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Europe's Far Right Groups, Man Stabbed by EDL Supporters, EDL neo-Nazi thugs driven out of Scotland, EDL's sole intent is to cause deadly race riots.

BNP Organisers Come Clean Over EDL Involvement in the UK. As British authorities are accused of turning a blind eye to fascist racial incitement and street violence, there is damning evidence BNP organisers are, as suspected, using the EDL to do the BNP's dirty work by plotting race riots in multicultural areas

Until recently the British National Party were still peddling their tired and worn lies about the EDL being proscribed, even though Chris Renton has been outed as the Griffinite stooge with his hands on the reins of the nationalist football hooligan bandwagon. While some Aryan purists within the BNP err on caution on the presence of Uncle Toms in the EDL (just as they do regarding changing the BNP's constitution), many BNP organisers are now openly declaring their love of the EDL on hardcore neo-nazi chat sites such as Stormfront. 

"Covert Tactics" is one of the most racist Griffinite websites on the net, and bearing in mind their candid anti-Semitism, why would they throw their towel in with EDL rallies where a tokenite Israeli flag flown for effect (the Jew Flag as Aryan hardliners love to call it), unless the EDL had become the street-fighting division of the BNP.

On Saturday, Covert Tactics were openly supporting the EDL's visit to Bolton, carrying a live feed of the EDL rally, arguably peculiar behaviour for a website run by trusted close friends of Nick Griffin - Tommy Williams and Dave Howard.

Since the CPS dropped charges against EDL's Tommy Robinson, police forces up and down the country have noticeably dropped their guise of impartiality when policing EDL rallies and anti-fascist counterprotests. This change in attitude was first visible during the London scuffles when Dutch Islamophobe Geert Wilders arrived to speak in the House of Lords, when the Metropolitan Police waded heavy-handedly into law-abiding anri-racists, batons-blazing.

Don't be fooled by either arrest numbers or EDL lies, trolling and spin. With a ready-made army of seasoned ultra-violent football hooligans, regardless of public intent, the EDL's sole intent is to cause deadly race riots, and the greatest danger is that complacency will allow this to happen. A number of smaller-scale EDL events are happening shortly in the Midlands and the South where the EDL will "lie low", preparing for far more destructive altercations when the time is right.

The ethos of the Turner Diaries, a popular read of the Far Right, is one of "leaderless resistance", racial terrorism and open racial warfare on the streets, and this is the reason the BNP have reportedly taken control of the EDL.

Man Stabbed by EDL Supporters.  A man was stabbed in the shoulder after trying to stop his friend being attacked outside a Middleton pub. It happened outside the Oddfellows Arms on Oldham Road at about 11.30pm on 20 March 2010.

The scuffle broke out after English Defence League supporters were behaving aggressively and abusing customers at the pub. They were asked to leave the pub by one of the victims, who escorted them outside. He was then jumped and his friend, 49, intervened. After the scuffle had ended and the two men returned inside, the victim realised he had suffered a stab wound to the back of his left shoulder. It is believed a cutthroat-type blade had been used. Police are now appealing to anyone who witnessed the attack to come forward.

The first offender was white, about 5ft 6in tall, in his late teens or early 20s and of a chunky build. He had short black hair and was wearing a blue EDL t-shirt with 'No Surrender Al-Qaeda' and an England badge emblazed on the front. The second man was taller, with dark hair and wearing dark-rimmed glasses and a light jacket. The third offender was also wearing a sweatshirt with an EDL logo. Two of the men had England flags around their waist.

Detective Constable Wayne Hagan, of Rochdale CID, said: "Sadly, alcohol-related violence like this gives pubs in our communities an unwanted, and unfair reputation, as the majority of pub-goers do behave responsibly. Some EDL people are intent on causing trouble and we need to identify these men and lock them up where they cannot hurt anyone else.

"I would appeal to anyone who has information to come forward. The pub would have been quite busy at that time so there maybe a lot of potential witnesses who could be key to our investigation. I would also stress that there is no racial element to this attack whatsoever, and appears to be a totally unprovoked attack by these men who, fuelled by alcohol, were determined to cause trouble."

Anyone with information is asked to call Rochdale CID on 0161 856 8437 or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.
"The EDL, while claiming not to be racist or fascist, has on previous demonstrations been giving Nazi salutes and shouting slogans that could be considered racist. BNP (British National Party) and other fascist activists have also been witnessed at these events. It is also clear that if their ideas are not challenged then the local community in which they are active, will see a rise in racist incidents.
A rabble of English EDL neo-Nazi thugs were driven out of Scotland  after failing in their bid to stoke race hatred.

Hundreds of police hemmed in the pack of racists and BNP thugs - calling themselves the Scottish Defence League (SDL) they link to the English Defense League (EDL) - as they gathered at a pub in the centre of Glasgow. The drunken mob left the Cambridge bar on Cambridge Street and moved to the city centre at noon where they were confronted by around 30 protesters shouting, "Nazi scum off our streets".
Speaking to a 1500-strong counter-demonstration, Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: "These people have no right to be heard. Our right as ordinary, decent citizens is not to have to listen to the vile hatred spouted by these people. Our message to them is clear - we will not have it in Glasgow and we will send you packing from every corner of Scotland.

