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Rev. Michael Donald Bray And The Radical Christian "Army of God' Alive and Kicking, Militant Anti-Abortion Activist Appeared on White Nationalist Talk Show

Militant Anti-Abortion Activist Appeared on White Nationalist Talk Show, Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC);  Militant anti-abortion activist Michael Bray, his photos above, is reaching out to Kenyans on a new website targeting abortion providers and gay rights activists with ties to the country. In his endorsement of, he rejects the view of “racists” who thought Africa was “hopelessly backwards because it was occupied by an inferior racial group.” Rather, Bray argues, the West’s cultural superiority resulted from its embrace of Christianity, which was only later introduced to Africa. “It [is] perhaps Africa which shall be the beacon for the world in the new century as Christianity’s influence is increased in contrast to its departure from the west,” he wrote. “ [SEE stands for Stop Exporting Evil!] exhorts Kenyans to resist the evil influences of an apostatizing West which has abandoned the Lord of Glory, the King above all kings.”

Bray’s rejection of racism might raise eyebrows in light of his appearance two years ago as a guest on “The Political Cesspool,” a shamelessly white nationalist radio talk show that often denigrates those of African descent. Prior to Bray’s interview, Cesspool host James Edwards had, for example, called blacks “heathen savages,” “subhumans” and “black animals” while discussing violent black-on-white crime. In an April 4, 2007, debut on CNN, Edwards told host Paula Zahn that “crime and violence follow African-Americans wherever they go.”

In the month before Bray’s Oct. 12, 2007, “Cesspool” appearance, the show featured favorable interviews with former Klan attorney Sam Dickson, Holocaust denier Mark Weber, and former Klan leader and neo-Nazi David Duke, a “Cesspool” regular whom Edwards on his website described as “a Christian man above reproach.”

Bray’s “Cesspool” interview focused almost entirely on his legal troubles, according to archived audio of the show. He complained that federal agents, sheriff’s deputies and Planned Parenthood representatives had entered his Wilmington, Ohio, home 11 days earlier to remove household items. “[They] ransacked the house, basically,” Bray said.

The seizure resulted from a federal court order to take property that could be sold to satisfy a $1 million judgment against Bray, a defendant in a successful lawsuit brought by Planned Parenthood and several abortion doctors. The suit contended that the American Coalition of Life Activists had released a wanted-style poster listing the names and addresses of abortion providers. (In the Cesspool interview, Bray said he didn’t produce or circulate the sign and that he was only loosely affiliated with the group.)

Also at issue in the case was the “Nuremberg Files,” an online listing of abortion providers and other supporters of abortion rights, with the names of those who’d been murdered crossed out and the names of those who had been wounded in gray. A federal jury in 1999 decided that the material constituted a “true threat” and ruled in favor of the plaintiffs; the full 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ultimately affirmed the verdict. During the “Cesspool” interview, Bray told Edwards it’s not only abortionists who will face Nuremberg-style trials, but also judges. “They are tyrants, and they need to be told they’re tyrants for acting lawlessly,” he said. “They violate not only the constitution, but they violate the laws of God.”

The interview briefly touched on Bray’s criminal history: He served four years in prison after being convicted in connection with a series of 1984 bombings in Maryland, Delaware and Washington D.C. The bombings targeted clinics, the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Abortion Federation, a trade association of abortion providers. Bray, 57, has repeatedly asserted that violence is justified to stop abortion and defended the 1993 killing of abortion doctor David Gunn in Pensacola, Fla. , the website Bray promotes, is controlled by Neal Horsley, creator of the “Nuremberg Files.” (Horsley was not a defendant in the lawsuit.) Horsley’s most recent venture in some ways resembles a toned-down version of his Nuremberg Files, with “not wanted” posters featuring the photos and, in some cases, contact information of gay rights activists and abortion providers working in Kenya.

Bray did not respond to a phone message on Wednesday seeking comment about his decision to be interviewed on “Cesspool.” Though Bray made no racial comments on air, Edwards was moved by his story and urged listeners to donate money to help his large family. After Bray hung up, Edwards said: “Any guy that will have 11 white children in this day and age, I tell you, I salute him.”

Michael Donald Bray, a vocal and violent activist on behalf of a theocratic United States. Convicted of string of bombings against women's health care clinics providing abortion in the mid-1980s. Author of A Time to Kill , a book offering religious justification for the murder of abortion providers.

In 1985, Bray was charged with conspiracy, following a series of clinic bombings. The Maryland Metropolitan Medical Women's Center, a Planned Parenthood office and also the Washington Office of the American Civil Liberties Union were bombed. At the time, responsibility was claimed by an anonymous caller to the Washington Times on behalf of "The Army of God, East Coast division," a loosely knit collection of Christian militants.

