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NY Judge approves secret jury in JFK fuel-line blast trial because of Jamaat Al Muslimeen terror ties in Trinidad of Russell Defreitas, Kareem Ibrahim, Abdul Kadir and Abdel Nur.

NY DAILY NEWS....There will be an anonymous jury in the trial of four men, Russell Defreitas, Kareem Ibrahim, Abdul Kadir and Abdel Nur charged with plotting to blow up fuel lines at Kennedy Airport.
Brooklyn Federal Judge Dora Irizarry granted the government's request for the protective measure because the defendants are tied to the Trinidadian militant group Jamaat Al Muslimeen, which has a history of violence, murder and witness tampering.
"In 2005, the body of a witness against a JAM member was found in a lake, shot, wrapped in plastic and weighted with rocks," Assistant U.S. Attorney Berit Berger argued in court papers.

Prosecutors also submitted, under seal, allegations of threats against witnesses in the JFK case. Jury selection for Russell Defreitas, Kareem Ibrahim, Abdul Kadir and Abdel Nur is scheduled to begin next month.  more from this source.............

Al-Qaeda and two other Middle East terrorist groups have established operations and are leading a holy war against U.S. and British interests from the tiny Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago. A U.S. official involved in tracking these activities says the Trinidadian militant group Jamaat Al Muslimeen is believed to be "smuggling AK-47s, Tech-9s and Glocks" into the island country. According to the U.S. source, several of the leaders of the group may have fought in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union during the1980s. The Trinidadian militant group Jamaat Al Muslimeen operates "in solidarity with al-Qaeda and the Taliban" and is "maintaining relations with Hamas and Islamic Jihad."
See my prior post, Friday, August 01, 2008, INFO ON ADNAN el SHUKRIJUMAH AND TRINIDAD TERRORISM.  There's a lot of talk about al-Qaida safe havens in Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. But the FBI is closely watching a potential hot spot in our own hemisphere. Al-Qaida is suspected of having set up a front in the Caribbean island state of Trinidad, and sympathetic jihadists have already launched a movement there to replace Trinidad's Westernized government with Islamic law.

The militant Muslim group Jamaat al-Muslimeen staged a bloody coup attempt in Trinidad last decade that involved the firebombing of police headquarters in Port-of-Spain. A rash of bombings over the past couple of years has been linked to the group, whose leader, Yasin Abu Bakr also known as Lennox Phillip (see his pic above), recently was released from prison after claiming to be ill (1 Trindad man & 3 Guyana men were arrested in connection with the JFK airport bomb plot).
The defendants in the JFK fuel-line blast plot also obtained satellite photographs of JFK airport and its facilities from the internet and traveled frequently between the United States, Guyana, and Trinidad to discuss their plans and solicit the financial and technical assistance of others.  The defendants used their connections to present their terrorist plot to radical groups in South America and the Caribbean, including senior leadership of Jamaat Al Muslimeen (“JAM”), which was responsible for a deadly coup attempt in Trinidad in 1990. As the complaint alleges, defendants KADIR and NUR were longtime associates of JAM leaders. Defendant KAREEM also was preparing to send an emissary overseas to present the plan to other extremists.

Trinidad Muslims might be harboring Adnan El Shukrijumah, and the FBI considers him "armed and dangerous." He's been connected to al-Qaida plots to attack America with dirty bombs. Local papers report that Shukrijumah has stayed with friends in Trinidad, and worshiped at local mosques, indicating a possible cell exists there. U.S. authorities at Miami International Airport are closely monitoring inbound flights from that area.
ADNAN EL-SHUKRIJUMAH LAST SEEN IN TRINIDAD SEPT. 4th 2006. Following is the information that I have compiled on Adnan Gulshair Muhammad el Shukrijumah and his relatives in the USA and Trinidad -Tobago. The background paints the picture for el-Shukrijumah's involvement in terrorism, also find his drivers license number and social security number. Adnan used Miramar Florida as his home base before he split, "Once in Florida always in Florida", he will come back, his brother, Nabil, is still there.
ONE OF THE WORLD'S most wanted terrorists, Al Qaeda operative Adnan Gulshair Muhammad el Shukrijumah, may be hiding in Trinidad and Tobago or Guyana and has, in his possession, a T&T passport. Adnan el Shukrijumah who will be 33 on August 4th, is one of the most wanted terrorists by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which said he was "wanted in connection with possible terrorist threats against the United States". He has several "personal ties" to both Trinidad and Guyana, theFBI said. Trinidad law enforcement officials said they were aware that Shukrijumah had been in Trinidad and confirmed they were contacted by the FBI for assistance in the matter.

number of Abu Bakr's followers in JAM is said to be growing, along with the number of kidnappings, murders and bombings in Trinidad. And fears are growing within the Department of Homeland Security and FBI that Trinidadian jihadists could train and export terrorists to strike the U.S. Trinidad's radical Muslim leader released on bail Tuesday, July 18, 2006 PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad: Trinidad's Muslimeen leader, 64-year-old Imam Yasin Abu Bakralso known as Lennox Phillip, after spending almost eight months in jail on charges of sedition, has been granted bail in the sum of TT$400,000, he is the head of the Mucurapo Road Mosque in St. James Trinidad.

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