A police helicopter circled as the SDL mob - many hiding their faces with hoods, masks and scarves - chanted Rule Britannia and No Surrender and brandished Scottish flags, Union Flags and Ban The Burka placards.

The Sunday Mail revealed last month that members of the notorious English Defence League - who have caused violent scenes around the UK - planned to march at Glasgow's Central Mosque under the SDL banner. But their plans were thwarted by a massive operation involving hundreds of officers from Strathclyde Police and British Transport Police.

The alleged failure of the Greater Manchester Police to act impartially, coupled with the cancelling of charges against Tommy Robinson and the softening of media attitudes towards the English Defence League, have paved the way for the BNP to come clean about their interests with the EDL. The AWB was revived two years ago and there had been recent efforts to form a united front among white far-right groups like the EDL, BNP and Combat 18.

On a "Searchlight" HOPE not hate webpage, "The real BNP: The terrorist links", you can read about yet another BNP related former terrorist, BNP supporter Allen Boyce, who was given a 2 year suspended jail sentence after he passed bomb making instructions to a BNP activist, Terry Collins.

As I will now explain, even Nick Griffin himself has past terrorist links, as he is linked to an Italian fascist former terrorist who was convicted in absentia for being a member of an Italian fascist terrorist group. As I will now explain as well, Griffin also once backed 2 regimes which funded terrorist groups, and was allegedly once a "close ally" of a pro-terrorism American fascist party leader.

The Italian fascist former terrorist who Griffin is linked to, is Roberto Fiore, who fled Italy and made his home in Britain after the August 2, 1980 Bologna train station bombing (which killed 85, and injured more than 200), because his fascist terrorist group, the Armed Revolutionary Nuclei, were responsible for what is known in Italy as "The Bologna massacre".

See 3 online articles, "Italy:Terror on the Right" ("New York Review of Books", January 22, 1981, Volume 27, Numbers 21 and 22), "Roberto Fiore: from terrorist to entrepreneur...and back again" ("Searchlight", July 1998), and the "Searchlight" HOPE not hate website's "Nick Griffin, BNP leader" (December 2008) to learn more about Fiore, the Armed Revoloutionary Nuclei, and the Bologna massacre.

Most people would no doubt assume that Nick Griffin, who moralises about Islamist terrorism, would have had nothing to do with a former terrorist like Fiore when he fled to Britain, but of course if you did assume that, you would be wrong, because Griffin has in the past said one thing to the general public, and a different thing to his own people.

9/11 created a "Who should we hate now?" moment for Europe's far-right, as a "Searchlight" article, "International far-right reactions to the terrorist attacks on the USA" (October 2001) showed, because some of Europe's far-right continued to primarily hate Jewish people, and what they saw as the USA's "Zionist Occupation Government", which led to them applauding the 9/11 attacks, while the rest of Europe's far-right, including Nick Griffin, switched to primarily hating Muslim people, which is why Griffin used the attacks as an excuse to begin hypocritically moralising about Islamist terrorism.

Griffin was also allegedly a "close ally" of a pro-terrorism American fascist party (National Alliance) leader, the late William Pierce, who openly advocated killing all of the world's non-white and Jewish people with nuclear weapons, and the use of terrorist violence to kill such people.
Of course, other British fascist groups have terrorist links, which is why "The Guardian" of December 13, 2008 featured a story called "Racist who had bomb kit jailed for campaign against couple", which discussed Nathan Worrell, a British People's Party, Ku Klux Klan, and November 9 Society terrorist, and which is why another article in the same newspaper, "Neo-Nazi convicted of planning terrorist bombing campaign" (July 15, 2009), discussed Neil Lewington, who was found by police to have 2 home made bombs, and fascist (Ku Klux Klan and Combat 18) literature, as well a video about the ex-BNP nail bomber.

David Copeland. A YouTube video, "BNP + Nazi terrorist Nathan Worrell", includes film of the BNP stickers which were found at Worrell's home. Another YouTube video, "Nazi terrorist Neil Lewington", is a BBC News clip about that fascist would-be bomber. In reality, like other totalitarian organisations, the BNP is a haven for psychopaths and other dangerous individuals, and has nothing to do with mainstream politics.

Another BNP type fascist group which is a haven for psychopaths and other dangerous individuals, the even more extreme National Socialist Movement, has a tiny past and present membership which includes 3 men who are serving life sentences for murders, London nail bomber David Copeland, Charlie Sargent, and Martin Cross, so it is no surprise that the BNP has had to ban convicted criminals from standing in elections, because anti-fascists had been able to use their leaflets to point to the numerous BNP candidates with convictions for terrorist offences, racist violence, gang rape, child sexual abuse, football hooliganism, and other violent crimes.

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