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Muslim used car dealer Khalid Ouazzani tells court he sent money to al-Qaida from his Kansas City business " Truman Used Auto Parts".

A Kansas City used car and auto parts dealer admitted in Kansas City federal court this morning that he provided “material support” to the al-Qaida terrorist organization. Khalid Ouazzani, a Moroccan-born naturalized U.S. citizen, pleaded guilty to terrorism-related charges, admitting that he sent $23,500 to al-Qaida through a bank in the United Arab Emirates between August 2007 and summer 2008. Ouazzani, 32, also admitted in the plea hearing that in June 2008, he swore to an unnamed co-conspirator an oath of allegiance to the terrorist organization. Later in the hearing, Ouazzani’s lawyer, Robin Fowler, asked him if he had sworn to someone else his “intent to join al-Qaida.” “Yes sir,” Ouazzani responded. He also pleaded guilty to money laundering and bank fraud in a previously indicted scheme to steal more than $174,000 from a bank using false and fraudulent financial information. He also acknowledged that he and co-conspirators not identified in the charges discussed fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq or Somalia as another way to support Al Qaeda. Ouazzani formed a Missouri corporation in October 2006 that operated Truman Used Auto Parts on Truman Road. He has been in federal custody pending trial since the original indictment against him was unsealed in February.

On or about October 9, 2006, defendant KHALID OUAZZANI (“OUAZZANI”) formed Hafssa LLC, a Missouri Limited Liability Company (LLC), 8009 E. Truman Road, Kansas City, MO, which was in the retail business of buying and selling used auto parts and used motor vehicles. On or about February 6, 2007, OUAZZANI filed a fictitious name registration for Hafssa LLC as Truman Used Auto Parts. OUAZZANI was the owner and operator of Hafssa LLC, dba Truman Used Auto Parts.

Business inventory for Truman Used Auto Parts: OUAZZANI knowingly caused to be submitted a “borrowing base certificate” dated May 17, 2007, substantially overstating the amount of business inventory Truman Auto Parts had, claiming that the business inventory totaled over $680,000.00, whereas the actual business inventory was substantially less than that amount. It was a further part of the scheme to defraud Union Bank that on or about April 16, 2007, OUAZZANI caused Union Bank to make a $175,000.00 commercial loan line of credit from Union Bank to Hafssa LLC, dba Truman Used Auto Parts for “working capital” based on material false and fraudulent financial information OUAZZANI submitted to Union Bank.

On or about May 23, 2007, OUAZZANI caused a wire transfer of approximately $112,830.00 from Bank of America to an account in the name of New World Star Real Estate, Habib Bank Limited, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. On or about November 28, 2007, OUAZZANI caused a wire transfer of $50,000.00 from the Bank of America account to an account of an individual at HSBC Bank Middle East, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

OUAZZANI knowingly made material false and fraudulent statements and representations that Hafssa LLC, dba Truman Used Auto Parts, had all regulatory licenses required to operate its business, whereas neither the company nor OUAZZANI had the required licenses from the State of Missouri to sell used auto parts or motor vehicles. On or about April 30, 2007, OUAZZANI caused a wire transfer of $38,000.00 from the account at Union Bank to be made to an account in the name of an individual at BMCE Bank in Marrakech, Morocco.

CELL PHONE BUSINESS..On or about March 6, 2009, defendant KHALID OUAZZANI knowingly devised a scheme to defraud a financial institution, Bank Midwest N.A., Kansas City, MO, an insured depository institution, as defined in section 3(c)(2) of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act, and to obtain moneys, funds, and credits owned by and under the control of Bank Midwest N.A. by means of material false and fraudulent pretenses, representations, and promises, which scheme was in substance as follows. It was part of the scheme to defraud Bank Midwest that OUAZZANI stated to the bank that he was starting to operate Cricket cellular telephone business in the Kansas City, MO metropolitan area.

