Wednesday, April 21, 2010

MUST WATCH!: The Bacha Bazi Boys – Video on Afghanistan’s “Dancing Boys” & How Muslims Pimp Young Boys for Gang Rape, By Debbie Schlussel

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MUST WATCH!: The Bacha Bazi Boys – Video on Afghanistan’s “Dancing Boys” & How Muslims Pimp Young Boys for Gang Rape.  By Debbie Schlussel

"You must watch this video of last night’s “Frontline” on this (for some reason the embed code isn’t working, so PLEASE click on the link and watch–it’s important). It will blow your mind. Even though I knew about this stuff, it blew mine–the brazen statements and excuses for raping young kids".

"They even have a brazen name for it: “Bacha Bazi” or “Boy Play.” FINALLY, PBS a/k/a Palestinian Broadcasting Service did something right! I commend producer Jamie Doran for making this film. But I have the utmost respect for the courageous Afghan journalist in exile, Najibullah Quraishi, for having the bravery and guts to do this, even though it surely puts a death sentence on him. Why are our soldiers there? Why are they dying for these people who pimp out their kids, their nephews for gang rape? When Muslims do this to their own, no-one cares. When Israelis build a few apartments on their own land, that’s cause for outrage".

PBS FRONTLINE....In detailed conversations with several bacha bazi masters in northern Afghanistan and with the dancing boys they own, reporter Quraishi reveals a culture where wealthy Afghan men openly exploit some of the poorest, most vulnerable members of their society.

"What was so unnerving about the men I had met was not just their lack of concern for the damage their abuse was doing to the boys," Quraishi says. "It was also their casualness with which they operated and the pride with which they showed me their boys, their friends, their world. They clearly believed that nothing they were doing was wrong."

Under the guise of doing a documentary on similar practices in Europe, Quraishi gained the confidence of Dastager, a former mujahideen commander and wealthy businessman whose business interests include importing autos from the Far East. With Dastager as his guide, Quraishi takes viewers inside the world of bacha bazi, where prominent men compete to own and use the boys.

"I had a boy because every commander had a partner," says Mestary, a former senior commander who is well connected with major Afghan warlords. "Among the commanders there is competition, and if I didn't have one, then I could not compete with them."

"I go to every province to have happiness and pleasure with boys," says an Afghan man known as "The German," who acts as a bacha bazi pimp, supplying boys to the men. "Some boys are not good for dancing, and they will be used for other purposes. ... I mean for sodomy and other sexual activities." (WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE)

"It's a disgusting practice. ... It's a form of slavery, taking a child, keeping him. It's a form of sexual slavery," says Radhika Coomaraswamy. U.N. special representative for Children and Armed Conflict. "The only way to stop bacha bazi is if you prosecute the people who commit the crime, and that's what we need, because the laws are there in the books against this practice."

In the documentary, Quraishi interviews local police officials who insist that men who participate in bacha bazi will be arrested and punished regardless of their wealth or powerful connections. Later that day, however, Quraishi's cameras catch two officers from the same police department attending an illegal bacha bazi party.   MORE FROM PBS FRONTLINE......

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