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Ex-FL GOP chair Jim Greer Charged With Theft, Money Laundering he wrote a $40K check to Victory Strategies, the following day, the company wrote Greer a check for $39K.

With Jim Greer's personal bank account overdrawn by an average of $10,000 a month for much of last year, prosecutors say, the Republican Party of Florida chairman plotted to get his hands on some of the millions in special-interest cash flooding the party.

Jim Greer's scheme: set up a ``shell company'' called Victory Strategies LLC to secretly divert party fundraising money to himself, according to state prosecutors. He, along with the party's executive director, Delmar W. Johnson III, then made sure no one else knew about it.  But Johnson struck a deal with prosecutors and told them everything.

Greer, 47, was arrested Wednesday morning, 6/02/2010, at his Oviedo home and charged on six felony counts of theft, money laundering and orchestrating a scheme to defraud. He faces a maximum 30 years in prison for money laundering and fraud charges, and a maximum five-year sentence for theft charges.

``This money,'' said statewide prosecutor Bill Shepherd, ``was laundered through Victory Strategies LLC and then used byMr. Greer to support his own personal lifestyle.'' In all, Greer is accused of diverting $125,000 in party money unlawfully. Johnson earned $65,000, but is not charged.

On the day Greer and Johnson filed the paperwork to create Victory Strategies -- Feb. 4, 2009 -- another $40,000 was transferred to Victory Strategies from a campaign committee called Jim Greer for Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida. Shepherd said Greer pocketed that money, too. In addition, Greer ``pleaded for financial help'' from an unnamed donor who sent him about $180,000 over 18 months, the search warrant affidavit says.
FDLE agents spent the day searching his home for documents related to Victory Strategies and his accounts at SunTrust and United Legacy Bank.  By early 2009, Jim Greer was starting to go broke according to the affidavit. On six occasions, from January to October 2009, Greer overdrew his bank account monthly in amounts ranging from $25,392 to $3,794 or an average $10,000.  About this time, Greer called Johnson into his office and came up with the plan for Victory Strategies to split 10 percent of all major donor fundraising, the affidavit said. 

Florida Limited Liability Company VICTORY STRATEGIES LLC.
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Document Number L09000011502
Date Filed 02/04/2009
State FL
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Greer and Johnson had the Gray Robinson law firm file the Victory Strategies paperwork in a way to hide Greer's identity, the affidavit says. Greer then signed a fundraising contract between RPOF and Victory Strategies. Greer allegedly circumvented party procedures by making sure the general counsel never saw the contract, more from this source................

Ex-FL GOP chair Jim Greer will be charged with 6 felony counts for allegedly laundering money through a company, Victory Strategies, he and a former top aide set up, a contract that gave him $200K in money intended to go toward electing GOP candidates.

An alleged contract, signed when Greer was chairman, provided Victory Strategies LLC with a 10% cut of all major donations to the state party. As chairman, Greer also directed $60K in payments to the company. Greer and his former executive director, Delmar Johnson, controlled the company and profited from the payments.

Greer also directed a 527 account he controlled, funds from which helped him win a second term as state party chair, to be sent to Victory Strategies. An affidavit unsealed today alleges Greer's campaign account wrote a $40K check to Victory Strategies; the following day, the company wrote Greer a check for $39K.

Johnson, who owned a part of the company with Greer, has cooperated with state investigators and provided evidence against Greer, according to statewide prosecutor William Shepherd. Shepherd said Johnson will not be charged yet, but he would not rule out new charges in the future, more from this source.........

TALLAHASSEE -- Gov. Charlie Crist, who placed and protected Jim Greer at the helm of the Florida Republican Party, denied Thursday knowing anything about secret contract at the center of the six-count criminal-fraud indictment against the former GOP leader.

Greer, 47, was arrested Wednesday, accused of defrauding the party and donors to a political committee by laundering $165,000 through a shell company called Victory Strategies``I didn't know anything about this Victory Strategies thing,'' Crist told The Herald/Times a day after saying ``I do not feel complicit,'' despite his close ties to Greer.

In addition to this questionable charge, Greer ordered the party [``per the chairman''] to give his Victory Strategies company bonus payments on three occasions totaling $26,250.  As criticism mounted against Greer and Crist for their management of the party, officials began to confront Greer in December.

One notable meeting came soon after party officials learned about the existence of
Victory Strategies. Greer signed a secret contract with his top deputy Delmar Johnson to skim 10 percent of all funds raised by the party into the shell company Victory Strategies, more from this source..................

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Announcing the indictments today, FL law enforcement officials said Greer could face significant time in jail. At least 2 of the charges carry maximum sentences of 30 years in prison. Greer was taken into custody at his home early this morning.