel 90,000 accounts on its site that authorities revealed were linked to registered sex offenders. It was a fraction of the 130 million users of the site, but a significant percentage of the more than one million registered sex offenders in the United States.

In April a Boston medical student, Philip Markoff, dubbed the “Craigslist killer” by the media, was arrested and changed with murdering a masseuse who advertised on the popular website’s erotic services section. Two months later Craigslist was hit with another scandal when it emerged that a North Carolina man used the site to hire a man to rape his wife while the husband watched.

Bill Warner, a Florida private investigator who offers on his website to “sort out the winners from the losers” for a flat fee of US$169 (Dh620), says running background checks on potential internet dates now constitutes more than 50 per cent of his business, see link

“Usually the problem is that the man is married or he turns out to be one of these crazy stalker people like KHALIM007 above that follows a woman for months,” Bill Warner said in a telephone interviewIn many cases, Mr Warner said he would discover that men had joined a site using a false name, a prepaid, throwaway cell phone and a phoney e-mail address from free services such as Yahoo or Hotmail.

There are a lot of people out there who get jazzed up by disguising themselves,” Bill Warner said, adding that nearly 100 per cent of his cases involved women being victimised by men. But is one of the few online dating websites to actually run background checks on its members, even though a recent survey found that a majority of people visiting online dating sites believed that most did.

“It’s shameful because it lulls women into a false sense of security,” said Mr Warner. “You get young naive women or the over-50 year olds who are recently divorced, they are often excited about meeting a new man and they make easy prey.  In some instances, the first date ends in violence. Last October, for example, police in Minnesota charged a 39-year-old man with raping a woman he met through the internet, after he slipped drugs into her drink that caused her to pass out.

In other cases, the motive is financial. Police in Tampa, Florida last January arrested a Tennessee man who was wanted for swindling a woman he met online out of tens of thousands of dollars and leasing a Mercedes in her name that he wrecked, leaving her with more than $60,000 in liabilities.

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