Friday, April 02, 2010

Feds: Long Island Used Car Dealer Chris Orsaris Stole Millions To Live The High Life On His Fountain Powerboat B LOWME

Feds: Car dealer stole millions to live high life;  A slippery used-car dealer embezzled $7 million to finance his mob fantasies, living large in Southampton and South Beach - surrounded by muscle-bound flunkies and drug dealers, authorities said.  High-flying Chris Orsaris, 37, stole a fortune in inflated sale commissions from a Queens dealership into "the sordid lifestyle of a 'wanna-be' criminal," federal officials said Thursday.

Orsaris, who appeared in Long Island Federal Court on Thursday, was denied bail in the massive fraud and embezzlement scheme at Major Automotive Cos., a $300-million-a-year business with 14 city dealerships.  At the time of his Tuesday arrest, Orsaris was general manager of Major Chevrolet Long Island City - one of the nation's largest used-car dealerships. He was immediately fired.
CENTRAL ISLIP, N.Y. — Federal officials say a used-car dealer embezzled millions of dollars to live out a fantasy lifestyle.  Thirty-seven-year-old Chris Orsaris is accused in a massive fraud and embezzlement scheme at Major Automotive Cos., which has 14 New York City dealerships. He was denied bail Thursday, and previously pleaded not guilty.

Officials say Orsaris funneled a fortune in inflated sales commissions to cover luxuries. They included a $5.5 million Trump World Tower apartment and a $2.9 million Hamptons home and $2 million Condo in Miami Beach Florida since 2005 and a high dollar Fountain Powerboat named B LOWME.
B LOWME; Boat Information, Boat Owner (Managing owner of the vessel) CHRIS ORSARIS, Boat's Length 37.9 ft, Boat's Gross Tons 15.0, Ship Builder FOUNTAIN POWERBOATS INC.

The feds say he also hired thugs and drug dealers as his bodyguards, chauffeurs and personal assistants. At the time of his arrest, Orsaris managed a Queens dealership.  His lawyer did not return a call for comment. Major Automotive's lawyer said the company is fully cooperating with prosecutors.

The feds, in their letter arguing against bail, described Orsaris as a voracious thief who hired thugs and drug dealers to work as his flunkies between 2004 and 2009.
Once they were on the payroll at Major Automotive Cos., the "employees" served as Orsaris' bodyguards, chauffeurs and personal assistants, the letter said. In between, the workers distributed steroids, shipped a cocaine-laden car to Greece - and in one case, watched the divorced Orsaris' kids on their weekend visitation with dad.

Other known criminals were hired and given no-show jobs, the letter said, while Orsaris greedily lined his pockets.  "Orsaris has intentionally associated with violent and non-violent criminals [and] drug dealers," wrote Assistant U.S. Attorney Burton Ryan.

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