Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fatal Venice shooting of twenty year old Tyler Spann involving off-duty Sarasota County Deputy Carlos Verdoni, something went really wrong here.

SARASOTA HERLAD TRIBUNE...Deputy confronted over fatal shooting, Friday, May 21, 2010 at 11:36 p.m.   NOKOMIS - Since the deadly confrontation with 20-year-old Tyler Spann last month in Venice, Sarasota County Sheriff's Deputy Carlos Verdoni has been a marked man.

Spann's friends have shouted obscenities while driving past Verdoni's home on Venice island. Venice police stopped a man who was taking pictures of the house. Verdoni was taunted on Facebook. He put a security camera outside his home.

The tension boiled over Thursday night at a Nokomis gas station, where more than a dozen young people cursed at Verdoni, who was on duty. The crowd warned a customer to stay away from Verdoni -- or she, too might be shot to death.

For his part, Verdoni told the young people not to post anymore comments about him on Facebook. Sheriff's officers responded. A report was filed. But no arrests were made, more from this source.....

Interesting UPDATE, Friday, May 28, 2010 at 8:50 p.m.... Sheriff's Deputy Carlos Verdoni involved in altercation with friends of Tyler Spann taken off patrol and riding a desk now.  Sheriff's Deputy Carlos Verdoni shot and killed Tyler Spann April 16th, 2010 after a seemingly minor altercation as Tyler Spann and a friend were banging on the front door of Sheriff's Deputy Carlos Verdoni house in Venice and running offDeputy Carlos Verdoni called the group of young people at the Nokomis RaceTrac gas station "retarded" and "pieces of (expletive)," according to an internal affairs investigation, seems that Sheriff's Deputy Carlos Verdoni has a temper and reacts aggressively, not someone you would want armed with a loaded gun.

Venice, Florida - Hundreds of people streamed in and packed a Venice church to remember Tyler Spann last April. "He was loved by this entire town," said Shawna Reams, who says Tyler grew up with her sons. "He was a really great kid from a great family." Spann, 20, was a Venice High grad and a popular athlete. Many of the mourners at the church also wore camouflage, because Spann loved to hunt and fish. Embroidered on the back of the shirts: "Never say 'goodbye.' It's 'see you later.'"

Early morning of April 16th, 2010, off-duty deputy Carlos Verdoni shot Spann in the street near a house Spann rented with friends. The shooting happened after Spann and a buddy pulled a prank and pounded on the deputy's door.

Sarasota Sheriff Tom Knight says Spann initially cooperated with Verdoni, but then charged him and tried to grab the deputy's gun. "We have independent witnesses who saw the struggle, who saw the confrontation," Knight said at a Friday 4/16/2010 news conference.

But Deputy Carlos Verdoni states in his sworn testimony taken on April 16th, 2010 at 6:33 AM at the Sarasota Sheriff's Department South office, that here was no one around when he confronted Tyler Span, see statement click here.   Deputy Carlos Verdoni states in his sworn statement that he called the Venice Police Department for back up when he found Tyler Spann laying face down on the ground near some bushes.

Deputy Carlos Verdoni was pointing his service weapon (a Sig Sauer semi-automatic) at Tyler Spann as he lay on the ground, there was a delay of at least 5 minutes between the time Deputy Carlos Verdoni called the Venice Police Department for back-up and the time they arrived at the scene, Officer Long running the dispatch at the Venice Police department had been eating her dinner.

Deputy Carlos Verdoni ordered Tyler Spann to get up from where he was laying in the grass and come nearer to Deputy Carlos Verdoni's Sarasota Sheriff's Dept. vehicle and lay back down on the ground, Tyler Spann complied as per Deputy Carlos Verdoni in his sworn statement.

As Deputy Carlos Verdoni is keeping Tyler Spann on the ground, face down, and pointing his service weapon at Tyler Spann, for some unknown reason Tyler Spann gets up off the ground and charges into Deputy Carlos Verdoni knocking him down and attempts to take control of Deputy Carlos Verdoni's gun all the while screaming that Deputy Carlos Verdoni is going to have to kill Tyler Spann, (who was 20 years old and 5' 3" tall) as per Sarasota Sheriff Deputy Carlos Verdoni in his sworn statement.

Tyler Spann was arrested by the Sarasota Sheriff's Department in October 2007 on a DUI charge, he was 18 at the time, see click here, FEB/2008 ORDER - ADJUDICATION GUILTY PLACING ON PROBATION.  Tyler Spann also had 5 moving violation with the stops made by the Sarasota Sheriff's Department dating back to 2004 when he was 15, see click here.

A friend of Tyler Spann told ABC 7 TV news that he and Tyler Spann, 20, got drunk (Old Venice Pub) and decided to ring doorbells and bang on doors around their Venice neighborhood because they were bored. He says it's something they've done before, but this time Tyler Spann got caught.  And what happened after is a shock to the entire neighborhood. Deputy Verdoni, who has been a Sarasota Sheriff's Department deputy since 2001, had placed on paid administrative leave, which is standard procedure following any police-involved shooting, as of May 6th he was cleared of any wrong doing.

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