Saturday, June 19, 2010

Congressman Demands Answers on 17 Afghan Military Pilot Deserters AWOL, the foreign military officers were training to become pilots at Lackland Air Force Base Texas.

Why were the 17 Afghan Military Pilot Deserters,  foreign military officers who were training to become pilots at Lackland Air Force Base Texas, not immediately rounded up and deported, do we have to have another 9/11 ?

A Texas congressman is demanding answers from the Air Force on the current status of the 17 AWOL Afghan military deserters, which he called a breach of national security.

Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, asked Air Force Secretary Michael B. Donley for an immediate report on the status of the missing men and an assessment of the potential threat to citizens of Texas. He demanded to know why he was not informed about the missing Afghans over the course of the last two years.

"Your department's failure to provide critical information related to this incident is unacceptable," Cornyn wrote. "Finally, it is a serious mistake for officials to approach this serious breach as an immigration violation rather than a threat to the safety and security of our homeland and our citizens."

The 17 deserters had disappeared from Lackland Air Force Base, where foreign military officers who are training to become pilots are taught English, according to an alert issued Wednesday.  Ten of the 17 remain at large after seven were accounted for, sources close to the situation told Fox News on Friday.

The following 17 Afghan military members have gone AWOL from an Air Force base in Texas and are being sought in a nationwide alert in the U.S.;

Abdul Ghani Barakzai, born 8/8/1977
Mohd Ali Karimi, born 9/3/1982
Mohammad Nasim Fateh Zada, born 12/4/1966
Aminullah Sangarwal, born 8/27/1982
Mohd Ahmadi, born 5/5/1978
Ahad Abdulahad, born 5/5/1984
Sayed Qadir Shah Habiby, born 5/7/1985
Javed Aryan a.k.a. Aryan Javed, born 1/1/1987
Mirwais Qassmi, born 4/24/1974
Barsat Noorani, born 6/3/1981
Atiqullah Habibi, two dates of birth are listed on the alert: 6/2/1982 and 7/2/1982
Ahmad Sameer Samar, born 5/2/1983
Mohamed Fahim Faqier, born 6/1/1987
Obaiddullah Abrahimy, born 8/1/1979
Sayed Nasir Hashimi, born 4/5/1972
Shawali Kakar, born 12/31/1979
Khan Padshah Amiri, born 4/1/1978

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