Thursday, May 13, 2010

FBI Targets Whitey Bulger's Girlfriend Catherine Greig in Plastic Surgery Newsletter Ad Around The World.

BOSTON (FOX 25 / - The FBI is hoping vanity could help them in their search for fugitive gangster James "Whitey" Bulger.
The agency took out a full-page ad in the April edition of Plastic Surgery News, featuring photos of Whitey Bulger's girlfriend, Catherine Greig. The FBI says the 59-year-old Greig had multiple cosmetic procedures before she allegedly went on the lam with Bulger in 1995, including breast implants, a nose job and a face lift.

The ad asks plastic surgeons, "Have you treated this woman?" The newsletter is circulated to more than 6,000 plastic surgeons around the world, more from this source........

FBI PROFILE ON CATHERINE GREIG...Just a quick note on Catherine Greig. We believe that Catherine Greig is currently traveling with him. She was charged with harboring a federal fugitive, and there is an active warrant for her arrest currently. We believe that she is still traveling with him, and I’ll get into her characteristics as we proceed here. 

CATHERINE GREIG background, quickly, is she’s a – she was born and raised in South Boston, lived in a place called Quincy, Massachusetts for a time. She has an affection for animals, very vain about her appearance, had had plastic surgery prior to flight. And she has a twin sister living in the Boston area currently. And again, she has – the aliases that you see are aliases that she has used in the past.

Regarding his international travel and regarding his, you know, modus operandi, as we call it, this slide, you know, shows Bulger’s extensive ability to hide money and to, you know, not so much buy assets as to plan for a life on the run, had, you know, multiple options available to him, but in essence, he would hide money in locations all over the world, some of which we have yet to find. As I’ll show you here, these are accounts that we’ve found, but there are numerous other accounts that we believe that we have not found.

This is a bank account in Montreal, Canada. I should note that Bulger conducted a lot of travel to Canada, was a Montreal Canadiens fan and traveled there extensively, also, as you see, was, you know, locating money there.

Barclays Bank in London – we conducted an investigation which found that account and a safe deposit box in true name, but a significant amount of money in those accounts which were uncovered by us, again, under true name.  Catherine Greig – extremely vain, as I mentioned, animal lover, you know, very – known to frequent, you know, beaches and long walks with Bulger, and was – and is compulsive about her teeth.


The FBI said today authorities circulated wanted posters of Bulger, 80, and his girlfriend, 59-year-old Catherine Greig, around the city of Victoria, British Columbia, last week as part of an ongoing worldwide campaign to locate the notorious South Boston gangster who fled just before he was indicted on federal racketeering charges in January 1995.

Jordan Minter of Russell Books in Victoria said three men from the FBI arrived at his store a week ago. They showed him a wanted poster for Bulger. “I got the impression they thought this person was in town and living among us,” Minter said. “They must have a tip that’s leading them.”

The recent reports that Bulger and Greig could be in the Victoria Island area are dead on with the “Snowbird” profile and the time of the year (Spring 2010) and also the abundance of RV parks in the area, see list at link, most are on the water-beach areas which Bulger and Greig seek, RV PARKS VICTORIA ISLAND

UPDATE #1 ; FBI searches for New England mob boss Whitey Bulger and Catherine Greig in Victoria Isle Canada, Bulger and Greig are “Snowbirds”.

UPDATE #2 ; Victoria Canada bookshops watch for ‘FBI Most Wanted’ mobster Whitey Bulger as “SNOWBIRDS” head North from Florida for the Spring/Summer Seasons in Canada. WHITEY BULGER HAS SPENT A LOT OF TIME IN CANADA.

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