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NY DAILY NEWS..Detroit bus system rejects 'Leaving Islam?' ads as 'pure anti-Muslim hate', Bikini Blogger Pamela Geller branded a bigot.

More bad press for the bikini blogger Pamela Geller in her hometown of New York City, now the Daily News reports that Pamela Geller has been branded a bigot. Pamela Geller has also had a running fued with the Miami Herald when they posted similar article about her antics. 

Pamela Geller claims in her recent rant agasint the NY Daily News that "CAIR it seems as if is they are writing Daily News headlines and copy (there's a reason why the Daily News is third in this market.).  Well with a daily circulation of 795,153 the NY Daily News is ranked 7th in the Top 100 Newspapers in the United States, see below..
Top 100 Newspapers in the United States
Rank -----Newspaper --------Daily Circulation
1. USA Today (Arlington, Va.) 2,528,437
2. Wall Street Journal (New York, N.Y.) 2,058,342
3. Times (New York, N.Y.) 1,683,855
4. Times (Los Angeles) 1,231,318
5. Post (Washington, DC) 960,684
6. Tribune (Chicago) 957,212
7. Daily News (New York, N.Y.) 795,153
8. Inquirer (Philadelphia) 705,965
9. Post/Rocky Mountain News (Denver) 704,806
10. Chronicle (Houston) 692,557
11. Post (New York, N.Y.) 691,420

MIAMI HERALD...Controversial anti-Muslim ads to be reinstalled on Miami-Dade buses...Ten controversial advertisements by an anti-Muslim group run by Pamela Geller, that were removed from Miami-Dade Transit buses after the department received complaints, will go back up.   FROM BROWARD COUNTY PUBLIC RECORDS, Pamela Geller has/had owned an upscale condo at the L'HERMITAGE II in nearby Fort Lauderdale valued at $650,000.00 until she transfered ownership to her then ex-husband Michael H. Oshry in August 2008 for just $100.00, he died just weeks after the transfer, Obit "Michael H. Oshry, 52, on October 4, 2008 of a heart attack, he is survived by his new wife Linda and five children from a prior marriage to Pamela Geller Oshry, Michael Oshry started his career in the auto industry at Universal Auto Group in Long Island City. 

NY Post  'CAR-SCAM' LINK EYED, Posted: 5:00 AM, July 15, 2007....Detectives are investigating possible links between the men accused of gunning down two Brooklyn cops and an alleged million-dollar scam at a Long Island auto dealership, Universal Auto.  While probing the murder of car salesman Collin Thomas outside the showroom of Universal Auto World in Lawrence, L.I., in January, cops unraveled what they said was a massive scam at the dealership. Employees at Universal allegedly stole and bought identities, then used the IDs to obtain at least $1.3 million in financing for fancy cars, court records show. The luxury models, including Maseratis and Aston Martins, were allegedly sold or transferred under the table to individuals who didn't want cars in their real names (drug dealers). As part of the homicide probe, Nassau County police raided the dealership, owned by auto czar Michael Oshry, and Oshry's Hewlett Harbor home and seized business records.  Cops found banking records were sent to the house, though the state requires such files be kept at businesses, according to court papers filed in a civil forfeiture action by the Nassau district attorney.   "The dealership knew what was going on," an investigator said.  Oshry's lawyer, William Petrillo, said his client "has not engaged in any criminal activity."  His ex-wife, Pamela Geller, former associate publisher of the New York Observer and a conservative blogger, burst into tears when told her ex is under criminal investigation. Although listed in business records as a Universal Auto co-owner, Pamela Geller denied it. "I have nothing to do with this," Pamela Geller said.

See more on Pamela Geller's bus ads below;

NY DAILY NEWS....Detroit's SMART bus system has rejected the button-pushing placards that read "Fatwa on your head? Is your community or family threatening you? Leaving Islam?" - and direct Muslims to a Web site urging them to leave the "falsity of Islam."

"It's a purely anti-Muslim hate issue," Dawud Walid of the Council on American-Islamic Relations told the Detroit News on Friday. "The SMART bus company, or any bus company, should not be used to marginalize a minority group."
Defenders of the ads, dreamed up by Manhattan-based right wing blogger Pamela Geller and the New York-based Stop the Islamization of America, say it's a free speech issue and they have sued.

"Americans have a right to know the truth; Islam is a religion of intolerance and violence," said Michigan lawyer Richard Thompson, who filed the suit. "Christians, Jews and other non-Muslim minorities are persecuted in every country where Islam dominates." 

A leader in the fight against the proposed mosque near Ground Zero who has Tea Party ties, Pamela Geller has been branded a bigot by CAIR and other groups. She also caused a stir in the right-wing blogosphere by videotaping a denunciation of Palestinian terrorists - while dressed in a bikini, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE....

FOX NEWS CHICAGO....Bus Agency Sued For Refusing Muslim Defector Ads...DETROIT (AP) - DETROIT (AP) — A group that says it helps Muslims quit their faith sued Detroit's regional transit system Friday for violating its First Amendment rights by rejecting bus ads that ask, "Fatwa on your head? ... Leaving Islam? Got questions? Get answers!"

A self-described Christian rights legal center representing the group said the bus company showed its double standard by accepting earlier atheism advocacy ads.Thompson's group filed suit in U.S. District Court on behalf of the Freedom Defense Initiative and its leaders, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. Geller leads an organization called Stop Islamization of America, and Spencer is head of the group Jihad Watch.

The suit names the Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation and three of its officials as defendants. The Detroit area is home to America's most concentrated Muslim population. In New York, the ads are running on at least 30 Metropolitan Transportation Authority buses for a month, according to Geller. Miami-Dade Transit pulled the ads from 10 buses last month, then reinstalled them after a legal review. Geller said ad buys were planned for other cities. 

An interfaith relations group criticized the ad campaign, calling it an attack on a religion already under fire in the U.S. "It seems like it's the season to go after Muslims, and that's OK," said Steve Spreitzer, program director for the Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion. "We urge people to develop relations with Muslims, to see that Islam is not a monolith." MORE FROM THIS SOURCE......

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