Friday, April 16, 2010

Large Tea Party Turn Out In Sarasota Fl, Tea Party's Passion On Prominent Display In Sarasota Fl

One of the largest crowds, (at least 1,000 people), to ever to turn out to protest anything in Sarasota Fl was the Tea Party group on Thursday April 15th 2010, they lined Bayfront Park on US 41.

Standing on a wooden crate before a red, white and blue crowd, Chrissy Prazeres shouted into a bullhorn: "Are we going to take back our community?"

"Yes!" was the emphatic response from the estimated crowd of 500 who gathered along Sarasota's bayfront Thursday as part of Tea Party rallies around the country.

In Venice, more than 400 people rallied in a former K-Mart parking lot and roughly 200 Tea Party supporters gathered at a public marina in Punta Gorda for the tax day events.

They quoted the Constitution, read from the Patriot's Almanac and made it clear that their voices would be heard come Election Day as a handful of counter-protesters expressed their support for Obama.

Ostinsibly a protest against what participants described as excessive government spending by the Obama administration, the rallies often felt like Republican campaign events, with people wearing Marco Rubio for Senate T-shirts and carrying signs with slogans like "Fire Congress Now."

"I'm hoping the momentum keeps going and the Democrats lose control of Congress," said Sarasota Tea Party supporter Karen Shapiro as she waved a sign reading: "Grow the Economy Not the Government."  more from the left leaning Sarasota Herald Tribune.

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