Monday, May 24, 2010

Sen. Shelby Slams U.S. Census Bureau for Allowing Sex Offenders and Rapists to Go Door-to-Door, Who Came To Your Door In Sarasota FL ?

FOX NEWS....After two cases of alleged criminals going door-to-door to take surveys, Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby said Monday that the U.S. Census Bureau must do more to prevent hiring census takers with a criminal background.

In a letter to Commerce Secretary Gary Locke sent Monday, 5/24/2010,, Shelby wrote that when he asked Locke during a Senate hearing last year about guidelines to disqualify applicants, including sex offenders and people who've committed crimes against children, he was told the measures would ensure "each applicant is an acceptable risk to collect census information from residents of a community as a representative of our government."

"It is inconceivable that the Census Bureau could be so poorly managed as to hire a convicted sex offender to go door-to-door to collect personal information," Shelby said. "Clearly, Mr. Secretary, your guidelines are not working."

The letter followed news last week that a sex offender in New Jersey had spent two weeks in May interviewing residents while carrying around an official Census badge, bag and list of residents who hadn't returned their surveys.

Frank Kuni reportedly had used fake documents under the name Jamie Shephard to pass an initial name check and receive four days of training.  But an alert resident recognized the 47-year-old from the state's Internet sex offender registry.

Kuni, who was charged with using a fraudulent document to get government ID, was fingerprinted during his first day of training but when Census officials learned on the last day of training that Kuni had been flagged for a previous arrest, he was already out the door with his assignment, Fernando E. Armstrong, director of the U.S. Census Bureau's Philadelphia region, told the Courier News. He was arrested four days later.
In a separate case in Indiana, a volunteer census worker named Daniel Miller allegedly raped and beat a 21-year-old physically handicapped woman after returning to her home in the middle of the night following an interview earlier in the day.

"What is even more objectionable is that it does not appear from public statements on the incident that the Census Bureau admits fault or even acknowledges that their screening procedures are not working," he wrote, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE....
SEE....Census May Have Hired Violent Criminals to Canvass Your Home in Sarasota from February/09 to April/09, Same Time Frame as Sarasota Home Invasions.

Monday, October 05, 2009, Ex-con Delmer Smith III Arrested in Sarasota Home Invasions, But There Is A Missing Link, How Did He Know Homes Contained Middle Aged Women Living Alone North of Clark Rd and South of Webber?

The home invasions in Sarasota and Manatee counties happened over a four-month period from February to May, but then the crimes with the same pattern seemed to stop (May 26th) until he attacked again on August 3rd. Authorities are not sure why, but speculate that Smith might have moved and could be responsible for crimes in other jurisdictions.


In testimony before a Senate subcommittee on Wednesday, 10/07/2009, GAO Director of Strategic Issues Robert Goldenkoff said tens of thousands of temporary census workers were improperly finger-printed by bureau employees — including individuals with extensive criminal records.

Fingerprinting errors made by U.S. Census Bureau employees may have resulted in the hiring of 200 people with criminal backgrounds to conduct door-to-door canvassing, according to the Government Accountability Office.

In testimony before a Senate subcommittee on Wednesday, GAO Director of Strategic Issues Robert Goldenkoff said tens of thousands of temporary census workers were improperly fingerprinted by bureau employees — including individuals with extensive criminal records.

“It is possible that more than 200 people with unclassifiable prints had disqualifying criminal records but still worked, and had contact with the public during address canvassing,” he said.

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