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"The assassination of that N.....Lover JFK was engineered by Carlos Marcello", longtime Mafia boss in New Orleans. That theory is far from new. There's evidence that Attorney General Robert Kennedy, the president's brother, believed it. Authors Lamar Waldron and Thom Hartmann broaden the theme.  Carlos Marcello had a special grudge against the Kennedys because Robert, who fought organized crime, once had him deported to an uncomfortable exile in Central America. Born in Tunisia, Carlos Marcello carried false papers that gave Guatemala as his country of origin. He found his way back to the United States. 

On 24th March, 1959, Marcello appeared before the Senate Committee investigating organized crime. Serving as chief counsel to the committee was Robert F. Kennedy; his brother, Senator John F. Kennedy, was a member of the committee. In response to committee questioning, Marcello again invoked the fifth amendment in refusing to answer any questions relating to his background, activities, and associates.

After becoming president John F. Kennedy appointed his brother, Robert Kennedy, as U.S. Attorney General. The two men worked closely together on a wide variety of issues including the attempt to tackle organized crime. In March 1961, the Attorney General took steps to have Marcello deported to Guatemala (the country Marcello had falsely listed as his birthplace).
On 4th April, Carlos Marcello, his photo above, was arrested by the authorities and taken forcibly removed to Guatemala. Just before Kennedy was assassinated on 22nd November, 1963, Jack Ruby made contact with Marcello, and another Mafia leader, Santos Trafficante, about a problem he was having with the American Guild of Variety Artists (AGVA). Ruby also visited New Orleans that summer. So also did the alleged assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald.

Right wing white supremacist KKK member Joseph A. Milteer had aroused suspicion when police recorded him predicting, less than two weeks before the Kennedy assassination, that the "N...... Lover Kennedy would be killed by a high powered rifle with a telescopic sight, fired from an upper-floor window. That's the official version of what actually happened in Dallas.

Four years later, the book says, Marcello brokered a deal in which Milteer paid KKK member James Earl Ray to kill Martin Luther King Jr. It also finds that Marcello's biographer, John H. Davis, and journalist David E. Scheim made "compelling cases" for Marcello's involvement in the killing of Robert Kennedy by Sirhan Sirhan.

Sirhan Sirhan links to Carlos Marcello......Carlos Marcello had remained good friends with L.A. mobster Mickey Cohen since they both had appeared before the McClellan hearings. By 1968, Cohen was in prison, having waged a full-scale war with the Dragna family for control of the rackets in Los Angeles, including the major racetracks that were all hooked into the Carlos Marcello' s wire service and bookie network.
Sirhan Sirhan (his photo center), the killer of Robert Kennedy, worked as a groom at the Santa Anita race track controlled by Cohen, who had also been a close friend of Jack Ruby, the gangster who shot Oswald dead. Ruby was part of the Civello set-up in Dallas that was controlled by Marcello. That Robert Kennedy's brother was himself shot dead in a city that was controlled by a close friend of Carlos Marcello, who was more than likely the immediate boss of the man who shot the man who shot the president, has to be surely more than just a coincidence. 
The elimination of Robert Kennedy from the 1968 presidential race paved the way for victory for Richard Nixon, the man Carlos Marcello had always supported. In fact in the 1960 race between Kennedy and Nixon, Carlos Marcello had donated $500,000 towards Nixon's campaign. With Robert Kennedy dead and Nixon's accession to the presidency on Jan 20, 1969, Carlos Marcello had now a thread even to the White House.

During the 1960s New Orleans-based mob boss Carlos Marcello used the right wing KKK as enforcement muscle in the rural Louisiana Concordia Parish as reported by Matthew Barnidge for the Daily Comet: FBI documents reveal that the New Orleans-based Carlos Marcello organized-crime syndicate had, by that time, reached into every corner of the state of Louisiana, including in Concordia Parish.

Mafia associates established a casino and prostitution in Concordia called the Morville Lounge, and used Natchez as a place to keep vehicles and cash checks. The mafia's pattern of operation in rural Louisiana was to gain the protection and cooperation of the local sheriff's office. Concordia Parish LA was no different. What was different in Concordia, however, was that the mafia also used at least one right wing KKK group for muscle.

Deputy Sheriff Frank DeLaughter, in addition to being a suspected member of the Original Knights of the right wing KKK and possibly the Silver Dollar Group, was a known associate of local gambling boss Judsen "Blackie" Drane and UKA members. Morville manager and mafia associate Curt Hewitt testified to a federal grand jury to the local involvement in the mafia's Morville Lounge prostitution and gambling operations.

The recently-uncovered 1968 FBI files support new evidence showing that the late Joseph Milteer was one of four right wing Georgia white supremacists of the KKK who funded the assassination of Dr. King. Rep. Stokes's committee had actually investigated Milteer for the murder of President John F. Kennedy, because of a Miami Police undercover recording of Milteer made two weeks before Kennedy's death.

On that November 9, 1963 tape, Milteer discussed a plan to "assassinate the President with a high-powered rifle from a tall building." On the same tape, Milteer also discussed an unsuccessful attempt to kill Dr. King. The FBI did not provide any information to Stokes's committee indicating they had looked at Milteer for the assassination of Dr. King. As a result, the Congressional committee didn't investigate Milteer and his links to the right wing KKK for King's murder.
FBI files, along with other new information, indicate that Joseph Milteer and his white supremacist associates of the KKK in Atlanta turned to the Mafia to "broker" the contract to kill Dr. King. The mobster involved was Louisiana/Texas godfather Carlos Marcello, who died in 1993. Congressional investigators uncovered statements and evidence indicating that in the months prior to Dr. King's murder, hit man James Earl Ray was a low-level heroin runner for Carlos Marcello's drug network.

James Earl Ray's backing by Joseph Milteer, his photo above, and several right wing KKK associates in Atlanta explains for the first time why Ray--after shooting Dr. King in Memphis and fleeing to Canada--first made a 450-mile detour south to Atlanta, where Ray abandoned his getaway car only blocks from Dr. King's office and church. Ray then called one of Milteer's KKK associates, and Joseph Milteer himself admitted in a letter that he was in the area when Ray abandoned his car. Authorities have long known that after killing King in Memphis, Ray was somehow able to flee to Canada, then to England, to Portugal, and back to England, where Ray was finally apprehended.

"Jack E. White wrote in the February 17, 1997, issue of Time magazine: "I've never understood how a bumbling petty crook like Ray could singlehandedly evade a police dragnet in Memphis, Tennessee, drive a conspicuous white Mustang all the way to Atlanta, then get out of the country and journey as far as Portugal before finally being apprehended in London. He had to have had help - if not with the killing itself, then surely with the getaway".

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