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Kelly Holsopple Former Stripper and Prostitute For The Mob In St. Paul-Minneapolis Metro Area Changed Her Name And Is Now a Member of the Florida Bar Taking People's Homes.

St. Paul's attack on storefront sex is working, Published on March 31, 1997. St. Paul soon may declare victory over storefront prostitution, now that the Police Department's quiet, six-year war against the so-called saunas and adult health clubs is almost over.  In 1991, when Rebecca Rand was its poster girl, the storefront sex industry thrived in St. Paul with eight saunas and health clubs that police said were thinly veiled fronts for prostitution. Now, only Lee Lenore's, 740 N. Snelling Av., is left, this place was one of  former stripper and prostitute Kelly Holsopple's previous employer's.

STRIP CLUB TESTIMONY by Kelly Holsopple a stripper and prostitute who makes good, after working for the mob in the St. Paul-Minneapolis Metro area changes her name and she is now member of the Florida Bar and an Attorney for one of the largest Forclosure Mills in Florida taking people's homes, how about that !

Like all good wise-guys hooked up with the Federal witness protection program and on the run fugatives like Boston's Whitehy Bulger, former stripper and prostitute Kelly Holsopple changed her name and made her way to the sunshine state.

Kelly Holsopple works as an Associate for one of the most ruthless Law Firms in the State of Florida, this Law Firm and it's owner has been accused of malpractice and are currently fighting the case in court. Kelly Holsopple works for a Florida Law firm that has been accused of falsification of service of papers (Sewer Service) on Foreclosure complaints in numerous cases which ultimately ended up with the homeowners losing their home. Kelly Holsopple currently has over 400 pending Foreclosure Complaints filed in just one Florida County, busy girl.

Kelly Holsopple "Pimps, Tricks and Feminists"...The Freedom and Justice Center for Prostitution Resources: A Program of the Volunteers of America of Minnesota, 2825 East Lake Street, Minneapolis MN 55406.

The purpose of this paper is to investigate women's experiences in stripclubs and to describe the activities in stripclubs from the women's point of view. The format approach is collective story narrative with the author as part of the collective voice. The research was inspired by the author’s (Kelly Holsopple) experiences in stripping over the course of thirteen years. The author’s intention is to examine the conditions of stripclubs by describing the fundamental way stripclubs are organized. The description features bar activities focused on stripper-customer interactions; survey data on sexual violence in stripclubs (mob owned); and women's thoughts on stripping.

Data for this research was obtained through interviews, a survey, and the researcher’s (Kelly Holsopple) participant observation while involved in stripping (Hamel 1993). Women in this study stripped in the local stripclubs in the St. Paul-Minneapolis metropolitan area where the researcher lives, in local nightclubs in the same area, in metropolitan and rural stripclubs and nightclubs across the United States, at private parties, in peep shows, and in saunas. The stripclubs featured a variety of attractions including topless dancing, nude dancing, table dancing, couch dancing, lap dancing, wall dancing, shower dancing, and bed dancing. In addition, some clubs had peepshows, female boxing and wrestling with customers, offered photographs of the dancers, or hired pornography models and actresses as headliners.

Kelly Holsopple sued the people who took her in, claims she was sexually abused and won big bucks. Kelly Holsopple, Plaintiff, vs. WHISPER, Inc., Evelina Giobbe, and Mary Madden, Defendants; complaint filed in Hennepin County District Court June 26, 1997. Plaintiff Kelly Holsopple states and alleges as follows:

1). Defendant WHISPER [Women Hurt in Systems of Prostitution Engaged in Revolt] provides community education on prostitution as a form of systematic violence against women and children, and assists women in escaping systems of prostitution by providing social services to them.

2). Plaintiff Kelly Holsopple is a former prostitute and stripper. She first became a client of WHISPER when she attended a Radical Education and Support Group facilitated by Evelina Giobbe in the fall of 1992

3). Plaintiff Kelly Holsopple quit stripping on Sept. 21, 1994. Her motivation to quit included her admiration of Defendant Giobbe’s work for prostitutes, her desire to do similar work, and Defendant Giobbe’s promise.

4). Exploiting Plaintiff Kelly Holsopple's admiration and affection, as well as her vulnerability and trust in WHISPER, Defendant Giobbe engaged in inappropriate sexual contact with Plaintiff Kelly Holsopple while she was a client and former client of WHISPER, as well as an employee. Among other actions, Defendant Giobbe: Invited her to an intimate party at her apartment; told Plaintiff Kelly Holsopple she loved her; told her she was bisexual; drank and danced with her at bars and clubs; asked her to stay overnight at her apartment; partially and fully disrobed in her presence; told Plaintiff Kelly Holsopple she was sexually attracted to her; commented seductively on her physical beauty and energy; slept with Plaintiff Kelly Holsopple; and physically touched and assaulted her including hugging, kissing, putting her head in Plaintiff's lap, circling Plaintiff's arms around her, and touching and biting her breasts...

Kelly Holsopple is a co-founder of the Metropolitan Coalition Against Prostitution in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Currently, she is a Program Manager for the Freedom and Justice Center for Prostitution Resources, Volunteers of America, Minnesota. She is the author of Pimps, Tricks and Feminists.

Kelly Holsopple claims in several of her published articles (Stripclubs According to Strippers) that In 1996, she proceeded to design a twenty-six-question survey according to themes derived from the interviews to investigate sexual violence in stripclubs. Kelly Holsopple's long-time involvement (13 years) in the strip industry allowed an association with strippers that was invaluable for administering in-depth surveys regarding sensitive issues.

The 'bio" of Kelly Holsopple who is now an Associate Attorney and working for a Law Firm in Florida would make for a great John Grisham novel, like the "The Associate" which Time called "hardcore law-porn", how appropriate.

Bar examiners seek comments on Bar applicants. Publication: Florida Bar News; The applicants listed below (names withheld) have recently filed for admission to The Florida Bar. You are urged to write the Florida Board of Bar Examiners, 1891 Eider Court, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1750 about any of the applicants and comment on their present character and fitness. All information is treated as confidential. The applicants are listed alphabetically by area of longest most recent residence with the law school indicated.

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