Saturday, May 22, 2010

WASHINGTON POST, Tenn. Tea Party Won't Drop Speaker Pamela Geller For Her Extremist Anti-Islam Views, Geller Responds By Calling AP Reporter A Liar.

WASHINGTON POST....By ERIK SCHELZIG, The Associated Press  Friday, May 21, 2010; 10:09 AM ...NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Tea party organizers will not drop a speaker from a Tennessee convention this weekend despite calls from a national Muslim rights group that considers her anti-Islamic.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations had urged that Pamela Geller, her photo above, be cut from the Tennessee Tea Party Convention in Gatlinburg over her views on Muslims. Washington-based CAIR said in a release Thursday that it objects to Pamela Geller's presentation titled "The Threat of Islam."

Convention organizer Anthony Shreeve said in an e-mail Friday that Geller will speak despite those concerns.  Geller heads a group called Stop Islamization of America, (SIOA) "CAIR is trying to get good, decent Americans in the Tennessee Tea Party to crush free speech by dropping me," Geller wrote on her blog., more from this source..........

Reporter with The Associated Press and the Washington Post questions Pamela Geller about her SIOA organization, is it hate group (see his email below) ? Pamela Geller responds by calling the Washington Post and The AP liars.
From: Erik Schelzig

I'm a reporter with The Associated Press doing a story on CAIR's
demands that Panel Geller be dropped from this weekend's Tennessee Tea
Party Convention in Gatlinburg. They say SIOA is a hate group and
should not be represented. Any response?


"Disinformation: The Washington Post and The AP Lie By Omission", Whitewashing CAIR, as per the website of Pamela Geller the leader of “Stop islamization of America: (SIOA).