As part of that indictment, federal prosecutors indicated that they would be seeking the forfeiture of about $500,000 that Ouazzani allegedly obtained illegally. He also allegedly used fraudulent means to obtain loans for several businesses he operated, including a used auto and auto parts store and a cell phone store in Kansas City. According to the money laundering allegations, money that Ouazzani fraudulently obtained from lenders was moved overseas through wire transfers to banks in Morocco, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. Ouazzani was born in Morocco, according to Jackson County marriage records.

The alleged illegal overseas wire transfers were made mostly in 2007 and involved about $300,000, according to the indictment. Ouazzani’s wife, Fadoua Elouerrassi, also from Morocco, was prosecuted by federal prosecutors in Kansas City for conspiracy to commit marriage fraud. That case involved her previous marriage to an American citizen. She and her parents, who also entered into sham marriages with U.S. citizens, all pleaded guilty in 2006 to conspiracy charges. She married Ouazzani later that year, according to marriage records. more from this source.........

MUSLIMS USED CAR DEALERS LINKED TO TERRORISM; An L.A. Police Bust Shows New Tactics For Fighting Terror/ WALL STREET JOURNAL. LAPD BUSTS INTERNATIONAL STOLEN CAR RACKET SENDING VEHICLES TO THE CHECHEN MUSLIM TERRORISTS FOR RESALE, WALL STREET JOURNAL CLAIMS THIS TO BE A "BREAKTHROUGH CASE". Fusion Center assists Los Angeles police. Since 9/11 the LAPD have arrested nearly 200 people, both American citizens and foreign nationals, with suspected ties to terrorist organizations. The charges against them have ranged from marriage fraud to identity theft to illegal weapons possession. Each arrest was the result of a conventional criminal investigation using California state law with no need for warrantless phone taps or secret court orders.

For the last 8 years I have posted information about the Muslim stolen car/used car scam run in support of terrorism from around the world and the Moroccan and Iraqi used car dealers in the Sarasota-Tampa Fl area. Global Islamic Terror: Follow the Money & the Stolen Cars. UPDATE: From the intrepid Bill Warner whose litigation jihad was dismissed. We love Bill; It's all about the Cars, media stories show the front end, I have the back end. The events over the past few days and the revelations of the direct funding of Shi'ite "secret cells" in Basra by smuggled cars and Iran, verifies what I have been stating for the past 4 years that a group of Shi'ite used car dealers in Tampa, from both Iraq and Gaza and linked to Sami al-Arian's Palestinian Islamic Jihad (funded by Iran), are shipping vehicles to Dubai and then into Iraq in support of terrorism, Palestinian Islamic Jihad is also linked to al-Qaeda.

HOW SUNNI & SHIITE MUSLIM TERRORISTS SEND MONEY VIA THE USED CAR RACKET, by Bill Warner private investigator. My reports have included the shipping container routes, the names of arrested used car dealers linked to terrorism and the names of the of the lead guys in just about every terrorist incident in the last 8 years that have been used car dealers importing or exporting stolen cars to fund their particular terrorist attack, this is how the money is shipped into the location targeted for the bombing. The LAPD did a great job in shuting down the group of Armenians in the Glendale area that were shipping the cars to the Republic of Georgia, but this is just the tip of the iceberg, it is happening in  Chicago, New York City and Tampa Fl.

Stolen cars in U.S., Mexico may be aiding terrorists/KHOU-TV. STOLEN CARS SHIPPED TO AND FROM MEXICO ARE FUNDING TERRORISM; Houston Det Salazar and Mexico Insurance agent Cayon have been working together looking for stolen cars on both sides of the border. “Overall I believe that it is going to be well organized theft rings, international theft rings that are doing this. They know that the consequences of being caught are nil,” said Salazar. The problem is Texas and Mexico don’t exchange information about their stolen vehicles. The legally re-titled cars are often resold and the cash is pure profit. This is multi-million dollars on both sides.

