Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Omar bin Laden says I don't want him to be caught and put on trial I wish he could die before someone gets him.
Attorney General Holder: Osama Bin Laden belongs in body bag, not court.

WASHINGTON – Osama Bin Laden will be brought to justice in a body bag, not a court of law, a fired-up Attorney General Eric Holder told lawmakers Tuesday.

Holder, fed up with Republicans who call him soft on terrorists, startled lawmakers by seeking to debunk that image, in vivid terms.

GOP congressmen tried to pummel the nation’s top law enforcement official over giving terrorists the same constitutional rights in civilian courts as American defendants, such as the now-unlikely lower Manhattan trial of 9/11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed.

Holder said terrorists are treated like the murderers they are in federal courts – or, more specifically, “like Charles Manson.”

When Rep. John Culberson (R-Tex.) said that if Bin Laden himself were arrested, it would be absurd to give him the same due process afforded Manson, Holder erupted.

Charges he coddles terrorists get his “blood boiling,” the attorney general conceded. He followed with a Bin Laden prediction that was reminiscent of ex-President George W. Bush’s “dead or alive” misfire eight years ago about nailing the Al Qaeda leader.

Holder repeated – slowly – to the Texas congressman that “the possibility simply does not exist” that Bin Laden will ever be arraigned in any court, MORE FROM THIS SOURCE…..

Osama’s Prodigal Son Omar bin Laden hangs out in Syria strip clubs, His father Osama tested chemical weapons on his dogs, tried to turn him into a suicide bomber and groomed him to lead Al Qaeda, Rambo said Omar was the son of Hitler.  "Thank God my father doesn't run the world," Omar says, grinning.  "I love him because he is my father," he says. "I don't want him to be caught and put on trial. It would break my heart. I wish he could die before someone gets him.

"People recognize me a lot of times in Saudi Arabia," he says. "They say I should be proud of my father. There are millions who agree with my father. By many people, he is respected, idolized. I could face reprisals because you can't speak against your father in the Muslim world. Many people say I should not talk. But my father would never harm me."

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