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Casey Anthony Used Chloroform To Knock Caylee Anthony Out And left Her In A Car While She Went Partying So Says Jailhouse Snitch Robyn Adams A Drug Dealer Whose Husband Was A Cop !

Did Casey Anthony tell a jailhouse friend a detail only her daughter's killer would know?  Not long after remains of 2-year-old Caylee were found in December 2008, Anthony told fellow inmate Robyn Adams that investigators found the bones in a black garbage bag with a baby blanket.

That last detail — the baby blanket — wasn't public knowledge at the time. "Casey Anthony had knowledge of items only the suspect, certain law enforcement personnel and the certain medical examiner's personnel knew," an Orange County sheriff's detective wrote in a report that was among more than 500 pages released Tuesday.


Among the documents were copies of dozens of jailhouse letters Anthony wrote Adams while the two were incarcerated in the Orange County Jail. They provide the first public insight into what Anthony has been doing, who she has been talking to and her state of mind in the months since her arrest in 2008.

She addressed Adams as "Cookie" and signed off with a nickname, "Muffin." Her choice of topics, written in a tall, up-and-down script, range from the lighthearted to the serious:
•Planning an RV trip with Adams.
•Complaining about her mother not showing up to see her in court.
•Accusations of sexual abuse (by who ?).
•Her faith in God.
•Her desire to brush up on her Spanish (escape to Costa Rica).
•The struggles of being a single mother living at home with her parents (and nights out partying).

A recurring issue for Anthony was her assertion that she has been misrepresented and misunderstood.  "That's one of the biggest things that truly cuts me when I hear them talk about me as a mother — I was a great mom! And I love my daughter (Caylee her photo above) with every thing that I have. I would give my life to have her back even for 5 minutes. It's so frustrating," she wrote in one undated letter.The State Attorney's Office released the material as part of the first-degree murder case against Anthony, 24, who is accused of killing Caylee. The toddler's remains were found near her family's home, five months after she was reported missing.

ROBYN ADAMS-White-F- Release Date 04-06-2017 -TALLAHASSEE Federal CI .

Anthony told Robyn Adams, a drug dealer (her husband was a Florida cop) who is has now serving time in federal prison (TALLAHASSEE Federal CI), that she used to give Caylee something to help her sleep so Anthony could go out at night, according to investigators' interview with Adams.

In a transcript released, an investigator asked Adams whether Anthony admitted using chloroform on her daughter. Lab tests turned up chloroform in the trunk of a car Anthony used. Adams talked about Anthony using cold medications and antihistamines, but said the young mother was not specific about what she used to "knock her out."

Casey Anthony told her (Robyn Adams) Caylee Anthony had trouble sleeping and she had to use chloroform to put her to sleep," Melich wrote in his investigative summary. Prosecutors typically rely on sworn testimony — not detective summaries. But the discrepancy could open the door for defense attorneys to attack Melich's credibility.

Altamonte cop and his wife Robyn Adams charged in drug plot July 23, 2008, By Jim Leusner and Vincent Bradshaw, Sentinel Staff WritersClay Adams lived two lives: one as an Altamonte Springs cop, the other as a painkiller-addicted, marijuana grow-house operator who was scheming to kill a former supervisor. That's how authorities described it Tuesday when Adams, 36, and his wife, Robyn Adams, 32, were hauled into federal court in Orlando on drug and weapons charges. Their arrests Monday night shocked the Altamonte Springs Police Department, where Adams had worked for nine years.  Assistant U.S. Attorney Rob Bodnar sought to have the couple -- who could face up to life in prison if convicted -- held, noting both made threats to a police informant and others.  Robyn Adams, an employee at a surgeon's office, obtained illicit prescriptions for her husband and marijuana seeds from the Netherlands via the Internet, according to a complaint filed by Agent Timothy Gunning of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.  Adams approached an informant to partner in a marijuana-growing operation. That person tipped off CCIB agents, who brought the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and ATF into the case.  During the next two weeks, the informant secretly recorded meetings and phone calls with Adams and his wife while agents monitored them. Adams bragged about previous marijuana-growing operations and driving the pot to Tallahassee distributors.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office did not respond to a Tuesday evening phone call seeking more information on the discrepancy. In an undated later from Casey Anthony to her jailmate friend Robyn Adams, whom she called "Cookie," Anthony wrote that she blamed herself for her brother fondling her over a three-year period, from when she was 12 to when she was 15. She also wrote that she would wake up in the middle of the night with brother Lee Anthony staring at her from the floor of her bedroom. 

Robyn Adams told investigators she and Anthony agreed to flush each other's letters, but Adams instead kept the notes and mailed them to a friend in Altamonte Springs (she and her cop husband were drug dealers, Federal charges for them).  Other details in Anthony's letters included:
•Her crush on one of the attorneys in Baez's law firm.
"Baez=my other papa/super close friend; Jose G. = my school girl crush," she wrote, referring to attorney Jose Garcia, more from this source................

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