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Three Top Al-Qaeda Operatives Met With New York Najibullah Zazi's Jihad Bomb Plotters, One Top Al-Qaeda Guy Was Adnan el Shukrijumah.

NEW YORK (AP) -- A New York man said Friday that a plan to attack the city subway system was ordered by al-Qaida leaders two years ago while he was in Pakistan with a friend, a former airport shuttle driver who has admitted to building the homemade explosives in the plot.

Zarein Ahmedzay, 25, of Queens NY, pleaded guilty in federal court in Brooklyn to charges including conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction in the foiled New York City subway bomb plot from fall 2009. He said he, admitted plotter Najibullah Zazi and a third, unidentified man, also from Queens NY, met with the leaders in Waziristan Pakistan in in the summer of 2008, where they offered to join the Taliban and fight U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

"They told us we would be more useful if we returned to New York City ... to conduct operations," he said. Asked by the judge what kind of operations, he responded, "Suicide-bombing operations." He added: "I personally believed that conducting an operation in the United States would be the best way to end the war," he said.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Knox identified the leaders as senior al-Qaida operatives Saleh al-Somali and Rashid Rauf, who were both killed in Pakistan. The U.S. Justice Department on Friday described al-Somali as the head of international operations for al-Qaida. Al-Somali was killed in a drone strike in December. Rauf, a British militant linked to a jetliner bomb plot, was also killed in a Predator strike in November 2008.

Knox said Ahmedzay met with a third senior al-Qaida operative in a training camp in northern Waziristan in Pakistan. He has not been identified, (but this is most likely Adnan el Shukrijumah in Waziristan PK.)

Adnan El Shukrijumah received his SSN 109-84-0648 in NY State in 1995, he would have been 20 years old, same for his brother Nabil SSN. Adnan was in Brooklyn with his father for at least 1 year. Adnan has a history with NYC, Adnan is a top al-Qaeda operative and known to be in Pakistan’s Tribal Region of Waziristan.

March 2004: Al-Qaeda Summit Held in Pakistan’s Tribal Region of Waziristan for NYC bomb plot; Possibly Monitored by US Intelligence In March 2004, al-Qaeda apparently holds what Time magazine calls a “terrorist summit” in the Pakistani tribal region of Waziristan. Time says the meeting is a “gathering of terrorism’s elite” who come from all over the world to attend to plot an attack on New York City. Attendees include:

1). Dhiren Barot, an al-Qaeda leader living in Britain.
2).Adnan Shukrijumah, an Arab Guyanese bombmaker and commercial pilot who apparently met 9/11 hijacker Mohamed Atta and has been on public wanted lists since 2003, he spent time in NYC.
3). Mohammed Junaid Babar, a Pakistani-American from Queens NY. He arrives with money and supplies.
4). Abu Faraj al-Libbi, al-Qaeda leader living somewhere in Pakistan.
5). Two other unnamed attendees are believed to have surveilled targets in New York City and elsewhere with Barot in 2001.

Dhiren Barot (arrested and jailed) was in Waziristan Pakistan during March of 2004 with other top Al-Qaeda terrorists, to plan an attack on the US and possibly the UK, Dhiren Barot got a life sentance in London 11/07/2006.

ADNAN EL-SHUKRIJUMAH was at a meeting in Waziristan PK during March 2004 with Dhiren Barot. Mohammed Junaid Babar was also at the March 2004 meeting in Waziristan PK with Barot and El-Shukrijumah, Babar was arrested in April of 2004 by the FBI in Queens NY and admitted his part in the terrorist plot against New York City. Babar: plead guilty and told the Feds about an ongoing plot to blow up Pubs and Club targets in London (Ministry of Sound Night Club) and was instramental in Barot's conviction.

Adnan El Shukrijumah occasionally wears a beard, he is 5' 5" tall and weighs about 140 labs. He has a pronounced nose and is asthmatic. El Shukrijumah speaks English and carries a Guyanese passport, but may attempt to enter the United States with a Saudi, Canadian, or Trinidadian passport. Adnan El Shukrijumah is not a Saudi citizen, although born there. His father, Gulshair El Shukrijumah, worked in Saudi Arabia for 27 years as an expatriate employee until 1986 (Adnan born in 1975) when the family moved to the United States. The father did not have Saudi citizenship.

In 1986 Gulshair moved to Brooklyn. He worked as Imam at Masjid Nur Al-islam Mosque on Church Avenue where terrorist Abdul Rasheed had worshipped. Rasheed was convicted in 1996 of plotting to blow up the Holland Tunnel and United Nations building. (Gulishair leaves NYC in 1996).
Gulshair M ElShukri received his SSN- in 1986 in NY State. From 1990 to at least October 1995 Gulshair lived at 933 New York Ave Brooklyn NY 11203. He also used the names Elshukri Jumah, Gulshair M Jumah, and Gulshair El Shukrijumah, all names associated with SSN 114-70-xxxx. He moved to Florida in 1996 with his wife and children, including most wanted terrorist, Adnan El-Shukrijumah.

Zazi, a Colorado airport van driver, admitted this year that he tested bomb-making materials in a Denver suburb before traveling by car to New York with the intent of attacking the subway system to avenge U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan. Officials have said a fourth suspect is in custody in Pakistan but have given no other details about him.

Ahmedzay - who had been licensed to drive a taxi in New York - said Friday that al-Qaida leadership encouraged the men to target "well-known structures" in New York to cause "maximum casualties. He said they also decided that the attack should occur during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, between Aug. 22 to Sept. 20. Prosecutors said the three settled on the subways after Zazi determined he could only make enough explosives for a smaller-scale attack in time for Ramadan, and decided it would happen Sept. 14, 15 or 16.

Prosecutors say the attacks were modeled after the London transit system bombings in July 2005, when four suicide bombers killed 52 people and themselves in an attack on three subway trains and a bus. Attorney General Eric Holder said Friday that the plot "makes clear we face a continued threat from al-Qaeda and its affiliates overseas."  more from this source......

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