Bray justified violence against abortion providers by braiding together several strands of Christian thought, and manipulating them to fit his belief that the United States was a totalitarian regime. These included the beliefs of two theologians who made the case—in the face of Hitler's Nazi state—that Christians' violence may sometimes be justified. Bray applied these thoughts, which originated with Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Reinhold Neibuhr, to the United States under the 1990s Clinton Administration, which he saw as totalitarian in its grip on individual freedom, and dangerously secular.

Bray also borrowed from Christian reconstructionist theology, an extremist subset of the already extreme Christian dominion theology. Reconstructionist Christians reject the separation of church and state, and believe that Christians' world domination is God's intention.

Rev. Michael Donald Bray on convicted murderer and Army of God sniper operative James Kopp, who he calls a Man of Peace.  “Kopp couldn’t have done the crime (s) because, ‘He’s a great person – very reliable, very dependable, a holy man. He’s a very peaceable man and the last person in my mind to  suspect.’”

Rev. Michael Donald Bray's Plea for Aid and Comfort for Prisoners of the Army of God in Prison;  The Prisoners of Christ; It has been a few years since I have visited any of our anti-abortion prisoners. Once did I visit Paul Hill, Leland Smart, Shelley Shannon, James Kopp, David Lane and Curt Beseda (released after 14 years in 1998; Jayne visited him when I was in jail c. 1986); several times I visited Cheryl Richardson (two-month stay during VAAPCON grand jury); never did I visit Jennifer Sperle, Joseph Grace, Joan Andrews, John Salvi, Dennis Malvasi or Marjorie Reed (I was excused in part by the obstacles: wardens and parole officers); nor have I visited Michael Griffin, James Mitchell, Clayton Waagner, Stephen Jordi, Don Benny Anderson, Ricky Lee McDonald, Eric Rudolph, Robert Cook, Brian Charles, or Vincent Whitaker.

Much like the radical, fundamentalist Islamic movement and their perverse use of the Koran seeking to convert the world under the one '"true" flag of Islam, the same can be said of the domestic underground movement of the Army of God and their murderous interpretation of the Bible.
John Burt was the leader of the Army of God, much like Osama bin-Laden leads Al-Qaeda. John Burt's protégé and main claim to infamy was Eric Rudolph, much like Mohamed Atta was Osama bin-Laden's.

My involvement with terrorist bombings and radical fundamentalist religion began with Eric Rudolph and the 1996 Centennial Olympic Park bombing, a close relative of mine was working one of the event tents that night when Rudolph's back pack bomb, filled with roofing nails, exploded killing 1 and wounding 110. Since that day, 7/27/1966, I have resolved to expose those who kill in the name of God or Allah.

John Burt ran a fundamentalist Christian training school in Milton Fl (near Pensacola) called "Our Fathers House" his home for unwed mothers, that turned out clinic bombing students such as Matthew Goldsby and James Simmons (bus drivers for the school) just like bin-Laden and al-Qaeda run the Madrassa's in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

John Burt was the center of the Clinic bombing and Doctor sniper shooting universe, he ran the Army of God from his outpost in Milton Fl, his assassins included convicted murderer Michael Griffin and at the time international terrorist James Kopp who originated in Binghamton NY, also in Binghamton was Burt's assocaite Randall Terry.

The exact same tactics used by the terrorist disciples of John Burt, surveillance, stalking, backpack bombs, assassinations, and radical indoctrination of the young are also used by Osama bin-Laden's al-Qaeda, all done in the name of a perverse sense of fundamentalist religion based on the Bible or the Koran.

Fast forward to May 2004 and now we find that John Burt has been arrested and convicted ot molesting at least 5 young female members of his "Our Fathers House" and sentenced to 18 years in a Florida State prison, all in the name of fundamentalist religion.
Current Prison Sentence History:
Offense Date Offense Sentence Date County Case No. Prison Sentence Length
06/03/2003 L/L MOLEST V12-15 OFF 18+ 05/12/2004 SANTA ROSA 0300558 3Y 8M 0D
06/04/2003 L/L MOLEST V12-15 OFF 18+ 05/12/2004 SANTA ROSA 0300558 3Y 8M 0D
0605/2003 L/L MOLEST V12-15 OFF 18+ 05/12/2004 SANTA ROSA 0300558 3Y 8M 0D
06/04/2003 L/L MOLEST V12-15 OFF 18+ 05/12/2004 SANTA ROSA 0300558 3Y 8M 0D
06/05/2003 L/L CONDUCT V<16 OFF 18+ 05/12/2004 SANTA ROSA 0300558 3Y 8M 0D

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