MUSLIM USED CAR DEALERS ARRESTED IN CALIFORNIA AND UTAH...AL-QAEDA LINK/MSNBC. MUSLIM USED CAR DEALER SHARIF OMAR ARRESTED IN SALT LAKE CITY, HIS BROTHER BASSAM OMAR ALSO A USED CAR DEALER ARRESTD IN ANAHEIM CA. THERE IS AN AL-QAEDA LINK WITH ARRESTED BROTHER SHAWQI OMAR IN IRAQ, MONEY WAS SENT TO AMMAN JORDAN BANKS AND INTO IRAQ. "There is no connection," Gus Omar, who works at one of three Utah car dealerships owned by the family (which has been under FBI investigation since 2000), told The Salt Lake Tribune. Shawqi Omar, is being held without charge in a U.S. military prison in Iraq, he worked for Abu Musa al-Zarqawi. FBI Press Release on the "Omar" family of used car dealers

The American, Shawqi Omar, allegedly met with al-Zarqawi on numerous occasions and is related to the al-Qaida leader through marriage, Mr. Omar's second wife and al-Zarqawi's first wife are sisters, also Mr. Omar's son Ahmad is married to the daughter of Abu Muhammad al-Maqdesi who was al-Zarqawi's spiritual advisor. In addition to his suspected involvement with al-Zarqawi’s plots, Omar was one of 12 people charged on Oct. 17, 2004, with plotting the "Jayousi Poison Gas Plot" a chemical attack in Amman Jordan aimed at killing over 80,000 people.

SCRAP-SALVAGE CARS PURCHASED IN THE USA BY INTERNATIONAL CAR THEFT RING/GULF NEWS. SCRAP-SALVAGED LEXUS SUV'S PURCHASED IN THE USA BY INTERNATIONAL CAR THEFT RING FOR THEIR VIN AND COMPUTER; Dubai Police have arrested three of a five-member high-tech gang of car thieves who stole 13 Lexus 4x4s, the men were purchasing similar vehicles from abroad (USA) that had been written off in accidents from on-line Auto Salvage Auctions the Lexus RX 330, ACV price is the retail price prior to accident, selling price will be around $3,000 plus $1,200 to ship to Dubai. There was a Salvage Auto Auction, on-line, from South Tampa Friday 11/17/2006 with over 500 wrecked cars for sale, the buyers on-line were from the USA and Dubai UAE, Sharjah UAE, Jeddah SA, Nigeria and Karachi PK.

The Dubai car thieves brought the salvaged USA Lexus SUV's into the UAE, where they were taken to a scrap dealer. In Dubai the gang stole Luxury 4x4 Lexus cars which were broken into in a span of three to five minutes. The cars were taken away, and their personalised vehicle computers were replaced with the ones from the vehicles purchased from the USA Auto Salvage Auctuions. "The chassis numbers were changed (VIN) and the car-model plate replaced. That gave the stolen cars a different identity (a "Black Car") they now appeared to be legitimate vehicles purchased from abroad (USA).

It also allowed the thieves to use the keys from the purchased Salvaged vehicles in the Stolen cars." According to the company that sells Lexus in the UAE, Lexus keys must be programmed to match the engine. The stolen Lexus with salvaged computer and VIN will now sell for $48,000, a $43,800 profit per vehicle x 13 stolen vehicles = $569,400 profit, not bad for a months work.§ion=theuae

MUSLIM USED CAR DEALERS LINKED TO TERROR PLOTS AROUND THE WORLD, exposed by private investigator Bill Warner on Zimbio Magazine, Written by BILL WARNER on Sep-2-09 10:51am

Monday June 09, 2009 TOLEDO TERROR TRIAL NEARS END FOR MUSLIM USED CAR DEALER WASSIM MAZLOUM AND HIS CREW Mohammad Zaki Amawi, 28, of 4 Chelmsley Ct., Marwan Othman El-Hindi, 45, of 3524 Mayo St., and Wassim I. Mazloum, 26, of 5526 Grey Drive, Sylvania, were charged with conspiring to kill or injure people in the Middle East and with providing the “support and resources” to do so. Cars used as cover; Mr. Mazloum said that “he could use his used car business, buying and selling automobiles, as a cover for traveling in and out of Iraq.” State records show Mr. Mazloum registered two car dealerships — City Auto Sales on North Reynolds, south of Bancroft Street, and Ram Auto Sales on Monroe Street, west of Douglas Road.

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